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The Members of the Council, Speaker of the Assembly, Judges of the Grand Court, and the Attorney-General, are Justices in every Parish. Judges of the Courts of Common Pleas in the Island take Probates of Deeds.


Custos Rotulorum, Etc. Hon. Abraham Hodgson

Assistant Judges and Magistrates, Joseph Green, Robert William Harris

William James Murphy, Esqrs.

Hon. Henry Cox

Jasper Hall Livingstone

James Armstrong

Thomas Addison

*John Meek

+Richard P. Martin, Esqrs

+Hon. James Laing

+Wentworth Bayly

Lawrence Reid Stephens

John Pink

Alexander Stevenson

+James T. B. Watt

Thomas P. Rogers

Richard P. Ogilvie

William Oldaker

*John Crosman

Larchin Gordon

*David McDowall Grant

William McDowall

William J. Neilson

Francis Bowen

Robert Alexander

Robert Fairweather

Frederick Tharp

Hugh D. McKay

+James Grant

+Charles Grant

James McIntyre

John Wade

James Lawes

James Walker

+William Myers

+William Lambie, Esqrs.

Rector, Rev. William Girod

Curate, Rev. Stephen H. Cooke

Churchwardens, Hon. Abraham Hodgson, Hon. Henry Cox

Vestrymen, Robert Alexander

Larchin Gordon

John Greenland

William Peterswald

John Wade

Alexander Cameron

John Edward Smith

William Heslop

John Clark

Francis Bowen, Esqrs.

Clerk of the Vestry, Jasper Hall Livingston, Esq.

Clerk of the Peace and Court, Harbour Master and Pound Keeper, Godfrey Wharam, Esq.

Coroner, James Armstrong, Esq.

Collecting Constable and Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, William James Murphy, Esq.

Solicitors, Messrs. Bernard and Biggs

Commissioners of the Supreme Court, Godfrey Wharam

Robert Alexander

Larchin Gordon

Alexander Stevenson

James McIntyre, Esqrs.

Distributor of Stamps at Port Maria, Mr. William Hendricks

Lumber Measurers, Messrs. Andrew J. Roberts

John Murray

William Hendricks

Henry Williams

Pilots, Messrs. Henry Sergeant

Richard Clemetson

Christopher Sergeant

James Henry

John Chambers

William Murdoch

Morgan Roche

Health Officers at Port Maria and Oracabessa, Drs. James McIntyre and James T. B. Watt

Clerk of the Market and Head Constable, Mr. John Heverin

Parish Clerk, Mr. George Greensword


President, John Greenland, Esq.

Treasurer, Alexander Cameron, Esq.

Supervisor, Godfrey Wharam, Esq.

Surgeon, Dr. James McIntyre


Custos Rotulorum, Etc. +Hon. Henry Cox

Assistant Judges and Magistrates, *James Newby, Esq.

+Hon. A. Hodgson

Thomas Bainbridge

William Hind

Thomas Raffington, Esqrs.

+Hon. James Laing

+John Pink

+Robert Alexander

Isaac Higgin

*William Whitehorne Lawrence

Hamilton Brown

Robert Grier Hamilton

*Thomas Bull Williams

Thomas Geoghegan

John Hawthorn

Thomas Ashmeade

John William Gayner

Benjamin Henderson

Henry Smallwood

James Lawrence Hilton

William Codner

Stephen Drew

*William Shand

George Fletcher Coward

James Johnston, Esqrs.

*Hon. Robert Johnston

+Hon. William James Hall

+William Allen

+Robert Fairweather

Charles Smith

+James P. Utten

Francis Rob

John Kelly

Bennett William Smith

Samuel Whitehorne Rose

James Betty, Esqrs.

Magistrates, +Alexander Campbell

John Gordon

*John Baillie

John Chrystie

*Thomas Reid

Charles McDermot, Esqrs.

Rector, Rev. George W. Bridges

Curate, Rev. Urquhart Gillespie Rose

Churchwardens, Hamilton Brown

James Johnston, Esqrs.

Vestrymen, William Parke

Adam Anderson

Duncan Matheson

William Scarlett

John Fred Nembhard

Hugh Stewart

David Brydon

Isaac Higgin

James L. Hilton

Jonathan Brown, Esqrs.

Clerk of the Peace and Court, George Fletcher Coward, Esq.

Deputy Clerk of the Peace, William Seaton, Esq.

Clerk of the Vestry, Solicitor, and Collector of the Transient Tax, Thomas Raflington, Esq.

Commissioners of the Supreme Court, Robert Jones

Robert Burford

+William Butler

Thomas Geoghegan

William Codner

William Seaton, Esqrs.

Coroner and Parish Clerk, Mr. William Leevers

Collecting Constable and Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, James Betty, Esq.

Deputy Collecting Constable of Arrears, Mr. David H. Seaman

Distributor of Stamps at St. Ann's Bay, Mr. Israel Lemon

Distributor of Stamps at Dry Harbour, William Rob, Esq.

Town Surveyor, Clerk of the Markets, and Head Constable, Mr. Samuel Drake

Harbour Master at St. Ann's Bay, Mr. Seba Shelly

Harbour Master at Ocho Rios, Mr. Dominick Plunkett

Pilots, Messrs. Mitchel Savery

William C. White

Seba Shelly

William Jenkins

James Henry

Joseph Ewers

William Murdoch

Morgan Roche

George Thompson Simpson

Pilot at Ocho Rios, Mr. John Beecher

Health Officer at St. Ann's Bay, Dr. Gilbert Sinclair

Health Officer at Dry Harbour, Dr. Nicholas Courrie

Health Officer at Ocho Rios, Dr. William Russell

Poundkeeper at St. Ann's Bay, Mr. Isaac Hyman

Poundkeeper in St. Ann's Mountains, Mr. John D. Clarke

Poundkeeper at Brown's Town, Mr. Francis Moore

Poundkeeper at Dry Harbour, William Codner, Esq.

Poundkeeper at Ocho Rios, Mr. W. T. Wilmot


President, Samuel W. Rose, Esq.

Treasurer, Robert Robinson, Esq.

Supervisor, Mr. Samuel Drake

Surgeon, Dr. Gilbert Sinclair


At Wallon Pen, in this Parish

Trustees and Governors, The Governor and Commander in Chief for the time being, the President and Members of the Council, the Speaker and Members of the Assembly, the Chief Justice, the Attorney General, with the +Hon. Abraham Hodgson

+Hon. Henry Cox

Benjamin Scott

*James Newby

William Parke, Esqrs.

+Rev. Lewis Bowerbank

+Hon. William James Hall

George Fletcher Coward

James L. Hilton, Esqrs.

*Hon. Robert Johnston

Treasurer, George F. Coward

Head Master, Rev. Urquhart Gillespie Rose

Clerk to the Trustees, Mr. J. Smith.

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