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Acres of Land 40,210

Proprietors etc., Properties, Slaves/Stock

Alcock, Samuel, Seamore's Garden, 39/3

Anderson, James, Hermitage, 67/7

Ballantine, William, Carrick Hill, 13/1

Barclay, John, Woburn Lawn and Windsor, 31/13

Benson, John White, Middleton, 11/2

Betty, Eleanor, Pleasant Vale, 12

Boswell, John, heirs of, Abbey Green, 172/16

Brown, George, Brown's Hall, 44/6

Brown, James, heirs of, Mount Tiviot, 35

Brydon, James, Loudon Hill, 52/19

Buchanan, Archibald, deceased, Healthy Valley, 8

Bull, John, Sheldon, 185/15

Burger, Henry, Manheim, 43/3

Caldwell, John, Relief, 15

Campbell, John, Llandewey and Retreat, 195/93

...Same, Thistleborough, 44

Cassup, John, heirs of, Somerset Mount & Cottage, 32

Cassup, Mary, 11

Cherrington, John, Mount Pleasant & Wellington, 61/7

Clark, Frances, Old England, 17/2

Croasdaile, Edward, Prospect House & Grove, 48/8

Croasdaile, Mrs. E. D., Friendship Retreat, 57/6

Cross, Thomas, Fellowship Hall, 6/2

Cuming, Thomas, deceased, Sherwood Forest, 82/9

Davies, David B., New Battle, 69/5

Dawson, John, heirs of, Windsor Forest and New Ramble, 228/140

Delpratt, Edward, Brandon Hill, 9/11

Delpratt, Samuel & Joseph, Coldstream, Lloyd's & Mount Sinai, 273/197

Dick, Archibald, Bransbury, 125/4

Dick, John and Richard, Orange Park, 119/15

Duncomb, Benjamin, Penlyne Castle, 96/4

Fligny, Joseph, Friendship Hall and Mount Pleasant, 24/49

Geohegan, Frances, Pomfret, 23

Geohegan, Jane, 7/7

Gibson & Brackenridge, Ayton, 40

Grant, Benjamin, Inverness, 7/1

Grant, Elizabeth, Flatfield Pen, 5/3

Grant, James, heirs of, Mount Clear, 33

Gully, Daniel, Sheffield, 75/10

Halsted, Belle Vue, 7/3

Hately, Mary, Harmony Hall, 10/7

Henderson, Deborah, estate of, 4/3

Henderson, Susanna, 5

Henry, Samuel, Little Hope, 4

Hibbert, Robert, Albion, 522/243

Hickstall, William, Cambridge Hill & Dry Sugar Work, 14/4

Hoffman & Milne, Hampstead, 30

...Same, Phillipsfield, 52/76

Hunter, Sarah B., Cherry Garden, 16/3

Hunter, Thomas, Cherry Garden, 11/1

Jacob, John, Hopewell, 7/2

Kenneth, Jane, Clifton Pen, 10

Kerr, Elizabeth, Happy Grove, 9

Kerr, Susanna F., Content, 3/2

Lane, Patrick, Cottage, 16/2

Lamont, David, Birness and Bothwell, 65/17

Lancaster, Thomas F., Eccleston, 83/5

Law, Robert, Clyde Side and Highgate, 46/24

Lee, John, 7

Leigh, Thomas, deceased, Whitfield Hall, 103/3

McDermot, Peter, Hibernia, 46/7

McFarlane, Peter, Mavis Bank, 20/16

Millward, Thomas, Brook Lodge, 51

...Same, River Head, 159/58

McIntosh, Alexander, Moy Hall, 91/5

Moodie, James, Mount George, 11/12

Moore, Meredith, Palmyra, 25/3

Morgan, Robert, Radnor, 375/20

Muir, James, Chesterfield, 148/10

Ouchterlony, James, Ultimatum, 44

...Same, Sun Vale & Cocoa Walk, 182/83

Parker, George, Lyme, 9

Paterson, William, heirs of, Aeolus Valley, 219/149

Phillips, Joseph, 6/5

Rae, William, Arntully, 65/5

Ramsay, Francis, Birse, 3/4

Renny, James, heirs of, Swamps, 214/108

...Same, Norris's, 265/133

Richards, Fitzherbert, heirs of, Creighton Hall, 297/202

Sands, George, Mount Eolus, 19

Satchell, John, Bloomfield, 26/9

Savage, William, Epping Farm, 101/6

Scott, Walter, Minto, 61/8

Shand, Hon. John & R. Smart, Richmond Vale, 100/36

Silvester, Robert, Pimento Grove, 28/3

Smith, Edward, heirs of, Bull Park, 71/14

Smith, John, deceased, Smithfield Pen, 50/1

Stanley, Henry, Farm Hill, 191/14

Stratton, Thomas, heirs of, Windsor Castle, 175/106

Sutherland, William, deceased, Greenwall, 201/140

Tarbut, George, Prospect, 113/181

Taylor, Sally, Industry, 4/7

Telfair, Edmund, Easington, 12/2

Telfer, John, deceased, trustees of, Cedar Valley, 142/8

Tyrie, John, Fair Prospect, 56/4

Walker, James, Bell Clare, 43/4

Warren, John, Somerset, 31/5

Watson, John Gordon, Williamsfield, 3/3

Weir, William, estate of, Hill Side, 78/172

Wilson, Ann, Retreat, assessed, 24

TOTAL 7,409 Slaves / 2,742 Stock

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