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All the Judges of the Supreme Court with

John Tharp

J. R. James

Hon. W. D. Quarrel

P. Pinnock

Lewis Wiliams, [Williams?] junior

William Loch

Hon. J. Stewart

Samuel Vaughan

Deputy-Clerk of the Cornwall Assizes, Henry Ruddick, Esq.




Custos, Hon. George Murray, Esq.

Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum

James Williams

Hon. John Lewis

J. R. Tomlinson

Samuel Bell

Samuel Jefferies

William Loch

Theodore Stone

Philip Pinnock

Rev. T. Stewart

F. E. King

James Brown

W. S. Woollery

James McIntosh

James McGill

Walter Murray

Julines Herring

E. J. Ricketts

R. F. Hodges

David Finlayson

Somervelle Forrester

Edward Walsh

Patrick Millar

John Marshall

John Falconer

George Woodbine

Robert Dellap, Esquires

Clerk of the Peace, Henry Ruddick, Esq.



Chief Judge, Honourable George Murray


Hon. John Lewis

W. Loch

J. R. Tomlinson

Samuel Bell

William Hudson

Samuel Jefferies

Theodore Stone

Philip Pinnock

Rev. T. Stewart

F. E. King

James Brown, Esquires

Clerk of the Court, Henry Ruddick, Esq.


Coroner, George Woodbine, Esq.

Clerk of the Vestry, and Pound Keeper, Thomas Tomlinson, Esq.

Collecting Constable, William Tomlinson, Esq.

Clerk of the Parish and Sexton, Mr. Daniel McGibbon

Organist, Mrs. C. Taylor

Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, Mr. John Tomlinson

Harbour-Master, John Dobson, Esq.

Pilots, Mr. M. Dormer, Captain Robert Tait, Capt. John McCarty, and W. R. Barnett

Clerk of the Market, George Woodbine, Esq.

Commissioners of the Supreme Court, Henry Ruddick, George Woodbine, and P. Davies, Esq.

Commissioner of the Court of Vice-Admiralty, T. K. Vernon, Esq.

Notary Public, James Brown, Esq.

Inspectors of New Negroes, J. R. Tomlinson, Samuel Bell, and James Brown, Esq.


N.B. There are in this Parish 69 Sugar Works, 76 Penns, Coffee, and Cotton Walks, 21,140 Slaves, and 18,969 Stock.



The Custos

The Representatives in Assembly

Three of the senior Magistrates

The Rector in the Parish

And five Freeholders to be chosen annually. Those for the present year, are G. Woodbine, F. E. King, James McIntosh, W. Rodgers, and James Brown

Master, Richard Coumbauld



Clerk of the Trustees, H. Ruddick, Esq.



President of the Workhouse, Hon. John Lewis, Esq.

Commissioners, James Mackintosh, and Allan McDonald, Esqs.

Treasurer, and Supervisor of the Workhouse, Mr. G. Newton

Surgeon, Samuel Bell


Custos and Chief Justice, Hon. Joseph James Swaby, Esq.

Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum

Rev. Thomas Warren

J. White

Hon. G. Murray

Thomas Dunkley

Alexander Rankin, Esquires

Justices of the Peace

John Robb

David Shakespeare

W. K. Hewitt

W. Rowe

J. Griffiths

Duncan Robertson

Andrew White

Charles Forbes

Richard Boucher

James Davy

Isaac Allan

G. G. Stone

Alex. Rose

John Robertson

J. B. Vernon

A. Girdwood

P. White, Esquires



Chief Judge, Hon. Joseph James Swaby, Esq.

Assistant Judges

Rev. Thomas Warren

John White

Thomas Dunkley

Alexander Rankin

John Robb

David Shakespear

W. K. Hewitt, Esquires


Clerk of the Peace and Court, Philip Davies, Esq.

Clerk of Vestry, W. Pitter, Esq.

Coroner, Edw. Denniss

Pound-Keeper, Mr. William Copland

Pilot and Harbour-Master at Black River, W. Bennett

Commissioners of the Supreme Court, P. Davies and G. G. Stone, Esquires

Commissioner of the Court of Vice-Admiralty, P. Davies Esq.

River-Warden, S. Skutckie

Collecting Constable, J. Griffith, Esq.

Supervisor of the Workhouse, Charles McKnight

Inspector of Rum Duties, Alexander McKenzie

Parish Clerk and Sexton, Francis Sandcroft

Churchwardens, Alexander Girdwood and Alexander Rose, Esquires

Vestrymen, Thomas Plummer, John Monteath, J. A. Ludford, John Peart, George Allen, Robert Allwood, J. Delaroche, and __, C. Wright, Esquires


N.B. In this Parish are 31 Sugar Works, 218 other Settlements, 15,595 Slaves, and 28,014 Stock.


Custos and Chief Judge of the Common Pleas, Hon. John Campbell, Esq.

Assistant Judges, and of the Quorum

W. D. Quarrell

George Binham

W. Brown

Donald Malcolm

George Brissett

Patrick Spence

R. Haughton Reid

Charles James Clarke

Robert Gilpin

Edmund FInucaine

George Malcolm

John Perry

Patrick Gray

Mathew Atkinson

Patrick Maxwell

Robert Kerr

Richard Dickson

George Spence

James C. Grant

Philip Scarlett

Robert Scarlett

Philip Anglin

Patrick Bremmer

Thomas Reid

John Crooks, Esquires


Commissioners of the Supreme Court, C. Younger, Patrick Spence, Henry Randall, P. Davies, Rich. Dickson, George Brissett, and Donald Malcolm, Esquires

Coroner, Henry Randall, Esq.

Clerk of the Peace and Court, P. Spence, junior, esq.

Clerk of the Vestry, Charles Younger

Pound-Keeper at Lucea, Mrs. Hill

Pound-Keeper at Green Island, James Baird

Harbour-Master at Lucea, J. C. Dinham

Harbour-Master at Green Island, Mr. Hugh Munro

Pilot, A. Chambers



Treasurer, Charles Younger, Esq.

Teacher, Reverend Simon Little



President, William Clarke, Esq.

Treasurer, Alexander Campbell, Esq.

Clerk and Supervisor, Mr. John Wright

Surgeons, George Binham and Son


N.B. In this Parish are 88 Sugar Estates, 155 other Settlements, 22,5?? [illegible] Slaves and 16,220 Stock.


Commissioners of the Hanover Parochial Buildings, The Custos, Representatives in Assembly, Rector and Churchwardens, with George Binham, George Malcolm, Charles J. Clarke, John Perry and Richard Dickson, Esquires.


Custos and Chief Judge of Common Pleas, Hon. John Mowat, Esq.

Justices of the Quorum and Assistant Judges of the Common Pleas

John R. James

Thomas D. Bernard

Donald Campbell

John Cunningham

John Perry

Stephen B. Bowen

W. H. Tharp

J. Aemilius Irving

Raynes B. Waite

Samuel Vaughan, junior

David Kerr

John Ingram

George McLenan

Richard Heath

Philip A. Scarlett

Daniel Bernard

John B. Irving

Henry Waite

William Murray

Thomas J. Gray

Charles Evans

H. T. Gibbes

J. L. Landsdown

Thomas Williams

A. J. Findlater

R. Moulton

R. Scarlett

J. Lawrence

George Lawrence

T. Munro

P. Grant

Robert Sterling

S. Jackson, Esquires


Commissioners of the Supreme Court, John Cunningham, Stephen B. Bowen, James Murray, Alexander Ricketts, P. Davies, and W. Perry, Esquires

Clerk of the Peace, A. Ricketts, Esq.

Clerk of the Court and Vestry and Collector of Transient Tax, Charles Evans, Esq.

Coroner, C. C. B. Stevens, Esq.

Collecting Constable, Stephen B. Bowen, Esq.

Pound Keeper at Montego Bay, Mr. Joseph Bromley

Harbour Master at Montego Bay, Mr. James Griffiths

Beadle of the Corporation, William Lyal


N. B. In this Parish are 141,000 acres, 81 Sugar Estates, 160 Penns and Plantations, 25,000 Slaves, and 15,000 Cattle.



President, S. Vaughan, junior, Esq.

Hon. John Mowatt

John Ingram

J. L. Winn

Colin Thomson

Donald Campbell

J. Cunningham

R. B. Waite

Alexander Davidson

Joseph Ismay

William Melvin

Alexander Riddock

Thomas Williams, Esquires

Treasurer, T. J. Gray, Esq.

Secretary, Mr. Samuel Philpots

Water Bailiff, John Griffiths



President, J. B. Irving, Esq.

Supervisor, Mr. James Matthews

Treasurer, S. B. Bowen, Esq.

Surgeon, Alexander Watt


Custos and Chief Judge of the Common Pleas, Hon. James Stewart, Esq.

Assistant Judges and of the Quorum

Rev. Adrian Reid

Basil Cooper

James Lyon

Rev. Thomas Simcockes

W. J. Stevenson

James Galloway

Alexander Hawthorn

Urquhart Gillespie

Patrick Smith

Edward Knowles

James K. Kelly

Thomas Munro

W. B. Utten

James P. Utten

William Bennett

Hon. William Mitchell

Hon. Henry Shirley

John Mitchell

John Gayner

R. F. Hodges

Charles O'Conner

John Cunningham

J. B. Irving

Thomas P. Tharp

Hugh Barnett

Alexander Edgar

William Green

A. Morrison

Thomas Read

Robert Moulton

J. R. Gallimore

Frederick Lamont

Samuel Vaughan, junior

Jacob Irving, Esquires


Commissioners of the Supreme Court, Abraham Mason, Patrick Smith, A. Morrison, J. Gayner, J. Hardy, J. Watson and P. Davies, Esquires.

Clerk of the Vestry, James Blair, Esq.

Clerk of the Peace and Court, Adam Blackburn, Esq.

Collector and Inspector of Rum Duties and Collector of Transient Tax, George Galley Esq.

Collecting Constable, John Baillie, Esq.

Inspectors of new Negroes, J. H. Schroeter and George Galley

Pound Keeper, John Gayner, junior, Esq.

Pilots, Archibald Main, W. Troop, and Edward Burward

Harbour Master at Martha Brae, Mr. A. Main



President, James Lawson, Esq.

James Galloway

John Mitchell

Edward Knowles

Alexander Hawthorn

W. J. Stevenson

Charles Campbell

Thomas Munro

William Green

John Baillie

W. Fairclough

John Black

George Miller

Jon. Brown, Esquires.

Treasurer, C. Campbell

Secretary, James Blair



From being a very inconsiderable village 20 years ago, may be now classed among the largest towns in the Island, where there is a great deal of business done, and much more might be done was it a port of entry. The harbour, defended by a reef, is capacious and safe, and capable of much improvement, the channel leading into it running about N. E. and S. W. making it very secure against the strong Norths, which prevail in the winter months. One hundred square rigged vessels and fifty-one schooners and sloops have anchored and sailed from this harbour, in the last 12 months.

The Church is a handsome building, and cost £10,000, the site, consisting of four lotts [sic] of land, as a present from the deceased Edward Barrett, Esq. The organ was presented by John Tharpe, Esq.

Water being at an inconvenient distance, on the 11th day of January, 1801, £20,000 was subscribed in one hour, for the purpose of bringing it down in pipes from Martha Bare river, to a reservoir to be built; a Body Corporate under the firm of the Falmouth Water Company, is constituted under an Act of the Legislature to conduct this business, and are empowered to tax those who take the benefit of this laudable undertaking; by the last accounts from England, all the apparatus was shipped.

The Fort, from this encrease [sic]of buildings, is almost in the middle of the town, and should be removed to the extremity of the Point, the most commanding situation against an external enemy.

The Public Taxes paid by this parish in 1800, amount to.........£20,755. 0/ 10d

The Parochial ditto, .................................................................. 9,361. 10. 0

The Road Allotments, ditto, ...................................................... 6,956. 15. 0

The amount of Postage at Falmouth, to 5th October, 1800, 4 quarters, ..2,446. 3/ 1/2d

The amount of Stamps sold at the Stamp Office, ......................... 1,200. 0. 0.

besides £1000 more used by Individuals who take the benefit of the 10 per cent discount.

Thirteen thousand two hundred and ninety-five hogsheads, one thousand two hundred and twenty-nine tierces Sugar, six thousand four hundred puncheons Rum, besides other produce are shipped at the wharfs in this harbour. At Martha Brae, which is an inland village, there are no wharfs whatever. The Rock is a thriving little village, where there are several wharfs.

There are 100 Sugar Estates, 128 Penns and other Settlements in this parish. Taxes are paid for 27,636 Negroes, 17,619 head of Stock, and 256 Carriage Wheels.

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