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1st. Neither trouble nor expense has been spared in endeavouring to obtain correct lists of the magistracy in the order of their appointment. Through the kind permission of the Governor's Secretary, the list of the public appointments for the last four or five years has been carefully examined, and valuable assistance rendered by S. S. Plues, the Chief Clerk in the office. Application by circular was made to gentlemen in every parish, who are well acquainted with parochial matters, and, with one or two exceptions, which the Compiler has endeavoured to make up for by application to others, answers in due time were received: it is, therefore, hoped that the lists will be found as accurate as possible under the circumstances; and any mistakes will be corrected in subsequent issues.

2nd. It may not be out of place to observe that, when a gentleman is appointed to the Commission of Peace for any parish, he is considered a magistrate of it, though he removes to another parish, or leaves the island. This will account for the appearance of several names which were omitted in last year's Almanac.

3rd. Every parish has not the same number of offices, some dispensing the surveyor, solicitor, and physician to the poor, etc.; and some with one or more of these: and it is to be kept in mind that only those noticed in the lists have Harbour Masters and Health Officers.

4th. The bulk and price of the work would have been increased if the name of every petty parish officer, schoolmaster, and school had been given. It is though that a judicious selection of the more important has been made; and should a general wish be expressed for fuller details for 1852, the extra cost would not be more than 6d. per copy.

5th. For the names of the clergy of the different parishes, the names of dissenting ministers, the amount of parochial expenditure for 1848 and 1849, the salaries of public and parochial officers, etc. See the tables under the head "Religious Denominations," Etc. etc.

6th. Where the clerk to the magistrates is not named, it is understood that the Clerk of the Peace has the appointment.

7th. In compliment to those gentlemen who kindly furnished the lists of parochial officers and militia, as well as those gentlemen who discover any errors, and have not an opportunity of communicating with the Compiler, may point out the mistakes to the contributors, the liberty is taken of inserting their names after the headings of the parishes.

8th. In the lists of the magistracy, those with an asterisk (*) prefixed, are off the island: those with a plus (+) before, are residing out of the parish; and those in italics are stipendiary magistrates.

9th. While collecting the materials for this work, it has struck the Compiler that to have the Post Office added to the names of the magistrates, parochial and militia officers, etc., would be a public benefit. Persons are often at a loss as regards the P.O., and not unfrequently a letter charged double postage, not to speak of the detention, on account of being wrongly addressed. To accomplish this object, would entail considerable trouble and expense on the published, but he wishes to make the work as perfect as possible, and if gentlemen will only communicate with him in May 1851, pre-paying their letters, and giving their address, the P.O. of each shall appear (D.V.) in next year's Almanack. Of course there are occasional changes of residence taking place in Jamaica, which would be against the perfection of such a plan, but there will still be the majority, whose residences for the year would be permanent, to make the plan valuable. The post offices of the clergy, the Presbyterian ministers, stipendiary magistrates and inspectors of police, are given in this edition, so that the public may judge of the proposed plan.

10th. The counties and parishes appear in the order in which most of the public documents are printed; and this arrangement shall be observed in the future.

11th. The vestrymen and churchwardens noted are for 1850; but the Appendix will contain all the parochial elections for 1851.


Stipendiary Magistrates are Printed in Italics. Those with a plus (+) before the Name are residing in other Parishes; and those with an asterisk (*) are off the Island.


Precinct of St. Catherine, comprising the Parishes of St. Catherine, St. Dorothy, and St. John, from various sources.

Custos: ___

Assistant Judges and Magistrates:

Edward T. Guy, Samuel Rennalls, James Derbyshire, Sir Molyneaux Hyde Nepean, Baronet, William G., Nunes, Hon. A. Bravo, A. N. McLeod, A. Finlay, Richard Hill, Thomas Ludford, Robert Darling, Moses Ergas, James Gilzean, Hon. C. McLarty Morales, William A. Bell, Robert G. Hume, Peter Harrison, Thomas W. Jackson, A. Lopes, +Adam W. Thorburn, +R. Chamberlaine junior, Edward W. Burke, John Aris, Louis Q. Bowerbank, F. C. Fairbank, Thomas Price, William Wright, James Heighington, John R. M. Murchinson, George A. Thomson, George Abrahams, William P. Norton, Robert Page, Thomas Heath, +James Tuckett, John C. McAnuff, A. W. Thorburn junior, R. G. F. Bourke, John G. Vidal, Hon. Charles M. Farquharson, *W. W. Mackeson, Hon. E. Thompson, Joseph Reid, John McGrath, D. P. Trench, William Smith, M. A. Baron Von Ketelhodt, Robert Russell, Alexander Heslop, S. S. Wortley, William Smith (of St. Dorothy), Moses Lyon, Solomon Iffla, Charles A. Price

Clerk of the Peace for the "Precinct": F. R. Lynch

Clerk to the Magistrates, St. Dorothy: Haughton James

Clerk of the Vestry, St. Catherine: W. N. Greensword

Churchwardens: J. C. McAnuff, C. H. Jackson

Vestrymen, St. Catherine: Robert R. Jackson, Richard Cowan, Edward Harvie, Henry M. Douglas, R. Osborn, Thomas Land, F. R. Lynch, S. Davis, A. G. Dignum, Henry Franklin

Clerk of the Vestry, St. John: B. W. Harvey

Churchwardens, St. John: John Aris, George Price

Vestrymen: Samuel Q. Bell, Patrick B. Thomas, D. McPherson, William Thomas Johnston, Alexander Morales, George R. F. Burke, Rev. George Cheyne, John T. Bell, Thomas Harris, R. A. Bell.

Clerk of the Vestry, St. Dorothy: T. Ludford

Churchwardens: Hon. A. Bravo, Robert G. Hume

Vestrymen, St. Dorothy: Peter Harrison, Thomas Hansill, Robert B. Bonner, Stephen Hannaford, William Brennan, William Delpratt, John Harrison, R. W. Kirkland, John Brown, James Perry

Collecting Constable, St. Catherine: A. H. Lewis

Collecting Constable, St. John: R. A. Bell

Collecting Constable, St. Dorothy: Moses Ergas

Coroner, St. Catherine: J. C. McAnuff

Coroner, St. John: B. William Harvey

Coroner, St. Dorothy: Thomas Hansill

Solicitors for St. Catherine: Messrs Aikman & Myers

Solicitor for St. John: F. R. Lynch

Solicitor for St. Dorothy: Haughton James

Clerk of the Market, St. Catherine: John Fonseca

Ditto (Old Harbour) St. Dorothy: Joseph R. Deleon, (Old Harbour Bay) Robert Gibb.

Collector of Petty Debts, St. Catherine: J. Soares

Ditto, St. John: James C. Bell

Ditto, St. Dorothy: Alexander M. L. Bell

Surgeons of Spanish Town Gaol: Turner and Bowerbank

Gaoler ditto: John Noel

Pound Keepers, St. Catherine, Spanish Town: W. Mitchell. Highgate District, J. Mathier

Ditto, St. John: P. B. Thomas, Robert McCullock

Ditto, St. Dorothy, Old Harbour Market: Mary A. Hill. Mountain: Rebecca A. Perry.

Clerk of the Parish Church, St. Catherine: (Vacant)

Organist of ditto, St. Dorothy: William Aldred

Harbour Master, Old Harbour and Salt River: R. G. Hume

Health Officer, ditto ditto: Dr. William Tarrant



(by W. H. Parker)

Custos: Hon. Bryan Edwards

Assistant Judges and Magistrates: +Hon. John Ewart, Peter F. Garrigues, C. H. McDermott, +J. McGrath, +H. D. McKay, Peter Blackburn, Richard M. White, Thomas W. Jackson, John Aris, William Lovesay, John H. Hall, +C. E. Grant, G. Rees, James Heighington, *R. Grigor, Adam Sutherland, W. McNab, Bryan E. Mackie, Donald Sutherland, +Daniel Gowie, C. Chisholm, *T. H. Dakyns, Aaron Salom.

Clerk of the Peace: W. H. Parker

Clerk of the Vestry: Peter Blackburn

Churchwardens: J. Heighington, Charles H. McDermott

Vestrymen: Thomas Edbury, William Rodon, Haim Barrow, Benjamin Martin, J. C. Kelly, Nicholas Gyles, Adam Matthews, H. J. Davis, Samuel Rogers, R. Steer

Collecting Constable: Robert Gilles Lowndes

Coroner: Peter F. Garrigues

Physician to the Poor: Charles H. McDermott

Surgeon to Prison: Charles H. McDermott

Superintendent of ditto: John B. Woods

Clerk of the Market: Robert C. Johnson

Collector of Petty Debts: H. Rubie

Pound Keepers, Rodney Hall: J. B. Woods. Guy's Hill: Joseph Martin. Above Rocks: Mrs. Smellie

Sexton to Parish Church: R. Cox

Clerk of ditto: H. Williams

Organist: Mrs. P. F. Garrigues

Medical Practitioners: Charles H. McDermott, C. Brackenridge

Surveyor for Parish: J. H. Hall



(by Edward Ewbank)

Custos: Hon. Edward Thompson

Assistant Judges and Magistrates:

Rowland Israel, James Miller, +Charles Ayrey, William Rose, RObert Jackson, Gilbert Shaw, Paul McKenzie, Francis Lowe, +H. B. Shaw, James Lawrence, L. McKinnon, * John Reed, Fred. Jarman, Henry Crewe, John Dodd, Alex. Rose, Thomas Heath, + M. Abrahams, Hon. J. Ewart, George Husband, C. B. Hankin.

Clerk of the Peace: M. S. Farquharson

Clerk of the Vestry: E. Ewbank

Churchwardens: Hon R. D. Thompson, Louis McKinnon

Vestrymen: John Gerram, J. J. Sanguinetti, J. Tait, Edward Grant, C. McCallum, Alfred Thompson, J. P. Wakeford, M. F. Roche, James Sullivan.

Collecting Constable: F. Lowe

Coroner: Robert Jackson

Solicitor: Thomas Land

Surgeon of District Prison: J. Tait

Superintendent of District Prison: C. J. Dunkely

Clerk of the Markets: Edward Ayton, W. P. Thompson

Collector of Petty Debts: Andrew Auld

Surveyor: John Thorn

Pound Keepers, Chapelton: Dugald McCallum. Lime Savannah, Mrs. McMahon

Parish Clerk: C. J. Dunkely

Organist: Thomas C. Bunn

Harbour Master: R. G. Hume

Medical Practitioners: J. Tait, George Husband



(by William Murray)

Custos: Hon John Ewart

Assistant Judges and Magistrates: Gilbert SHaw, Thomas Anderson, William Dowell, H. L. Garrigues, Louis F. McKinnon, John Stirke, Daniel Callaghan, C. Trutch, T. A. Farrel, Wright Edwards, William Murray, James M. Gibb, John W. Ward, John J. Ronaldson, William Rose, + H. Crewe, J. Brown, J. Humber, William Collman, Alexander G. Kerr, John Moore, James L. Miller, William Tarrant, J. H. Mitchell, George Ashby.

Clerk of the Peace: Gilbert Shaw

Clerk of the Vestry: William Murray

Churchwardens: James Allan, J. M. Gibb

Vestrymen: Benjamin Reid, Alecxander Moodie, Frances Ranger, Thomas Gibb, W. B. Rennolls, Alexander DaSilva, R. Grant, John Dingwell, John Birmingham, R. G. Bruce.

Collecting Constable: J. Lopes

Coroner: William Dowell

Physicians to the Poor: Drs. Bruce, Tarrant & Challinor

Physician to Milk River Bath: Dr. Charles Trutch

Clerk to Milk River Bath: Samuel E. Auld

Clerk of the Market: Jacob DeSouza

Collector of Petty Debts: J. Scott

Collector of Transient Tax: J. DeSouza

Pound Keeper: James Allan

Clerk of Parish Church: Horatio Canton

Sexton of Parish Church: Francis Foster

Harbour Master: R. G. Hume

Health Officer: Dr. Tarrant

Medical Practitioners: William Tarrant, Hon. J. Ewart, R. G. Bruce, T. W. Challinor, Charles Trutch



(From various sources)

Custos: Hon. J. R. Hollingsworth

Assistant Judges and Magistrates:

* Samuel Glanville, John Coley, John R. Tomlinson, John Davy, Thomas Wheatle, Michael M. Muirhead, Alexander C. Logan, * Thomas Sweetland, John Clarke, Alexander W. Heron, Robert Pearson, Robert Roy, James Brown, +Ralph Cocking, Peter Galway, George Thompson, Thomas Burrell, Colin Thompson, George Brooks, *John Thompson, James McCatty, Forbes McBean Chevers, Thomas Haffenden, Horatio Swaby, John Sawers, Peart Robinson, Henry Laidlaw.

Clerk of the Peace: J. R. Williamson

Clerk of the Vestry: C. M. Ingram

Churchwardens: Hon. J. R. Hollingsworth, G. Thompson

Vestrymen: Henry DePass, Abner Mendes, A. F. Butler, Stephen Harmer, A. MacDonald, Joseph Stewart, Adam Copeland, James Bunthorn, Alex. Napier.

Collecting Constable: M. M. Muirhead

Surgeon to District Prison: George Brooks

Superintendent of District Prison: James Nash

Collector of Petty Debts: John Palache

Pound-keepers: Mandeville, S. Bonnitto; Downs, Ralph Segre; Petersfield, Mrs. Lermond; Plowden, George Durrant.

Clerk of the Parish Church: Caleb Powell; Sexton: William Mowat

Health Officer: F. McB. Chevers

Medical Practitioners: George Brooks, F. McB. Chevers



(By William Gray)

Custos: Hon. Alexander D. Cooke

Assistant Judges and Magistrates:

Henry Cox junior, Charles Stewart, Richard Harrison, Henry Rigg, John McGrath, Hon. R. C. Burke, Patrick Morgan, George McGrath, Henry Walsh, +Edward Bond, George R. Stennett, +Robert Emery, +H. Laidlaw, *Alexander G. Fyfe, Arthur Bucknell, *James Meacock, *Robert Grigor, William Litherland, Gilbert McNab, John M. Jeffrey, John Fairweather, Richard Thornhill, *John Hamilton, Robert Clemetson, +George D. Baggott, William Gray senior, +Michael Taafe, Charles Draeseke, +William M. Anderson, R. Forrester, John Dillon, Alexander Lindo, John Philpotts, James Stewart, Henry B. Shaw, Michael Kelly, William Haughton, +T. W. Horlock, John W. Gray, E. R. DaCosta, +Dan Hart, +James Campbell, +Alexander Heslop, T. McCulloch, +John Forbes, Charles Jones, Henry Westmorland, *Thomas H. Dakyns, William J. Espeut, A. Currie, +William Sellars.

Clerk of the Peace: Ed. Trueman Guy

Clerk of the Vestry: William Gray

Churchwardens: Henry Rigg, Henry Walsh

Vestrymen: A. J. Lindo, Abraham DeSouza, Edmund McMorris, James T. Wilson, James Ray, John Fawnell, James McK. Smith, Smith [sic], Nat. Wilson, William E. Cruickshanks, John Churnside.

Collecting Constable: Robert Clemetson

Solicitor: Thomas Land

Surgeon to Prison: Dr. A. D. Cooke

Superintendent of Prison: Zachariah Rankin

Clerk of the Market: J. D. Willmot

Collector of Petty Debts: William Silvera

Pound-keepers: James Finlay, Henry Rigg

Clerk of the Parish Church: James Finlay; Sexton: W. H. Wilmot; Organist:David Walker

Harbour Master: R. Clemetson

Agent to Col. Bank: J. W. Gray

Health Officer: Dr. A. D. Cooke

Medical Practitioners: Hon. A. D. Cooke, D. Ferguson, J. Donald, Thomas Horlock



By M. Solomon

Assistant Judges and Magistrates:

William Parke, S. W. Rose, + R. H. Z. Hemming, Hanery Cox, George R. __ennett [torn], A. Isaacs, James Lowe, John Strachan, William Sellare, R. Carter senior, +H. Laidlaw, T. A. Dillon, * S. B. Barnett, Edw. Tucker, George Robinson, +Henry Walsh, + R. Emery, Charles Stewart, + Hon A. D. Cooke, *John Kelly, +Frederick J. Fleming, + Walter George Stewart, George G. Barrett, * Robert Grigor, + Hon T. B. Allwood, John Clark, Charles Royes, R. Holworthy, + Henry B. Shaw, P. Moncrieffe, + John G. Vidal, + F. M. Cooke, +Hon. James Dunstone, Charles Brown, Rich Braham, James Broderick, William Gray, Thomas B. Scott, Samuel Horlock, + Hon. E. Thompson, William L. Watt, Charles Fletcher, Joseph Bravo, Thomas Johnstone, George Middleton, H. J. Blagrove, S. D. Lindo

Clerk of the Peace: S. B. Hylton

Clerk to the Magistrates: C. C. Bravo

Clerk of the Vestry: Rowland Parkinson

Churchwardens: John Anderson, Richard Carter

Collecting Constable: R. Robinson

Coroner: S. W. Rose

Solicitor: S. B. Hylton

Physician to the Poor: T. L. Bayley

Surgeon to the Prison: T. L. Bayley

Superintendent of Prison: Cornelius J. Kerby

Clerk of the Market. William B. Hains

Collector of Petty Debts: Benjamin Martin

Collector of Transient Tax: A. Levy

Pound-keepers: St. Ann's Bay, Benjamin Martin; Ocho Rios, W. Wilmott; Dry Harbour, W. L. Nash; Brown's Town, Thomas Borland; Moneague, J. P. H. Purscell

Clerk of Parish Church: Benjamin Martin

Sexton of Parish Church: James Riley

Organist of Parish Church: Adam Plock

Harbour Master: Seba Shelly

Health Officer: T. L. Bayley

Agents to Col. Bank: Bravo Brothers and Co.

Medical Practitioners: Thomas L. Bayley, James Stewart, Thomas Johnstone, Edward Tucker, George R. Stennett

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