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Acres of Land 158,049

Proprietors etc., Properties, Slaves/Stock

Adamson & Campbell, Robin's Hall, 50/16

Addison, Thomas, Lancaster, 59/14

Adlam, Ann, Darlington, 7/25

Anderson, John, heirs of, New Forest, 159/245

Anderson, Ruth, New Hall, 50/6

Anderson, Thomas, heirs of, Hog Hole, 27

Ashman & Bartlett, Pan's Lodge, 40/3

Badley, Francis, heirs of, Hermitage, 97/5

Baker, John Pool, Grove Place, 212/312

Balcarres, the Earl of, Martin's Hill, 203/654

...Same, Marshall Pen, 170

Barrett, Thomas Hercey, Mile Gully Pen, 170

Bawn, William, Sherwood, 18

Biggs, Elizabeth, Non Pareil, 38/27

Bonthrone, Henry, Woodlawn, 31/4

Boorn, Jonathan Kent, Gibraltar, 11/1o

Booth, John Gall, heirs of, Mount Pleasant, 38

Booth, John Gall, Farm, 64/29

Boucher, Hon. Richard, Marlbro' Mount, 149/164

...Same, Cedar Grove, 87

Bramwell, Luke, Richmond Hill, 54/137

...Same, Knowsley Park, 30/27

Branfoot, Thomas John, Newfield, 160/28

Brooks, George, Blenheim, 103/12

Brown, James, Newland, 31/14

Bryson, William, 9

Burton, Francis Trahen, Copenhagen, 17/5

Burton, James, heirs of, Plowden, 43

Burton, Keen Ellington, Windhill, 13/3

Burton, Matthew, Blake's Pen, 6

Burton, Zachariah, Lucky Valley, 24/5

Butler, Thomas, Littleton, 17

Bygrave, Thomas, Mayday Hill 108/64

Cerf, Henry, Edinburgh, 42/5

Clacken, John, Glasgow, 15/10

Coley, Elizabeth, 6

Coley, John, John's Hall 50/14

Connor, Bryan, estate of, Hibernia, 86/91

Copland, Adain & Charles, Huntly, 84/6

Cowan, Janet & children, Eglinton, 26/7

Crawford, Robert, Woodlands, 162/28

...Same, Mount Blow, 88/6

...Same, Duff House, 49/17

...Same, Caledonia, 64/41

D'Aguilar, Moses, Resource, 30/11

Daly, James, Derry, 69/382

Davidson, William H., Hopewell, 14/4

Davy, James, Wear, 86/326

Davy, Thomas & Rebecca, Topsham, 40/7

Delap, Andrew Bredin, Halifax, 47/54

Denton, Stephen, Green Vale, 307/208

Dickenson, Caleb, Knockpatrick, 314/323

Dobbie, William, Glenhead, 70/20

Dobson, John, 8/7

Dryden, Charles, 10/10

Dubedat, Jaques, Industry, 10/2

Duncan, Isabella, 10/9

Duncan, John, 6/6

Duncan, Ruth, 15/7

Durrant, Benjamin, 6/6

Durrant, George, Arden Forest, 24/14

Durrant, John, 6/6

Dwyer, Dennis, Endeavour, 38/13

Dwyer, Valentine, Green Mount, 21/4

Ellington, J. B., Golden Grove, 5/1

Elliott, Thomas, heirs of, Heathfield, 69/10

Evans, Abe, Red Bank, 44/5

Ewers, S. M., 1

Farquhar, John Hogg, Lodge, 12/2

Ford, William, Endeavour, 5/7

Forster, Mary, Cottage, 13/15

Foster, Thomas, Medina, 50

Franklyn, Ann, Endeavour, 12

Frith, Thomas, Maidstone, 65/6

...Same, Chatham, 31/4

Gavin, William, Huddersfield, 20/36

Geddes, John, Elgin, 12/4

Glanville and Abel, Eden Mount, 32/34

...Same, Devon, 23

Graham, Charles, heirs of, Williamsfield, 149/485

Graham, John, Darlington, 38/6

Gray, John, Roxburgh, 64/10

Greaves, Samuel, Berkshire, 26

Green, E. E. and C., Oldbury, 138/47

Haigle, John, estate of, Kirkpatrick, 23/2

Harriott, George, Epping Forest, 32/18

Haynes, Benjamin, St. Helena, 16

Heath, Grace, Pedro Prospect, 23/6

Heath, William, Peru, 36

Heron, Alexander, Wigton, 96/8

Hewitt, William, heirs of, Wilderness, 77/17

Hollingsworth, David, Brumalia, 159/148

Howell, Thomas Parkes and John Watson, Redbury, 77/107

Husband, Thomas Craskell, Green Vale, 50/27

Hutcheson, David, Coffee Grove, 73/20

Hyams and Hendriks, Mons, 100/20

Inglis, Ellice, & Co., Far Enough, 81/15

Johnson, George Robert, Berry Hill, 179/47

Johnston, Thomas, Mayfield, 50/4

Kennedy, Angus, Retreat, 50

Kennedy, John, estate of, Spring Plain, 60/5

King, Frances, Mount Pleasant, 75/5

King, James Griffith, Content, 13

King, William, Retreat, 18

Lalor, Patrick, Arnon's Vale, 20/2

Letts, John, heirs of, Battersea, 86/50

Levens, George, Litchfield, 92/111

Levys, Philip, Albion, 231/19

Lind, Alexander A., Capri, 7/4

Loughman, Charles, estate of, Waltham, 78/2

Ludford, Jonathan Anderson, Ludville, 47/17

Lyle, Robert, Lottery, 22/5

Mackeson, John, Blue Mountain, 114/150

Manning, George, George's Valley, 8/3

Martin, Geoffry, Galway, 20

Maddan & Mathew, Providence, 27

Milne, William, Pimento Hill, 26/4

Milsom, Ruth, Somerset, 6

McIntosh, James, estate of, Moreland, 143

McLellan, John, Skiddaw, 14/2

Morgan, Elizabeth, Thatchfield, 9

Morgan, Henry Rhodes, Wales, 144/31

Morgan, James, Mount Oliphants, 46/5

...Same, Asia, 13

Morgan, Martin, Highgate, 17/15

Morrice, John, heirs of, Richmond, 57/2

Morrison, James, heirs of, Tombuctoo, 32

McPherson, John, Inverness, 25/6

...Same, Hastengood, 15/1

Murray, Hon. William, Hope, 137/297

...Same, Bulldead, 100

Muschett, Anna and Catherine Newsom, La Belle Retiero, 38

Muschett, Robert, Mount Alta, 50/20

Napier, Peter, Comfort Hall, 23/23

...Same, Heart's Ease, 97/82

Neale, Edward, Inglewood Grove, 66/6

Neilson, Alexander L., Content, 12/4

Nelson & Embden, Waterloo, 76/3

Newman, Richard, Chippenham, 58/4

Newman, William and Charles, Pickwick, 37/7

Owen, Edward, Hopetown, 109/12

...Same, Kingsland, 43/20

Palmer, Thomas, Bath, 17/6

Palmer, Henry, Greenland, 92/144

...Same, Bushy Park, 46

...Same, Somerset, 46

Parker, Thomas John, Chudleigh, 124/213

Patmore, Levi, Hutfield, 31/5

Peart, Edward, Isle, 53/17

Peart, John, Newark, 88/64

...Same, Nottingham, 48/406

Peart, William, Butterwick, 16/4

Pitter, William, Abingdon, 53/32

Powell, Caleb, estate of, Fairfield, 86/52

Powell, Hannah, Mount Nelson, 5

Porter, Robert, Cocoa Walk, 230/121

Powell, Thomas, Ballymure, 112/191

...Same, Clones, 39

Pusey, Ann Trahen, Salisbury, 12

Raven, Mark, Wrentham Hill, 5

Read, John, Good Hope, 26/24

Reed, George, Look Out, 11/7

Reed, Hugh, Bloomfield, 50/25

Reed, John, Windsor Forest, 65

Richardson, Richard Henry, Hanover, 13

Ricketts, Thomas Burke, Lindhurst, 165/118

Robinson, John, heirs of, Spice Grove, 46

...Same, Lincoln, 140/305

Rochester, Sarah, French Park, 23/2

Rodon, John, Ainsley, 57/3

Rogers, Richard, Woodside, 23/4

Rome, Isabella, Belfield, 12/2

Rome, John, heirs of, Belle Air, 58

Ross, Robert, Bombi, 67/4

Rowe, Charles, Grant's Green, 67/12

Rowe, Hon. William, Old England, 67/1

...Same, Epping Forest, 35/3

...Same, Wellington, 21

Russell, Joseph, Russell Place, 175/314

...Same, Hanbury, 37

...Same, Vauxhall, 20

Samson, James, Castle Gowrie, 60/6

Samuells William, Friendship, 4/3

Saul, William, heirs of, 12

Schaw, Alexander, heirs of, Great Valley, 402

...Same, Canoe Valley, 49/189

Seaton, William, heirs of, Mount Prospect, 69/17

Sill, Thomas Walker, Green Pond, 131/66

Sinclair, Alexander, Prospect, 70/38

Smith, Adam, heirs of, Bossue, 59/328

...Same, Grove, 95

Smith, Thomas, Hunterston, 61/10

South, William, estate of, Chevely, 46/2

Splatt, Robert, Chippenham, 6

Stedman, Richard, Ludlow, 4

Stephenson, Thomas, Wallingford, 50/100

Stewart, Dr. James, heirs of, Mayday Hill, 49/16

Stimpson, Hon. William, Java, 78/25

Stone, George Graham, Hope, 164/33

Sutherland, James, Dunrobin, 26/33

Swaby, John, Pleasant Prospect, 200/82

Swaby, Joseph James, Hope, 98

Tabbernon, Joseph, estate of, 44/10

Tayler, Thomas Weir, Auchenbeddie, 40/5

Thomson, John, Glasgow, 53/13

Virtue, Daniel, Berwick, 40/32

Walker, John, Ramble, 73/92

Walsh, Eleanor, Mount Pleasant, 50/40

Ward, Isaac, Cowick Park, 21/6

Wateridge & Angel, Farm, 60/13

Waugh, John, estate of, Lochaber, 51

Waugh, Robert, Mount Nelson, 106

...Same, Melross, 41/998

Webb, John Racker, Keynsham, 100/250

...Same, Shirehampton, 50

White, Andrew, Oxford, 316/282

White & Cathcart, Petersfield, 82/53

White, James, Green Hill, 8/210

...Same, Green Vale, 83

Williams, Joseph, Pleasant Hill, 63/20

Wilkinson, William Robert, Kendal, 86/185

...Same, Dunkeld, 38

Wills, James, Grotto, 13/2

Wint, John Pusey, Ryde, 122/13

Wint, Mary, Caen Wood, 50/20

Withers & Daly, Friendship, 118/11

Wood, Robert, Pleasant Hill, 80/17

Wright, Robert Benstead, Kensworth, 44/2

Wright, William Burt, Enfield, 131/17

Young, George, Goory, 21/6

TOTAL 114,384 Slaves/ 10,730 Stock

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