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Proprietors, etc., properties, etc., slaves, stock

[If there is only one number it is the number of slaves]


Abercrombie, Jane, as guardian, 5

Adolphus, Rachel, 4

Anderson, Charles, Jordan, 3

Anderson, Margaret, Boggetty Hill, 8

Archer, Phillis Ann, Temple Hall, 3

Armstrong, William, Garden Hill, 2

Ashley, George, Content, 4

..ditto, as guardian, 1

Batty, Fitzherbert, Belair, 4/4

Belcher, Gracey, 6

Bell, Alexander, Fair Prospect, 33/1

Bell, John Thomas, Fairfield, 29/5

Bernal, James R., 13

Biddiff, [or Biddiss?], John, estate of, Cool Spring, 4

Brammer, Mary Ann, 5

Breary, Stephen, Cowing, 3

Brevitt, Thomas, Golden Grove, 3

Burke, Henrietta, Hall's Delight, 7

Burrowes, John B., Dove Cote Park, 23/96

Campbell, John, Union Lodge, 20

Chambers, Thomas, Happy Hut and Tryall, 4

Clarke, Mrs. E., Mount Idalia, 99

Clarke, William, Mount Pleasant, 48

Cockburn, James, Thetford, 287/17

Cole, Isabella, 2

Collman, William, Clifford's, 150/74

..ditto, Constitution Hill, 34

..ditto, The Crawle, 90

Costillo, Elizabeth Jennings, 6

Cowan, Maria, 5

Crosbie, John V., 12/4

DaSilva, Solomon M., Red Hills, 28

Davis, John, as agent of Mrs. Davis, 8/7

Davis, John Q., deceased, 9

Davison, George, 22/4

Deffell, John H., Brown's Hall, 70/147

..ditto, Coffee Mountain, 155

..ditto, Swansea Estate, 357

De la Roche, Joseph, 12

Donellan, John, 1

Douglas, Eliza, 7

Douglas, George, 7

Douglas, Henry, 1

Douglas, John Quier, 16? [hole]

..ditto, administrator of E. J. Douglas, 14

..ditto, as executor of Catherine Douglas, 9

Douglas, Mary M., 15

Douglas, Peter Samuel, Retirement, 4

Douglas, Robert R., 15/4

Duany, Jane K., Content, 7

Duncan, Edmund, Camperdown, 9

..ditto, as administrator of S. Duncan, 3

Edbury, Thomas, 39

..ditto (for Friendship), 13

Gaynor, John, estate of, Calton, 2

Geatrell, Edward, Waterloo, 8

Geatrell, William, Pleasant Hall, 4

Gillespie, William, 4/2

Gordon, William, Lemon Hall, 243/55

Grant, Charles, Tydixton Park, 59/128

Hale, Robert A., Dove Hall, 35/21

Halhead, Grace, Paradise, 11

Hall, Eliza F., Hall's Delight, 5

Hamilton, Duncan, Retreat, 93/3

Hamilton, George, 2

Hanchard, Mary Ann, Content, 30

Harrison, Eliza, 6

Harvey, Bennett W., 86/12

Haslam, Turner, Chatsworth, 2/1

Haughton, John, 4

Haylett, Francis and John, 3/1

Haynes, John H., Rose Mount, 10

Henriques, Joseph, 8/1

Howell, John, as guardian, 7

Hoyes, John, 95

Hutchinson, William, Mount Felix, 20

Jackson, William, Cedar Mount, 180

..ditto, Garden Hill, 90

..ditto, Mendes, 90

..ditto, St. Faith's, 10/100

James, Herbert J., Fruit Hill, 23/14

James, Margaret, Douglas Castle, 8

..ditto, as guardian to Margaret and Sarah Dick, 24

Johnson, Mary-Ann, 5

King, Alexander, ?/? [holes]

Lawrence, Johanna, 2

Le Ray de la Clartais, John, Red Hill, 12/34

Loane, Marcus Walpole, Spring Mount, 61

Long, Joseph, 3

Lord, William, 38/10

Lorrain, Catherine, 5

Mackerlie, Alexander, as executor of Ann Grandison, 7

March, Thomas William, 5

Martin, William, Industry Ridge, 11

..ditto, as executor of J. W. Bonny, 16

Maxwell, Robert, 28/1

McDonald, James, Wakefield, 20

McDonald, Kenneth, Airy Mount, 58/6

McDonald, Sarah, Rock Hole, 9

McGillivray, John, 37/136

McIntosh, James, 12

McKenzie, Margaret, Warwick Castle, 3

McKenzie, Lewis, 7

Mendes, Esther, 20

..ditto, for ___ Tingley, 5

Michel, John, Mountain River, 132/10

Mills, Elizabeth, New Ground, 5

Mills, Thomas William, 5

Millward, William, Hog Hole, 4

Moxham, William, as owner in right of his wife, 8

Nash, John P., Overton, 20/1

Nicholson, William, 1/2

Oliver, Elizabeth, 7

Oliver, Frances Mytin, 9

Oliver, Jane Ormond, 2

Oliver, Thomas, Mount Olive, 27/5

..ditto, Orange Brook, 10

Osborn, Misses, Cedar Grove, 5

Palmer, Charles N., Spring Vale, 182/7

Pearson, Isabella and Jane, Doddington, 8

Pleydell, John C., Team Hill, 5

Potenger, George C., 4/3? [faded]

Price, Eleanor D., 7

Price, Sir Rose, Baronet, Worthy Park, 397

Rannie, John, Retirement, 65/9

Rannie, John, as attorney to James Masterton, 7

Reid, Eleanor, Retirement, 8

Reid, Jane, 8

Reid, Sarah, 10

Ricketts, George St. John, 3

Roberts, Elizabeth, 10/2

Rodon, Christian O., Hope, 8/1

Ross, Elizabeth, 18

Ross, William, 9

Ryan, Elizabeth Jackson, 3

Saa, Daniel, Barker's Hall, 27

Sandom, Huxley, 5

Smith, Daniel, 13/4

Smith, Samuel, as guardian to Samuel Stevens Smith, 5

..ditto, as guardian to Ann Smith, 6

Smith, Thomas, Blue Mountain, 71

..ditto, as guardian, Shady Grove, 28

Smith, William, Pleasant Hill, 87/10

Stiff, John, Stoney Hill, 5

Swarbreck, Elizabeth, Upton Hill, 16

Swinhoe, Martha R., Content, 29/30

Swinhoe, Martha R., Content, 31/28

..ditto, as guardian , [no numbers]

Tayler, John, 4

Tayler, John, The Crawle, 38/31

Thomas, Alexander, Experience, 4/5

Thomas, William B., Coner's, 2

..ditto, Point Hill, 19

Thompson, Sarah Taylor, 10

Thorburn, Adam W., 19

Tomkinson, Sarah, 10

Tulloh, Samuel O., 23

Tribble, Elizabeth, 7

Thompson, Isaac D., 9

Utten, James P., Water Mount, 207/48

Valentine, Elizabeth A., 26

Valentine, William B., The Rest, 2

Vaz, David, Vaz's Delight, 3

Warmington, Charles, Hermitage, 10

Whittaker, Benjamin, Montpelier, 25/12

Whyte, Hon. J. M., Mount Pleasant, 97

Willis and Cockburn, Fuller's Rest, 61

Wilson, Mary Ann, Cudjoe Hill, 8

..ditto, as guardian, 8

Wright, William, Juan de Bolas, 115


Sub-total: 5,838 / 1,219

Number of Stock given in by the heirs of Peter Douglas, 8


TOTAL: 5,838 / 1,227


N.B. This Parish, which belongs to the Precinct of St. Catherine, has been placed at the end of this county, out of its usual order, in consequence of our not being able to procure the Rolls at the period we wished.

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