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Custos Rotulorum, Etc., Hon. Robert Oliver Vassall

Assistant Judges and Magistrates, +Patrick Spence

Alexander Campbell (Lucea)

Alexander Campbell (Copse), Esqrs.

Hon. Samuel Jackson

William Allen

Walter Murray

John Hill, Esqrs.

Rev. Daniel Warner Rose

John Blyth

Samuel Kerr

John Mowat Bucknor

Robert Chisholm

John Haughton James

Joseph Robert Bowen

John Malcolm

George Robert Johnson

William Miller

William Carr Walker

James Galloway

Edmund Gairdner

John Tharp Lawrence

Robert Allwood

James W. Buchanan

Lewis Grant

William Kirkaldy

David Edwards

John Finlay

David Boyd

George Hibbert Oates

Archibald Campbell

William Aug. Dickson

Simon Knubley

William Dawes Quarrell

James Thomson

Hugh Stephenson

Samuel Morris

David Grant

William Brebner

Peter Grant

William Charles Morris

John Rose Palmer

George Robert Johnson, Jr.

Robert Kerr

William Grant

Alexander Grant

John Vassall

Taylor Cathcart

Philip Anglin Scarlett

John Edward Payne

Joseph Brissett

Hugh Munro, Jr. Esqrs.

Magistrates, +Henry Waite Plummer

Martin Williams, Esqrs.

Rector, Rev. Daniel Warner Rose

Curate, Rev. John O'Flaherty

Churchwardens, John C. Evans,

Alexander Grant, Esqrs.

Vestrymen, Thomas Leslie

Richard Chambers

James Scarlett Hine

Angus Gray

William Grant

Neil Campbell

James Keys

Hugh Munro

John Campbell, Esqrs.

Clerk of the Peace and Court, Collector of the Transient Tax, and Distributor of Stamps at Lucea, James Keys, Esq.

Clerk of the Vestry, Robert Kerr, Esq.

Coroner, William Thomas Chambers, Esq.

Commissioners of the Supreme court, +Patrick Spence

John Randall Ellard

Hugh Munro, Jr.

Alexander Grant, Esqrs.

Collecting Constable and Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, Peter Grant, Esq.

Distributor of Stamps at Green Island, Francis Henry, Esq.

Surgeons to the Poor House and Transient Poor, Drs. Butter and Pullar

Health Officer at Lucea, *Dr. James W. Buchanan

Health Officer at Green Island, Dr. John Reid

Harbour Master at Lucea and at Green Island, John Randall Ellard, Esq.

Pilots at Lucea, Messrs. Alexander Chambers

William Clare

Pilots at Green Island, Messrs. James F. Graham,

William Clare

Sworn Measurers, Messrs. David Grant

William Augustus Dickson

Thomas Leslie

Richard Chambers

George Heming

John Dickson

Alexander MacDonald

I. Gabay

Inspector of Weights and Measures, Clerk of the Market, Parish Clerk, and Sexton, Mr. George Heming

Tythingman, Mr. Alexander Chambers

Clock Keeper, Mr. Henry Harvey

Keeper of the Court House, Dorothy Macleod

Poundkeeper at Lucea, Mrs. R.R. Dalley

Poundkeeper at Green Island, Mr. William Jeffries

Constables at Lucea, Messrs. John Stewart

William Jackson

Constable at Sandy Bay, Mr. George Harvey

Constable at Green Island, Mr. William Jeffries


Trustees, The Custos, Representatives in Assembly, three Senior Magistrates, Rector, Churchwardens and six Freeholders, chosen annually on the third Tuesday in February. Those for the present year are...

Robert Chisholm

William Thomas Chambers

David Butter

James Thompson

Lewis Grant

William Allen, Esqrs.

Treasurer, Peter Grant, Esq.

Master, Rev. John O'Flaherty

Surgeons, Drs. Butter and Pullar.


President, James Keys, Esq.

Treasurer, Peter Grant, Esq.

Supervisor, Mr. Robert Rusea

Surgeons, Drs. Butter and Pullar


Custos Rotulorum, Etc., *Hon. James Cunningham

Assistant Judges and Magistrates, *William Murray

Samuel Vaughan, Esqrs

Sir Simon H. Clarke, Baronet

Raynes Barrett Waite

David Kerr

George Lawrence

George Fletcher Coward

Charles Rose Ellis

George McFarquhar Lawson, Sr.

James Galloway

Walter Murray, Esqrs.

Sir John Gordon, Baronet

John Coates

Henry Waite Plummer

Samuel Cunningham

George Longmore

William Stirling

George Cunningham

George Gordon

John Baillie

Joseph Robert Bowen

William Miller

Richard Barrett

Samuel Kerr

William M. Kerr

John Parnther

Alexander Campbell

John Tharp Lawrence

Robert Thomas Downer

Edward Mountague

Joseph Bowen

Thomas Phillpotts

Robert Watt

William Gordon

James Guthrie

John Cleghorn

David Boyd

James Dunn

Samuel Charles Gray

John Rose Palmer

William Heath

John Palmer Mountague

Philip Anglin Scarlett

John Tharp

John Edward Payne

Philip Anglin Morris

William Morris Spence

Samuel Hilton

James Galloway, Jr.

John Simpson Waite

John Irving

David McNish

Patrick Green

William Stanford Grignon

John Henderson Hay

Benjamin Haughton Tharp

Henry Shergold

Raynes Waite Appleton, Esqrs.

Rector, Rev. Henry Jenkins

Curate, Rev. Henry V. Towton

Churchwardens, John Coates

William Ewart, Esqrs.

Vestrymen, Patrick Green

John Henderson Hay

Benjamin Haughton Tharp

John Edward Payne

John S. Waite

Philip Anglin Morris

Henry Shergold

George McFarquhar Lawson

Raynes Waite Appleton, Esqrs.

Clerk of the Peace and Court, George Crawford Ricketts, Esq.

Clerk of the Vestry, Thomas Joseph Gray, Esq.

Deputy Clerk of the Vestry, Mr. James Gray

Commissioners of the Supreme Court, Patrick Green

George Cragg

Thomas Watson, Esqrs.

Collecting Constable and Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, William Allen, Esq.

Deputy Collecting Constable, Mr. Richard Roe

Solicitors to the Parish, William S. Grignon

Samuel Dare, Esqrs.

Collector of the Transient Tax and Treasurer to the Hospital, William Ewart, Esq.

Distributor of Stamps, William S. Grignon, Esq.

Coroner, William Lawson, Esq.

Harbour Master and Water Bailiff at Montego Bay, Mr. John Pigott

Clerk of the Market, Mr. John Gardner

Firewardens, Robert Watt

John Coates, Esqrs.

Messrs. Richard Morle,

George Cragg

Thomas Dunn

Captains of Fire Engines, Messrs. David Griffiths

William H. Landell

H. T. McGill

John Lansdell

Town Surveyor, Philip Anglin Morris, Esq.

Measurers of Lumber, Messrs. V. J. Morgridge

William Bellinger

John Gardner

John Shaw

George Glennie

Thomas Brown

William Farquharson

William Bellinger, Jr.

Health Officers at Montego Bay, Drs. George Longmore and William Gordon

Poundkeeper, Mrs. Mary Brown

Parish Clerk and Sexton, Mr. H.J. Watkins

Organist, Mrs. Mary Sharpe

Clock Keeper, Mr. Penage Deruze

Keeper of the Public Pumps, Mr. Jacob Jacobs

Matron of Hospital, Elizabeth McCatty

Surgeons to Hospital and Gaol, Drs. William Gordon and George Longmore

Pilots, Messrs. Henry Franklin

Benjamin Scurlock

George Harrington

John Levy

Head Constable, Tythingman, Crier to the Courts, and Keeper of the Court House,

Mr. William Place Walker

Assistant Constables, Messrs. John Murray

T. R. Walton

John Peele

Samuel Jackson


Directors, Hon. Samuel Vaughan, (President)

Raynes Barrett Waite

Thomas Joseph Gray

William Allen

Robert Watt

Patrick Green

William Ewart

William James Angus

Thomas Yatman

Harry Reid

William Wilson

Samuel Anderson

John Cleghorn, Esqrs.


Trustees, The Custos, Representatives in Assembly, three Senior Magistrates, the Churchwardens, with Henry W. Plummer, William Gordon, Thomas Phillpotts, Esqrs.

Headmaster, Rev. Henry V. Towton

Governess, Mrs. M. Moodie


President, Samuel Vaughan, Esq.

Treasurer, William Allen, Esq.

Supervisor, Mr. William Ball

Surgeon, Dr. William Gordon

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