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Custos Rotulorum, etc., Hon. John Rawleigh Jackson

Assistant Judges and Magistrates, +Hon. James Stewart

+Francis Clark

William Robert Waugh, Esqrs.

Rev. Thomas Simcockes

*Joseph Jackson

+James Hunt

+Peter Duffus

+James Grant

+Charles Grant

*Thomas Legal Yates

+Robert Ross

*Edward Burd. Warren

*Ralph Gilroy

Henry Samuel Beer

+John Askwith

*George W. Strupar

Thomas P. Kellerman

+John Hanson

William Fraser

John Jones

+Samuel Jackson Dallas

+John Johnston

+Joseph Tyrell

+Wellwood Hyslop, Esqrs.

Magistrate, John Gilroy, Esq.

Rector, +Rev. Thomas Simcockes

Curate to the Rector, Rev. George Young

Curate in the Mountain District, Rev. John Barlow

Churchwardens, Hon. John R. Jackson

John Wilson, Esq.

Vestrymen, William Rae

John Ferron

Thomas P. Kellerman

Edward Tyrrell

William Jayne

James Hunt

William Fraser

James McKewan

John McKowan

Francis Clark, Esqrs.

Clerk of the Peace and Vestry, Henry Samuel Beer, Esq.

Coroner for the Town, Henry Samuel Beer, Esq.

Coroner for the Country, James Holt, Esq.

Collecting Constable and Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, William Robert Waugh, Esq.

Firewardens, William Robert Waugh (President)

Edward Tyrrell

John Ferron, Esqrs.

Mr. John McKowan

Pilots, Messrs. Abraham Depass

James McKewan

Nathaniel Johns

Daniel Clarke

John Macpherson

Moses Sereno

Samuel Ogborn

Robert Edward Goldson

David Gibbs

James Baker

John McKowan

John Richard Absalom

Boarder of Vessels under the Alien Act, Mr. Robert Davidson

Clerk of the Market, Mr. Jacob Depass, Jr.

Clerk of the Parish, Mr Henry Prawl

Solicitors, Messrs. King and Forsyth

Organist, Miss Jane Liddell

Beadle and Keeper of the Fire Engines, Mr. Peter F. Mahé

Sexton, Mrs. Sercomb


President, William R. Waugh, Esq.

Treasurer, Edward Tyrrell, Esq.

Supervisor, Mr. Isaac Benjamin

Surgeon, Dr. Abraham Alvarenga


Custos Rotolorum, etc., Hon. James Stewart

Assistant Judges and Magistrates, +Rev. Thomas Simcockes

*Hugh Fraser

John Mais, Esqrs.

+Hon. George Cuthbert

Richard Hall

John T. Harris

*John Crosman

James C. Pownall

*John Mackeson

+Maurice West

Charles Macglashan

Robert Hamilton

Alexander Aikman, Sr.

Henry Palmer

*James Smith, Esqrs.

Rev. Alexander Campbell

+Robert Smith

Caleb Mumford Littlejohn

Ralph Lacey

John Smith

+William Brooks King

+James Smith, Jr.

+William Lancaster Whitfield

Andrew Lunan

Charles Satchell

Benjamin Marriott Perkins

Robert Chisholm

John Taylor

John Thomas Gustavus Harris, Esqrs.

Rector, Rev. Alexander Campbell

Curate, Rev. James Dawson

Churchwardens, John Mais

Benjamin Marriott Perkins, Esqrs.

Vestrymen, Alexander Grant

Joseph Gordon

Charles Seymour Cockburn

John Fox

James Cockburn

Archibald Murdock

Francis Clark

Robert Wetherell Bryan

Colin Campbell

Thomas Wilcocks, Esqrs.

Clerk of the Peace, Court and Vestry, Charles William Hall, Esq.

Coroner, Caleb Mumford Littlejohn, Esq.

Commissioners of the Supreme Court, Charles William Hall

John Townshend Harris, Esqrs.

Collecting Constable and Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, Philip Pinnock, Esq.

Solicitor, John T. Harris, Esq.

Solicitor on behalf of Slaves in Trials for Criminal Cases, Richard Quarrell, Esq.

Poundkeeper, Mr. Caleb Blades

Master of the Public School, Parish Clerk and Sexton, Mr. William Carver

Organist, Mrs. Elizabeth T. Aldred

Constables, Messrs. T. F. Brock,

Richard Logan

George Simpson


President, Caleb M. Littlejohn, Esq.

Treasurer, Andrew Lunan, Esq.

Supervisor, Mr. Caleb Blades

Overseer, Mr. Moses Lyon

Surgeons, Drs. Mackglashans and Miller

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