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Custos Rotulorum, Etc. *

Assistant Judges and Magistrates, *James Stewart

James Phillips Utten, Esqrs.

Hon. Robert Moulton

Samuel Vaughan

James Lawson

Charles Campbell

John Baillie

Walter Minto

Charles Gordon, Jr., Esqrs.

Hon. James Cunningham

John Black

George Reid

John Campbell, Jr.

Joseph Green

John Meek, Esqrs.

Sir John Gordon, Baronet

Henry Gordon

James Irving

William Miller

Robert Haldane Scott

Samuel Cunningham

George Cunningham

James Thompson

George Ogilvy

John Robert Mitchell

Frederick Lamont

Daniel Brown

Richard Barrett

William Hine

John Easington Nash

William Frater

Edward Hoole

Thomas Willis

James McDonald

John Houstoun

David McNish

James Utten Easson

Thomas James Hall

George Huie

Samuel Earnshaw

Ewen Cameron

William Shand

Thomas Phillpotts

Samuel Hilton

John Cowan

Philip Anglin Morris

Roger Dobson

William M. Kerr

William Carr Walker

Thomas Yatman

John Cleghorn

William H. Brown

William Reeves, Esqrs.

Rev. William Fraser, A.M.

George Henry Marrett

John Lawrence Walcott

Nicholas Doman

James Galloway, Jr.

John Steele

John Irving

William Lemonius

John Anderson, Esqrs.

Magistrate, Charles Lewis, Esq.

Rector, Rev. William Fraser, A.M.

Curate, *

Churchwardens, George Ogilvy

William Dyer, Esqrs.

Vestrymen, George Huie

William Frater

Robert Haldane Scott

James McDonald

William Wray

David McNish

John Gairdner

William Cadien

William H. Brown

Edward Hoole, Esqrs.

Clerk of the Peace, Court and Police, Edward Hoole, Esq.

Deputy Clerk of the Peace, Court and Police, and Collector of the Transient Tax, Charles T. Burridge, Esq.

Clerk of the Vestry, James Shedden, Esq.

Collecting Constable and Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, Charles Campbell, Esq.

Distributor of Stamps at Falmouth, Edward Hoole, Esq.

Commissioners of the Supreme Court, Frederick Lamont

Edward Hoole

James Thompson

Charles Toby Burridge

Hopewell Tyler, Esqrs.

Coroner, Mr. John Campbell

Firewardens, William Cadien (President)

Charles Borland

John Gairdner

Alexander Woodlow

George Miller, Esqrs.

Inspector of Fire Engines, Mr. John Robey

Sworn Measurers of Lumber, Messrs. Walter Henry Birmingham

Richard Lewis

Mark Paterson

John Robey

Samuel Thompson

W. Farquharson

William Bellinger, Jr.

Surgeons to the Parish School, Gaol and Transient Poor, Drs. Cowan, Willis, Neilson and Gammock

Health Officer, Dr. Robert Neilson

Harbour Master, Mr. William Edwards

Pilots, Messrs. Edward Burwood

William Edwards

Morris Edwards

William Fairish

Charles Barry

Poundkeeper at Duncan's, Mrs. Jane Watt

Poundkeeper at Martha Brae, Mr. _____ Beazley

Clerk of the Market, Mr. John Robertson

Parish Clerk, Mr. William Fosbrooke

Organist, Mrs. Crozier

Sexton, Mr. Richard Lewis

Inspector of Weights and Measures and Proof Bubbles, Mr. Richard Lewis

Clock Keeper, Mr. William Thomson

Teacher of the Parish Boys, Mr. W. Farquharson

Teacher of the Parish Girls, Mrs. Henrietta Perkins

Crier of the Court of Common Pleas and Head Constable, Mr. Thomas Bell


Commissioners, The Magistrates and Vestrymen of the parish of Trelawny, or any five of them.

Collector of the Tax, Edward Hoole, Esq.

Surgeons, Drs. Cowan, Willis, Neilson and Gammock

Matron, Mrs. Mary M. Brown


President, William Miller, Esq.

Treasurer, George Ogilvy, Esq.

Supervisor, Mr. Thomas Kennedy

Surgeons, Drs. Cowan, Willis, Neilson and Gammock


Directors, Charles Campbell, Esq. (President)

John Black

Adam Steele

Robert Haldane Scott

Roger Dobson

Charles Tenison

John Gairdner

William Dyer

Thomas Tenison

George McKay

Daniel Brown

Edward Hoole

James Shedden, Esqrs.

Treasurer, Adam Steele, Esq

Secretary and Collector, Mr. James Grace


Health Officer, Dr. John Hodges

Pilots, Messrs. William Thompson

Henry S. Miller

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