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Custos Rotulorum, Etc., Hon. James Clayton White

Assistant Judges and Magistrates, Thomas Oakley

George Fuller

John Sutton Minot

Robert Mein

+Hugh Speed

Anthony Lindsay

George Minot

Thomas Oakley, Jr.

Peter Anderson

*William Minot

Maurice Jones

John Deans

+William B. King

Henry James Passley

Andrew Watson

Richard C. King

Daniel Hearn

Philip Hearn

Arthur Robert Jones

+William Lambie

John Panton Passley

+Henry Burke

+James Forbes Colthirst

David Gordon, Esqrs.

Magistrates, +Maurice West

Charles Bernard

Bryan West Orr, Esqrs.

Rector, Rev. Philip Humphries

Curate, Rev. Anthony Bunting

Churchwardens, Maurice Jones

Arthur R. Jones, Esqrs.

Vestrymen, Samuel Thomas Orgill

John Panton Passley

Joseph Ming

Samuel Pryce

Clotworthy McKiege

David Gordon

John Shea Clachar

George P.M. Downer

John Donnan

John Gough, Esqrs.

Clerk of the Peace and Court and Distributor of Stamps, Robert Mein, Esq.

Clerk of the Vestry, Deputy Clerk of the Peace, Collector of the Transient Tax, and Inspector of Weights and Measures, Richard W. Sherwood, Esq.

Commissioners of the Supreme Court, Thomas Oakley, Esq.

+Hon. William Anderson Orgill

Hon. James Clayton White

Anthony Lindsay

*Thomas Oakley, Jr.

Daniel Hearn, Esqrs.

Coroner, Daniel Hearn, Esq.

Collecting Constable and Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, John Steel, Esq.

Health Officer, Anthony Lindsay M.D.

Harbour Master at Port Antonio, Mr. John Brackenridge

Pilots, Messrs. Samuel Shepherd

John Brackenridge

John Chambers

Robert Shepherd

Parish Clerk, Mr. John Hickie

Crier of the Courts and Poundkeeper, Mr. James Dott

Sexton, Beadle and Keeper of the Court House, Mr. Nicholas P. Downer

Tything Constable and Keeper of the Gaol, Mr. Thomas Nicholas Sherwood

Assistant Constable and Keeper of the Gaol, Mr. Thomas Summers

Sworn Measurers of Lumber, Messrs. Thomas N. Sherwood

Nicholas Brown

Thomas Summers


Trustees, the Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, or Commander in Chief for the time being, four Senior Members of the Council, Speaker of the Assembly, Chief Justice, Custos, Representatives in Assembly, four Senior Magistrates, Rector, Churchwardens and Vestry, with Daniel Hearn

Charles McMorine

John Wilson

William Arnold

Anthony Lindsay

Richard W. Sherwood, Esqrs.

Master, Rev. Anthony Bunting

Solicitor, William Brooks King, Esq.

Surveyor, Robert Baugh, Esq.

Treasurer, Samuel Pryce, Esq.

Surgeon, Anthony Lindsay, M.D.


President, John Deans, Esq.

Surgeon, Anthony Lindsay, M.D.

Treasurer, Robert Mein, Esq.

Supervisor and Clerk, Mr. Nicholas Brown.


Custos Rotulorum, Etc., Hon. William Anderson Orgill

Assistant Judges and Magistrates, +George Buchanan

Robert Gay

John Meek

Alexander Aikman, Sr.

Henry Bond

Henry Forbes

Robert William Sutherland

Wentworth Bayly

Henry James Passley

Robert Gray Kirkland

Richard Bruce Kirkland

William Norman

John Anderson Orgill

George Hall

William Foote Lagourgue

Philip Jaquet

Allan Bell

John Andrew Smith

Peter Gibson

George Quinlan

David Alexander Hill

Thomas Spicer

William F. Espeut

William Lambie

William Robertson

John Jacob Stamp

William Augustus Morse

Adam Gray

James Ellison, Esqrs.

Rector, Rev. Colin Donaldson

Churchwardens, Henry Forbes

Philip Jaquet, Esqrs.

Vestrymen, George Quinlan

James Giscome

John King

John J. Stamp

Francis Guscott

Adam Gray

Samuel K. King

John Bell

James Ellison

William Robertson, Esqrs.

Clerk of the Peace and Court, William A. Orgill, Jr., Esq.

Clerk of the Vestry and Distributor of Stamps, Henry Bond, Esq.

Commissioners of the Supreme Court, +George Buchanan

David Alexander Hill

James Maxwell

George Quinlan

Robert Gray, Esqrs.

Collecting Constable and Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, William F. Espeut

Deputy Collecting Constable, Mr. Edward Bond

Coroner, Robert Gray, Esq.

Clerk of the Market at Annotto Bay, *

Surveyor of Weights and Measures, Mr. James Kelly

Harbour Master at Annotto Bay, James Ellison, Esq.

Pilots, Messrs._____Christie

James Glen

Christopher Sergeant

James Henry

John Chambers

George Thompson Simpson

Sworn Measurer of Lumber, James Ellison, Esq.

Health Officer at Annotto Bay, Dr. Michael Fogerty

Tything Constables, Messrs. James G. Graham (to windward)

Thomas W. Williams (to leeward)

Gaol and Pound Keeper, Mr. Henry Burgess


President, Henry Forbes, Esq.

Supervisor, Mr. Henry Burgess

Surgeon, Dr. William Robertson

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