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The Members of the Council, Speaker of the Assembly, Judges of the Grand Court, and the Attorney-General, are Justices in every Parish. Judges of the Courts of Common Pleas in the Island take Probates of Deeds.


Custos Rotulorum and Chief Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, Hon. John Williams

Assistant Judges and Magistrates, Samuel Smith, Esq.

+Hon. Francis Smith

+William Hewitt

James Brown

William Power Trench

John McLeod

William Wheeler Fearon

William Cooper McKenzie

+Alexander McRae

James Miller

Charles Ayrey

Charles Peck

+John Frederick Nembhard

Andrew Dunn,

William Stewart

*Hibbert Oates

William Collman

Thomas Parkes Howell

George Harrison Townshend

William McCartney

James Sinclair

James Wright Turner

Robert Innes

John McNaught

Stephen Hannaford

+Simon Taylor, Esqrs.

Rector, Rev. George C.R. Fearon

Curate, Rev. Benjamin Henckell Heath

Churchwardens, Samuel Smith

John McLeod, Esqrs.

Vestrymen, Peter Hodge

William Mitchell

Archibald Smith

Andrew Drummond

Thomas Cochran

Thomas Montgomery

Adam W. Thorburn

Joseph Grierson

Donald Dingwall

Alexander McLean, Esqrs.

Clerk of the Court, Peace, and Vestry, Rowland Israell, Esq.

Commissioners of the Supreme Court, +William Hewitt

+Robert William Harris, Esqrs.

Collecting Constable and Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, Daniel Tabois, Esq.

Coroner, Thomas Parkes Howell, Esq.

Harbour Master for Clarendon Bay, Mr. Philip Summers

Poundkeeper, Mr. William Hay

Parish Clerk, Mr. Benjamin Binger

Organist, *

Sexton, Miss Holdsworth

Keeper of the Court House, Mrs. Jane Oliphant

Constables, Messrs. George Swinhoe,

James Altham

Clerk of the Market at Chapelton, Mr. John Thompson

Clerk of the Market at St. Jago Savanna, *


President, William K. Stewart, Esq.

Treasurer, James W. Turner, Esq.

Supervisor, Mr. Benjamin Binger

Clerk, Mr. George McK. Ayrey


Custos Rotulorum, etc., Hon. William Stimpson

Assistant Judges and Magistrates, George Cosens Richards

Thomas Samson

Robert Charles Gibb

John Holmes

Alexander Murchison

+John Griffith

+Thomas Parkes Howell

+Thomas Addison

John Hewitt Smith

*John Rodon

+George Harrison Townshend

Edward White

+David Skaife, Esqrs.

Magistrates, +William Bullock

John Ashley

*William Shand, Esqrs.

Rector, Rev. Joseph Jefferson

Churchwardens, John Holmes

Thomas Samson, Esqrs.

Vestrymen, Thomas Samson

Robert Charles Gibb

Wotton Scott

William Fraser

Samuel Booth

William Whitaker

William Owen

Robert W. Booth

Edward White

Charles H. Phillips, Esqrs.

Clerk of the Peace and Coroner, William Goodall, Esq.

Clerk of the Vestry and distributor of Stamps, John Francis Padmore, Esq.

Commissioners of the Supreme Court, Thomas Samson

+James Brown

John Hewitt Smith

William Goodall, Esqrs.

Collecting Constable and Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, John Hewitt Smith, Esq.

Harbour Master for Salt River, Mr. Philip Summers

Parish Clerk, Mr. William Baldwin

Poundkeeper, Wotton Scott, Esq.


Trustees, The Members of the Council and Assembly for the time being, and Custos and Justices of the Peace of the Parish.

Clerk, Mr. Alexander McLean.


Governors and Trustees, the President of the Council for the time being, the Speaker of the Assembly, the Chief Justice, and Attorney General, the Custos, Members of Assembly, Rector, and senior Churchwarden of the parish of Vere, the Custos, Members of Assembly, and Rector of the parish of Manchester, and the Custos, Members of Assembly, and Rector of the parish of Clarendon.

Treasurer, John Holmes, Esq.

Teacher, Rev. Joseph Jefferson

Clerk, Mr. James Fullarton

Solicitors, Messrs. *Lynch and Myers


Custos Rotulorum, etc. +Hon. William Rowe

Assistant Judges and Magistrates, Robert Crawford

*Robert Porter

*James Davy

George Graham Stone, Esqrs.

+Hon. William Stimpson

James Brown

Edward Owen

+Duncan Robertson

+Thomas Parkes Howell

+Thomas Phillpotts

Thomas Walker Sill

James Daly,

Alexander Heron, Esqrs.

+Hon. John Salmon

Henry Rhodes Morgan

George Robert Johnson

*Thomas Powell

*Robert Green, Esqrs.

+Rev. George W. Bridges

Andrew White

*Andrew Bredan Delap

William Abell

Isaac McCorkell

John Mackenzie

+Charles Farquharson

Curtis P. Berry

John A. Kennedy

Ralph Thompson

David Hollingsworth

John Coley

John Davy

John Robert Tomlinson

Barnaby Maddan, Esqrs.

Rector, Rev. Robert W. Dallas

Churchwardens, James Brown

David Hollingsworth, Esqrs.

Vestrymen, George Young

John Dobson

Adam White

Abe Evens

Alexander Robertson

Alexander Moore

Robert Lyle

Curtis Philip Berry

David Hollingsworth

Ralph Thompson, Esqrs.

Clerk of the Peace and Court, William Forbes, Esq.

Clerk of the Vestry, Charles J. Pitter, Esq.

Commissioners of the Supreme Court, Robert Crawford

William Forbes

John Racker Webb

George Harrriott, Esqrs.

Coroner, James Sutherland

Collecting Constable and Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, John Griffith, Esq.

Solicitors, Messrs. Bernard and Biggs

Medical Attendant to the Gaol, Dr. Samuel Mortimer

Constable, Tythingman, and Head Constable, Mr. R. Bartlett

Parish Clerk, Sexton and Poundkeeper, Mr. John Hollingsworth


President, *

Treasurer, James Sutherland, Esq.

Supervisor, Mr. John Hollingsworth

Medical Attendant, Dr. Samuel Mortimer

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