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Custos Rotulorum, Etc. Hon. John Salmon

Assistant Judges and Magistrates, +Hon. William Rowe

John Griffith

George Graham Stone

Edward Owen

James Miller

Duncan Robertson, Jr.

James Daly

Lewis Williams

Charles Farquharson

Edward Francis Coke

Andrew Miller

Alexander Bruce

Robert Green

Robert Watt, Esqrs.

Rev. Thomas P. Williams

John Salmon, Jr.

Matthew Farquharson

Bernard M. Senior

James Gale Senior

Thomas Stephenson

Henry Rhodes Morgan

Hugh Ritchie Wallace

John Gautier

Ralph Thompson

George Marcey, Esqrs.

Rector, Rev. Thomas P. Williams

Curate, Rev. Thomas Stewart

Churchwardens, Alexander Bruce

Charles Farquharson, Esqrs.

Vestrymen, George Clark

Robert Watson

James Daly

David Morrice

Michael Cuff

Henry Coote

William Nembhard

Hugh Hutcheson

Andrew Esson

John McIntosh, Esqrs.

Clerk of the Peace and Court, George Graham Stone, Esq.

Clerk of the Vestry and Distributor of Stamps at Black River, Andrew Miller, Esq.

Commissioners of the Supreme Court, George Graham Stone

Duncan Robertson

Matthew Farquharson

Andrew Miller, Esqrs.

Collecting Constable and Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, John Griffith, Esq.

Coroner, Mr. Christopher L. Ramson

Poundkeeper, George Tomlinson, Esq.

Health Officer at Black River, Dr. James Magrath

Collector of the Transient Tax and Harbour Master at Black River, Mr. C. W. Seacole

Parish Clerk and Sexton, Mr. C. L. Ramson

Collector of the Transient Tax at Lacovia Bridge, Mr. Hugh Hutchison

Beadle, Mr. Thomas Stevens

Constables, Messrs. Francis Welfall

Archibald Fraser

Arthur Bouchier

John Russell

Thomas Stevens

Pilots at Black River, Messrs. John Bennett

Joseph Bennett

Robert Campbell

Thomas William Tavares

Isaac Townshend

Joseph John Bennett


President, James Daly, Esq.

Treasurer, Alexander Bruce, Esq.

Supervisor, Mr. William Lawrence

Surgeons, Drs. Magrath and Bransfield


Custos Rotulorum Etc., +Hon. David Finlayson

Assistant Judges and Magistrates, +William Hylton, Sr.

John Marshall

John Falconer

Joseph Stone Williams

Hutchinson Scott

Thomas Hill

Robert Allwood, Esqrs.

Hon. William James Stevenson

John Graham Campbell

John Blyth

Patrick Spence

George Kirlew

George Marcey

George Robert Johnson

John Dobson

Charles O'Conner

Edward Smith

Henry Distin

Thomas Ricketts Hylton

Samuel Vaughan

Purchas Lumley

Charles Vauriell

Charles McNish

John Malcolm

Paul Stevens Samuells

Hugh James

John Moore

David Mason

William Williams

James Lawson

Samuel Spence

John Finlay

Thomas William Hardin

Archibald Campbell

Taylor Cathcart

James Grant

Martin Williams

Benjamin Capon

John Pritchard

Angus McCaill

Alexander Fraser, Esqrs.

Rector, Rev. John McIntyre, A.M.

Curate, Rev. John Reid

Churchwardens, George Kirlew

Benjamin Capon, Esqrs.

Vestrymen, Benjamin Morrison

William Rob

Archibald Campbell

William Henderson

Peter Hogg

Murdoch McKenzie

William Shilleto

Alexander Fraser

William Coote

David Valentine, Esqrs.

Clerk of the Peace and Court, James Murray, Esq.

Clerk of the Vestry, Town Clerk, and Poundkeeper, Thomas William Hardin, Esq.

Commissioners of the Supreme Court, Hon. Robert O. Vassall

George Kirlew

John Marshall

Charles McNish

James Murray, Esqrs.

Collecting Constable and Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, Thomas Hill, Jr., Esq.

Coroner, Benjamin Capon, Esq.

Collector of the Transient Tax and Distributor of Stamps, John Pritchard, Esq.

Solicitors, Messrs. Finlayson, Archer and Guy

Inspector of Weights and Measurers, Parish clerk and Sexton, Mr. Daniel M'Gibbon

Organist, Mrs. Catherine Taylor

Beadle, Mr. James Merritt

Surgeon to the Poor House, Dr. Patrick Spence

Health Officers, Drs. Henry Distin and Patrick Spence

Harbour Master, John Dobson, Esq.

Pilots, Messrs. Thomas W. Tavares

James Blakeny

Robert Campbell

F. Marshall

Isaac Townshend

Vendor of Gunpowder and Fire Arms, *Charles McNish, Esq.

Constables, Messrs. Henry Janson

C. Dewall

M. Malveney

Constable at Morgan's Bridge Market, *


Trustees, the Custos, Representatives in Assembly, three of the Senior Magistrates, Rector, and five Freeholders chosen annually on the 1st of August - those for the present year are..

John Dobson,

Henry Distin

Hugh James

Edward Smith

Hutchinson Scott, Esqrs.

Treasurer, John Dobson, Esq.

Master, Mr. David Fidler


President, John Dobson, Esq.

Treasurer, Thomas Hill, Jr. Esq.

Supervisor, Mr. Archibald Weir

Surgeon, Dr. Patrick Spence

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