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Acres of Land, 132,031

Proprietors, etc., properties, etc., slaves, stock

[If there is only one number it is the number of slaves]



Ash, Sarah, Kew, 4

Bartlett, Agnes, 8

Blake, James, 4

Blakely, Thomas, 2/2

Brown, Ann, Harbour View, 17

Brown, Margaret, 1

Brown, Penelope+, 8

Bryan, William, Muir Town, 317

..ditto, Reach, 214/11

Burke, Esther N., 8

Callander, Robert, Woodlands, 10/2

Cargill, John, Haining, 227/41

Churnside, Mary, 7

Clachar, John S., Content, 24

Codrington, Daniel, Bachelor's Hall, 1

Codrington, Mary Ann, Pigeon Hill, 5

Codrington, William C. and G., Happy Grove, 97/10

Cumming, Alexander, 22

Currie, Ann, Whitehall, 7

Downer, Robert, Gilmour Hill, 13

Fitzherbert, Sir Henry, Baronet, Grange Hill, 221/39

Foulds, James estate of, Orange Hill, 108/21

Grier, Agnes, 5

Hall, Jasper, deceased, Hector's River, 364/52

Hamilton, George W., Grantsfield Pen, 82

..ditto, Providence, 185/54

..ditto, Windsor Castle, 176/34

Jones, Maurice, Hartford, 202/21

Kellis, William, etc., Beldorney, 19/3

Kelly, Phoebe, 3

Kennedy, Archibald, Bell View, 7

McBeath, William, heirs of, Vineyard Hill, 34/17

McKenzie, John, Windsor Forest, 89/23

Murray, John, Hopewell, 71/11

Neufville, William B., Windsor, 67/1

Noyes, Henry, 18

Panton, George, deceased, Elm Wood, 333/26

Panton, Isaac, 6/1

Panton, Margaret A., Little Bay, 20/1

Panton, Mary Ann, 6

Panton, R. D. deceased, Rose Garden, 141/17

Robertson, Colin, Fair Prospect, 296/86

Robertson, Hon. Peter, Friendship Valley, 33/152

..ditto, Weybridge, 174

Rose, James, Ecclesdown, 35/82

Ross, John, Belle Castle & Mulatto River, 190/41

Scott, James N., Kensington Park, 71/3

Speed, Hugh William, Rural Vale, 190/30

Spink, Patrick, deceased, Greenfield, 33/10

Thompson, Charles C., etc., Spring Valley, 236/29

Thomson, Christian, Cog Hall, 94/1

Tyrrell, Joseph, receiver, Williamsfield, 151/42

Ward, George, Lady's Delight, 6

Werge, Sarah, 6

West, William, Betty's Hope, 247/13

White, Eliza+, Cottage, 10

Williams, Margaret, 2

Wilson, Elizabeth M. A., 5

Wright, Jane N. McLeod, 4


Archdeckne, Chaloner, Bachelor's Hall, 135/370

..ditto, Golden Grove, 665

Armstrong, John, Harmony, 75

Basset, Thomas, Richmond Hill, 24/2

Baxter, Edward, Highgate, 10

Bell and Barclay, 126

Bogie, David, Content, 14

Bolton, Robert, Spring Bank, 66/22

Bryan, Richard, 17/1

Brydon, James, 17

Burton, John and Thomas, Chiswick, 189/72

Cargill, Robert, Sunning Hill, 190/38

Carter, William, heirs of, Essex and Wilmington, 92

Cousins, Maria, 12

Cruickshank, Lewis, heirs of, Springfield and Knockando, 94/21

Cussans, Thomas, Winchester, 322/112

Cussans, Thomas, heirs of, Amity Hall, 269

Donaldson, Alexander, heirs of, Stoakes Hall and Hampton Court, 201/144

Donaldson, James, 1

Donaldson, John+, Castle Hill, 24

East, Sir Edward H. Baronet, Rhine, 214/72

Fenn, Michael, estate of, 20

Folkerts, John, 3

Forsyth, Philip and Joseph, Ladyfield, 59/43

Franks, Priscilla, Duckenfield, 388/62

Godson, Henry, 1

Grant, Donald, Amity Hall, 53/3

Grant, Sarah, 3

Grant, Sir Alexander, Baronet, Dalvey, 190/40

Hamilton, Robert and C. E., 15

Harvey and Kemeys, Plantain Garden River, 232/132

Huntington, William heirs of+, 8

Jacobs, Elizabeth+, Content, 10

Kelly, James, Green Castle, 242/164

Kelly, John, heirs of, House Hill, 145

Kelly, Sarah George, 1

Lambie and Irvine, Friendship, 187/23

Ledwich, Rose, 4

Lewis, Matthew G. heirs of, Hordley, 305/73

Lindsay, James+, Croton, 14/2

Lindsay, Margaret, estate of, 3

Loague, Dominick, 5

Logan, Robert, Airy Mount and Arcadia, 132/27

..ditto, Cedar Grove, 55

Maddan, Eleanor, 8

Maddan, Margaret, 4

Maddan, Patrick, 2

McCornock, Thomas, 1/2

McDermot, Martin, estate of, Lebanon, 35

Milner, Thomas W., Wheelersfield, 301

Mitchell, Houston, 1

McKenzie, M. A., 1

McKenzie, Sarah, Harmony Hill, 7/6

McKie, Joseph, estate of, 1

McQueen, John, Potosi, 201/75

Murray, Anna+, River View, 38

Murray, Charles, estate of, Vineyard, 5

Nugent, Jane, 16/2

Panton, Frances, 6

Phillips, Nathaniel, Phillipsfield, 168/27

..ditto, Pleasant Hill, 306/19

..ditto, Suffolk Park, 35/133

Pine, William, 2/3

Rogers, James H., 1/2

Smith, Margaret, 8

Sproull, James, Rose Mount, 31/15

Stewart, Catherine, estate of, 18

Taylor, Charlotte, 2/2

Taylor, George Watson, Holland, 631/115

Thomson, Ann, 9

Verity, Maria, 5

Walker, Rebecca, 15

Watson, Sarah+, 8

Whittle, Thomas, Grampian, 15/12

Wilson, William, 10/2


Beckford, Hon. Nathaniel deceased, Oxford, 100/6

Blair, Charles, East Prospect, 218/53

Bond and Kinghorn, heirs of, Cardiff, 124/20

Burke, John, Airy Castle and Somerset, 97/24

Carter, Ambrose, deceased, Barking Lodge, 166/28

Clark, Dugald, 2

Cochrane, Janet, 9

Corr, Lucinda Davis, estate of, 4

Drysdale, John, Roaring River, 42/38

Duany, James F., 2/1

Finlayson, Robert, 6

Forsyth, J. receiver, Bowden, 193/60

Gaul, Johanna, Belmont, 22

Gildea, Margaret, 10

Gordon, Robina+, 6

Hanford, Charles, 2

Hill, Frederick F., Ginger Hall and Struan, 35/3

James, William, deceased, Clifton Hill, 291/16

Junor, John, Sun Flower, 58/77

Lindsay, Charlotte, 8

McCann, James, receiver, Leith hall, 140/26

McFarquhar, Alexander, Glenmoy and Gloucester, 34/63

Millar, Andrew, 20

Miller, Alexander, Fairfield, 52/50

McKenzie, John, Harbour Head, 225/126

McKenzie, John, Air Mount and New Market, 247/8

Noyes, Simon, Harbour View, 19/2

O'Hagan, Mary Ann, 2/1

Osborn, Kean, deceased, Mount Ephraim, 150/140

Panton, Mary, Rock Brook, 26/7

Pinnock, James, Old and New Pera, 327/77

Prendergast, Margaret, Prospect Hill, 7

Quelch, Robert, Retreat Pen, 19/23

Rankin, Samuel, Mount Felix, 25/21

Reid, Adam, 14/1

Rennie, Johanna, 1

Renwick, John, Mount Stewart. 55/17

Shand, James Watson, 6

Sterling, John, estate of, Sterling Castle, 29

Unlacke, Elsey, Little Cardiff, 14

Wyndowe, Samuel, 3

Wynter, Thomas, 10


Anderson, Robert, Hermitage, 71/65

Beckford, Hon. Nath. deceased, Spring Garden, 165/22

Berwick, Newall, 21

Buchan, William, Bannockburn & Church Hill, 102/34

Champneys, Sir Thomas S., Baronet, Nutt's River, 295/15

Chapman, Jane+, 4

Christie, Margaret+, 6

Collard, J. M. deceased, Stoney Gut, 76

Cope, John F., heirs of, Belvidere, 346/129

Cuthbert, Hon. George, 1/6

Dubec, Ann, 5

Ellis, Richard, 8/9

..ditto, Content, 10

Fergusson and Blair, Roselle, 148/101

Fitzgerald, George, heirs of, 15

Foulis, John, Ardsheal, 36/41

Foulks, Arthur, York and Mount Prosperous, 181/48

Galloway, Rachel Reid, 24

Hardie, Mary, estate of, 10

Hicks, John W., Pembroke and Hicks Hall, 167/2

Hill, Frederick F., Middleton, 114/47

Hurst, Harriot, 5

Innes, Sarah E., Healthful Hill, 53/3

Jordan, Margaret, estate of, 7

Kennedy, Margaret, 13

Laurie, William Kennedy, Woodhall, 138

Lindsay, Grace, 3

Lindsay, Helen, 3

Lindsay, Mary, 10

Logan, Thomas, 23

Mallet, Mary Ann, 6

Martin, John, 6/2

McCourtie, Thomas+, 2

McGregor, Lewis, estate of+, 4

Miles, Philip John, Golden Valley, 195/22

McKenzie, Cecilia, 4

McKenzie, Duncan, Springfield and Seaforth, 37/201

McKie and Turner, Mount Champneys, 100/1

McKie, John, 4/2

McQueen, Neil, 10

Murray and Graham, 4/1

Osborn, Kean, deceased, Montpelier, 172

Park, Thomas, 11/2

Patton, George, heirs of, Friendship Pen, 28/98

Pedley, John, Stanton, 175/32

Reid, James, Shady Spring, 38/10

Reid, Rachel, estate of, 18

Scott, Charles, 4/6

Scott, Hon. John, heirs of, Retreat, 248/53

Smith, Peter, Thornton, 119

Snodgrass, Hew, estate of+, 2

Stoddart, Ann, 10

Strathie, Mary, 2

Taylor, Ebenezer, and Co., 79/2

Taylor, George Watson, Burrowfield, 100/181

Taylor, Hon. Simon, and Sir John heirs of, Lyssons, 456/88

Thomson and Kent, heirs of, Morant, 252/76

Townson, James+, 6/8


Anderson, Charles, 4/1

Anderson, David+, 2

Barrett, Thomas H., Garbrand Hall and Mullet Hall, 560/71

Bond and Rutherford, Spring, 137/15

Davidson and Jennings, Coley, 254/32

Dunn, William, Hill Side, 19/4

Edmeston, Robert, 1

Edmiston, Robert, estate of, Easter Hill, 66/8

Edmiston, Robert, junior, Round Hill, 9

Elmslie, John, Serge Island, 280/35

Fitzherbert, Sir Henry, Baronet, Blue Mountain, 298/13

Francis, Samuel, Barracks, 82/28

..ditto, Newington, 193

Gordon and Hall, Hall Head, 234/130

Graham, Archibald, heirs of, Island Head, 147/21

Grant, William F., Holiday Hill and Nigg, 66/24

Grossett, John Rock, Petersfield Estate and Wharf, 424/37

Hill, Frederick Ferdinand, Soho, 92/3

Kavenaugh and Schroeter, Union Hill, 16

Lane, Nelly, 17

Macpherson, Kenneth, Moffat, Orange Grove, and Mount Vernon, 249/32

McFarlane, Peter, Wakefield and Stratton Hall, 70/30

Milles, Rose, Georgia, 134/30

McIndoe, Edward, heirs of, Greenfield, 82

McKenzie, Duncan, Bamff Castle, 2

McLean, John, 4

Morrison, John, 2/7

McPherson, John, heirs of, Cluny, 3

Munro, John Spence, deceased, Palmeto River, 130/33

Munro, Robert, estate of, Novar, 1

Nockells, Christopher, Mount Pleasant, 117/12

Onslow, Lord, Whitehall, 102/1

Reid, James, Inverness, 44/20

Robertson, Hon. Peter, Prospect Pen and Dunrobin, 65/5

Ross, John, estate of, Ross Isle, 41/1

Ross, Thomas, Ben Lomond and Shirley Castle, 124/4

Spittal, William, 1/5

Stewart, John, estate of, Font Hill, 138

Telfer, John, heirs of, New Monkland, 217/2

..ditto, Old Monkland, 93/52

Thomson and Rankin, Newfield, 108/7

Trecothick, James, Boston and Buckingham, 300/81

Werge, Elizabeth, Happy Grove, 12

Whyte, Hon. James M., Cave Bottom, 14

..ditto, and John, Wind Hill, 95/6

Williams, Charles W., Duckworth, 309/18

Williams, John, Woodside, 25/2

Wyllys, William, Mount Lebanus, 174/44
24,145 / 5,727
Number of Stock given in by persons not possessed of Slaves, 14
TOTAL 24,145 / 5,741

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