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Acres of Land 91,309

Proprietors etc., Properties, Slaves/Stock

Adams, Robertson, & Co., Balcarres, 130/53

Aikman, Alexander, senior, Wallenford, 50/10

...Same, Birnam Wood, 224/32

Aitkin, David, Pleasant Hill, 45/4

Allan, James, Constant Spring, 19/101

Anderson, Catherine, Shady Grove, 25/10

Anderson, Sarah, 25/8

Baugh, Robert, Chelsea, 17/2

Bayly, Wentworth, Gibraltar, 422/222

Bell, John, Woodstock, 289/190

Biggar & Phillips, Buff Bay River, 155/48

Bond, Henry, Ashcot, 93

...Same, Belle Vue, 18/39

Brame, John, Winchester, 7/5

Brewer, Penelope, Mount Edwards, 14

Brown, Henry R., heirs of, Hope, 65/35

Brown, James, Mount James, 27/3

Brown, Robert, Ann's Delight, 38/3

Brown, Thomas, Pilgrimage, 30/7

Buchan, Jean, Enfield, etc., 53/25

Buckmaster, John, Windsor Castle, 176/96

Burgess, Henry, Orange Hill, 14

...Same, Moore Park, 15/4

Campbell, Dugald, Cross Hill, 88

Cargill, John, Skibo, 175/90

Catanach, Robert, Coco Place, 44

Champigny, Eugene, Pleasant Valley, 3

Clarke, Austin, Waterdale, 6

Codrington, William C., Union, 80/3

Cooper, Mary, Margaret's Hope, 8

Corberand, J. B. and Brother, Mullet Hall, 95/19

Cosens, George H. deceased, Mount St. Bernard, 85/3

...Same, Devon Pen, 41/61

...Same, Elysium, 311/114

...Same, Bean Desert, 63/12

Crossley, Benjamin, receiver, White River, 126/110

...Same, Lenox, 305/232

...Same, Belvidere, 57/74

...Same, Caen Wood, 191/104

Cumming, Ann, 8

Cumming, Mrs., Harmony Hill, 38/85

Dall, Robert, Cedar Valley, 112/14

Davies, David, Pleasing Prospect, 33/23

Degournay, Peter, Sans Soucie, 22/6

De la Fitte, Chevalier, Lovely Grove, 44/8

DeMeynard, Anthony, Mount Pleasant, 78/20

Donaldson, Alexander, executors of, Low Layton, 383/375

Dudman, Ann, Mammee Hill, 10/1

Dunbar, Robert, 10

D'Warris, Fortunatus, Golden Grove, 206/130

Edgar, James, heirs of, Osborne's 225/96

Ellis, John, Fort George Pen, 184/920

Ellison, James, New Gibraltar, 17/8

Elmslie, John, Gray's Inn, 355/291

Espeut, William, Hope Hill, 23/22

Falconer, John, Green Vale, 36/2

Farquharson, Robert, Content, 27/2

Fitzgerald, Edward D., executors of, Kildare, 343/176

Forbes, Henry, Montpelier, 125/65

Forrester, Joseph, Come See, 32/2

Forsyth, Mrs., Leighfield, 34/12

Galloway, William, George's Hope, 19

Gillespie, George H., Hopeton, 28

Giscome & Biggar, Galloway, 42/2

Giscome, Elisha, deceased, 10

Giscome, James, 61/5

Giscome, John, 6

Grant, Alexander & Joseph Green, Orange Vale, 244/82

Grapain, P. N., Cascade, 44/5

Gray, Adam, 25

Green, Joseph, Peter Hill, 36

Griffiths, William, deceased, Camberwell, 99/5

Hall, George, Guatimala, 47/44

...Same, 24

Hamilton, Robert, Mount Prosperous, 43/3

...Same, Dowan, 21/3

Harrison, Elizabeth, Maccaw Spring, 9

Harrison, Robert, Lottery Hill, 29/24

Haughton, Sarah, 20/6

Henderson, William, Annotto River, 31/10

Hennessey & Marah, Middleton, 25/39

Hibbert, T., heirs of, Agualta Vale Pen, 100/500

Hill, David Alexander, May River, 2

...Same, 9/5

Howell, T. B., heirs of, Dover, 177/126

Hynes, Thomas, Redington, 259/277

Irving, Eleanor, estate of, 13

Jackson, George, Pleasant View, 6/2

Jamin, J. P., Cherry Hill, 26/6

Jaquet & Oliver, 60

Jones, John, Mount Olympus, 15

King, Francis, Bybrook, 71/9

King, Samuel K., Friendship, 20/17

Kirkland, Moses, True Blue, 75/3

...Same, Sportsman's Hall, 13/1

Lagourgue, William Foote, 59/2

Lamothe, Paul, Silver Hill, 52/6

Lecky, Alexander, Pleasant Hill 6/7

Lecky, John, Leckysfield, 3/1

Lecky, Sarah, Green Ridge, 13/1

Leith, John, Rogerhithe, 20/7

Littlejohn, Robert D., Happy Hut, 71/4

Lowe, Alexander, Mount Hilly, 4/7

Lungren, Swain, Smithfield, 42/1

Macfarlane, Mrs. Mary, Brook, 15/1

...Same, Mount Holstein, 180/20

Mackie, William, Chesterfield, 38/32

...Same, Williamsfield, 97

Maillet, John, Mammee Hill, 36/5

Malabre, Mary, Maho, 20/19

Manahan, Patrick, Longueville, 31/5

Manhertz, John M., Bremen Valley, 77/8

Mann, Lavinia J., Mount Irvine, 1

Maulsby, Barnabas, Endeavour, 38

McDonald, Angus, Boysdale, 38

McDonald, James, Belmont, 35/4

Merrick, Charles, 26/2

McFarlane, James, Green Side, 12

McHarg, John, Happy Hut, 18

McKay, Robert & Co., Iter Boreale, 315/241

McNicoll, Lachlan, Arthur's Seat, 10

Montagnac, Edward, Refuge, 3

Moody, Thomas, Southfield, 29/1

Moore, Joseph and Ann, Spring Valley, 9/2

Mure, Elizabeth, Cool Shade, 57

Murray, Robert, Retreat, 14/17

Murray, Thomas, Rosehall, 40/6

McVean, Mary, 5

Myers, John, Pleasant Mount, 6/2

O'Hara, Bernard, Hermitage, 85/11

Ohlson, Elizabeth, 10

Oliver, George, Craig Mill, 101/56

Ord, John, Newcastle, 45

Orgill, Hon. William A., Paradise, 256/83

Passley, Henry, Rodney Hall, 261/108

Paul, James, Freefield, 24/2

Perry, David, Dry River Retreat, 33/13

Petinaud & Caton, Good Hope, 20

Phillips, Thomas, Gold Spring, 22/6

...Same, Pontrefact, 22

Pickersgill, Thomas, Richmond Castle, 62/6

Pryce & Cloarke, Montgomery Castle, 31

Quinlan, George, Prospect, 193/10

Robertson, William, 7/8

Robertson & Spicer, 4

Ross, Hector, Oran, 101/54

...Same, Lairg, 24

Sansum, Sarah, 40

Savage, Joseph, 25

Schaw, Grossett, & Son, Chepstow, 139/155

...Same, Spring Garden, 629/264

Shand, Hon, John & P. Jaquet, Ythan Side, 70/84

Smart, Robert, deceased, Hart Hill, 199/204

Smith, John Andrew, Spring Hill, 250/29

Strachan, James, Good Intent, 22/1

Strong, Henry, Mount Charles, 8

Sutherland, Robert William, Tranquillity, 60/29

Sutherland, Andrew, Rose Hill, etc. 60/42

Swift, Henry, Swift's Town, 11

Tait, William, 39/5

Taylors & Simpson, Fort Stewart, 228/118

Thompson, John, Eden, 252/99

...Same, Lancaster, 96/12

Thompson, Dugald, Peter's Valley, 33

Vandall, Lettice, 13

Walsh, Dominick, heirs of, Ann Grove, 44

Watson, John, Chester Castle, 15/1

Wilkinson, John, Wakefield, 20/5

Williams, T. W., Banff, 12/2

Wright, George, estate of, 17

TOTAL 12,748 Slaves/ 6,959 Stock

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