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Custos Rotulorum, etc. +Hon. James Laing

Assistant Judges and Magistrates, William Savage, Esq.

+Hon. James Stewart

*Andrew Bogle, Esq.

Hon. Joseph Barnes

George Mills

John Fowles

Alexander McBean

John Pennock

James Simpson

James Grant

Alexander Evans

Joseph Donnell

*Thomas Legal Yates

Charles Grant

John Mais

Nicholas Francis Norton

Robert Graham

+Benjamin Marriott Perkins

John Wilson

Hector Mitchel

John Biggar

William Lancaster Whitfield

Harry Irvine Hall

*James Greenfield

Lauchlan McLean

William Harris

*Bartholomew Ibbott Williams

Robert Ross

Benjamin Caractacus Patey

George Atkinson

William Jekyll Anstey

George Campbell

John Bloxam Elin

William Chrystie

Simon Taylor

John Ball Morris

Joseph Tyrrell

Thomas Wright

Robert Ouchterlony

*William Taylor, Esqrs.

Rector, Rev. Isaac Mann, A.M.

Clerk of the Peace and Court, John Townshend Harris, Esq.

Commissioners of the Supreme Court, William Savage

Henry John Ross

Bartholomew Owen Williams

David Hames

Joseph Tyrrell, Esqrs.

Collector of the City and Parish Transient Tax, Donald Macfarlane, Esq.

Coroner, John Morce, Esq.

Physician to the Gaol, Charles Mackglashan, Jr.. M.D.

Health Officer, Hinton Spalding, M.D.

Harbour Master, Mr. Peter Cochran

Pilots, Messrs. Abraham Depass

John Stewart Walker

David Gibbs

James Baker

Robert Innerarity (for the island generally )

Lumber Measurers, Messrs. Joseph Fry,

William B. McCulloch

George Ogilvie

James H. Lumley

Robert Norton

John R. Absalom


(Elected the second Wednesday in January - The first class continue in office one year, the second two, and the third three; but may be re-elected. On a Member's having left the island, etc. an election takes place to supply the vacancy, and the Gentleman appointed continues in office the remainder of the period of his class.)

Mayor, Hon. Joseph Barnes

Aldermen, 1. Alexander Evans

1. Joseph Donnell

1. Harry Irvine Hall

1. William Lancaster Whitfield

2. John Biggar

2. John Fowles

2. Robert Graham

2. John Mais

3. Thomas Wright

3. Hector Mitchel

3. Lauchlan McLean

3. William Harris, Esqrs.

Common Councilmen, 1. Alexander Miller

1. Robert Ross

1. George Wright

1. John M. Purcell

2. James Brydon

2. Netlam Tory

2. Benjamin M. Perkins

2. Robert Ouchterlony

3. George Burrell Smith

3. James Forsyth

3. George Atkinson

3. George Campbell, Esqrs.


Recorder, Henry Burke, Esq. £700

Solicitors, *James Minot

Robert Cargill, Esqrs.

Treasurer and Churchwarden, Henry L. Garrigues, Esq.

Churchwarden, William Chrystie, Esq.

City Clerk, John Townshend Harris, Esq. £50

Clerk of the Common Council, Bartholomew Owen Williams, Esq. £700

Chief Constable and Police Officer, Robert Smith, Esq. £700

Collecting Constable and Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties west of King Street, Thomas Duffus, Esq. £125

Collecting Constable and Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties east of King Street, John Reid, Esq. £125

Collector of the Parochial Rents, Bartholomew Owen Williams, Esq.

Parish Clerk, Mr. P. Young, £70

Organist, Mrs. Ann A. Galbraith, £130

Sexton, Mr. Christopher Maddox, £70

Beadle, Mr. John Robbins, £85

Organ Keeper, Mr. Samuel Edward Moore

Keeper of the Court House, Miss Elizabeth Ross, £40

Clerk of the Markets, Mr. John Duff, £300

Keeper of the City Clock, Mr. David Malloch

Printer to the Corporation, *George Worrall Strupar, Esq.


President, George B. Smith

Vice-President, George Wright

Thomas Morton

William Mulholland

Anthony Getzmer, Jr..

William McP. Chrystie

John E. Markland

Lawrence Gibson

Stewart West

William H. Hall, Esqrs.

Messenger, Mr. Peter Lawrie, £40


Established May 21, 1729

Trustees, Common Council

Treasurer, Hon. Joseph Barnes

Master, Mr. Ebenezer Read, £420

Usher, Mr. Ebenezer Read, Jr.. £300

Boys under tuition.....167

Girls under tuition......131


Treasurer, The Churchwardens

Surgeon, Dr. Richard Chamberlaine, £300

Matron, Mrs. E. Lawrence, £140

Steward, Mr. J. Lawrence, £120


Commissioners, Common Council

Physician, James Weir, M.D. £300

Surgeons, Drs. Mackglashans and Miller, £300

Acting Dispenser of Medicines, Mr. Denis Conray, £300

Purveyor, Mr. G. Campbell, £100

Matron, Mrs. E. Campbell, £100


President, Hon. Joseph Barnes

Treasurer, The Churchwardens

Supervisor, Clerk and Purveyor, Mr. Henry Broughton, £320

Overseer, Mr. John Noonan, £200

Surgeons, Drs. Johnston, Spalding and Ferguson.


Instituted November 29, 1821

President, His Grace the Governor

Vice-Presidents, The Hon. the President of the Council; the Hon. the Speaker; the Hon. the Chief Justice; the Hon. the Attorney General; the Hon. Francis Smith

Treasurer, Hon. Joseph Barnes

Secretaries, The Rev. Alexander Campbell

John Lunan, Esq.


Minister, Rev. James Wordie

Elders, * Maxwell Hyslop

*Lachlan McBayne

Hinton Spalding, M.D.

*George Robertson

*William Shand

George Campbell

*Michael Scott

James Forsyth

John Johnston

Robert Smith

Andrew Lunan

Andrew Barclay

James Simpson, Esqrs.


Director, James Weir, M.D.

Operators, Drs. Mackglashans and Miller

Clerk, Mr. Thomas Weir

(Vaccination is performed at this Institution, free of expense to all persons who apply, every Tuesday and Friday, at 11 o'clock - Medical Practitioners throughout the Island may be supplied with Vaccine Lymph or Crusts, on application, either personally or by letter, to the Director.


Instituted July 28, 1783

Lieutenants, John Denniss

Frederick Sholtz, £160 each

Sergeants, Two, £125 each

Corporals, Two, £110 each

Privates, Thirty-six, £100 each

Guard House, in Harbour Street

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