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Acres of Land 7,605

Proprietors etc., Properties, Slaves/Stock

Anderson, Peter, Nonsuch, 36/26

Ashworth, Ann J., 2

Ashworth, Elizabeth J., 3

Atlay, Stephen O., Prospect, 162/71

Bartlett, Elizabeth, 2

Bernard, Charles, Mill Bank, 10/124

Betts, William, Sion Hill, 150/80

...Same, Lodge, 23/37

Brackenridge, John, 11/3

Bradshaw, James, Chesterfield, 18/35

Broadfoot, Sarah, 3

Brown, Ann, 16

Brown, David, Islington, 6/18

Brown, John George, Cottage, 16/3

Brown, John, Friendship, 60/6

Brown, Mary, 6

Brown, Nicholas, 11

Bryan, Rachael, 5

Bryan, William, Bogg and Pen, 431/165

Buckley, Henry, Buckley's Valley, 30/11

Buckley, Richard R., Labyrinth, 15/2

Burke, Henry, assessed, Silver Mount, 15

Carby, Lilly, heirs of, Lincoln, 14

Clachar, Mrs., Newport, 21/1

Coakley, Susanna and Niece, 15/1

Colthirst, James C., Norwich, 170/74

Cooper, John, Cooper's Hill, 5

Cosens, George H., deceased, Shrewsbury, 323/81

...Same, Twickenham, 55/5

Coulson, Fanny, Williamsburgh, 8

Crossley, Benjamin, Mount Pleasant, 192/58

...Same, Industry, 31/54

Crowder, Richard, 8/2

Currie, Penelope Brown, 6

Dallas, ___, Dallas's Retreat, 37

Deans, John, Kenmay, 107/61

Delaney, Daniel, Needs Must, 6/1

De la Vergne, Patrick A., Rock Hall, 27/18

Donallan, Elizabeth, 12

Donnan, John, Ayr Mount, 1

Dormer, William, Content, 62/6

Dott, James, 6/5

Downer, N. P., Plisham's Hill, 7

Downer, Robert, heirs of, Downer's Hope, 10

Downer, William Thomas, Maidstone, 62/40

...Same, Snow Hill, 56/64

Drummond, James, 12/2

Dyce, William, Chip's Hall, 10/1

Fuller, George, Parkmont, 40/87

Galloway, William, Pleasant Hill, 13/30

Gay, John Peter, Expectation Hill, 6/11

Grant, Catherine, 5

Grant, David, M. D., deceased, Spring Garden, 182/91

Grant, Margaret, 6

Gray, Whitworth, & Co., Seaman's Valley, 270/121

Greathead, Ann, Content, 29/1

Greathead, Eleanor, Eden Vale, 22

Grundy, Francis, Whydah, 221/94

Harnett, Timothy, Belle Vue, 30

Hassell, John Webber, Harmony, 29/6

Hazell, Henry John, 29/10

Hearn, Daniel, Rural Hill, 44/19

Hearn, Philip, Farm, 31/3

...Same, Grange, 28/32

Henry, West, & Co., Hope, 109/54

Johnston, Andrew Gregory, Anchovy Valley, 219/94

Jones, Maurice, Boston, 230/214

Jones & Pryce, 18/2

Kelso, Goldie, 7

King, James Bryan, 20/4

King, Richard Cargill, Darley, 178/77

King, Thomas, Egg Hill, 50/27

Kinghorn & Jacquet, Friendship Hall, 64/6

Kinloch, Alexander, Stoney Hill, 59/30

Kinloch & Steel, Golden Vale, 516/450

Marshall, Henry, Cocoro Bossue, 13/12

McDonagh, Matthew, Kildare, 36

Mein, Robert, Cold Harbour, 211/108

...Same, 30/4

McFarlane, D., Brooksdale, 4/8

Miller, John, Perth, 20

Minot, John S., Passley Garden, 129/120

...Same and George, Cambridge, 75/43

McKenzie, Alexander, Berriedale, 33/3

McKenzie, William, 5

Newell, Mrs. Ann, Hermitage, 151/62

...Same, Red Hassell, 147/73

Oakley, Hon. Thomas, Mount Oakley, 42/2

Orgill, William and S. T., Windsor, 139/57

Orr, Bryan West, Castle of Comfort, 222/116

Panton, Christian, 8

Passley, Henry, Fairfield, 132/53

Phillips, Ann Catherine, 6

Phillips, Catherine, Kew Green, 55/8

Phillips, Elsey, Springfield, 6

Phillips, John Edmund, Bachelor's Hall, 29/4

Phillips, Mary, senior, 7

Purrier, J. V., Fairy Hill, 184/81

Redmon, Bartholomew, Cheerful Mount, 55/15

Richardson, ___, 6

Ritchie, John, Trowel Hill, 11/14

Ross, James, 15/5

Ross, John, Providence, 37/27

Shepherd, Samuel and Peter, 19

Sherwood, William, Tower Hill, 17/12

Sherwood, William, heirs of, Sherwood Forest, 10/3

Staples, Sarah, 22

Steel, John, Spring Bank, 44/24

Thompson & Briscoe, Caledonia, 17/14

Thompson, Elizabeth, Happy Hill, 14

Thomson, James, Bourbon, 10/23

Thomson, Robert Charles, Brighton, 9/13

Thomson, William Bryan, Bloomfield, 12

Usher, James, Teddington, 4/1

Valentine, Mary, 6

Webber, Elizabeth, Content Hill, 23

White, David, heirs of, Whitehall, 148/105

White, James Clayton, Burlington, 148/109

White, James Clayton, Terra Nova, 50/1

Williams, James, heirs of, Unity Valley, 187/83

Williams, William, Williamsfield, 237/106

Wilson, Thomas, Dunbar, 20/13

Woodberry, Thomas, 10

TOTAL 7,534 Slaves / 3,842 Stock

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