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Colonel, Robert Peart

Lieut. Colonels, James Rowe and Andrew White

Majors, Thomas Taylor and Andrew Bromfield


Robert B. Wright

Mungo Forbes

Richard Boucher

Robert Glasgow

William Wright

Brice Salmon

Andrew Wright

Isaac Allen

G. G. Stone

James Berry

Samuel Meanly

Colin Campbell


Charles Forbes

Duncan Robertson

B. Angell

William Smith

George Allen

F. Balingall


J. C. Wright

G. G. Vassall

Patrick White

John Robertson

John Mitchell

John Davy

John Robinson

John Webb

William Adlam


Adjutant, Brice Salmon

Quartermaster, Hyem Cohen

Deputy Judge Advocate, G. G. Stone

Surgeon, David Nevin


Captain, Lewis Jones Pight


Captain, Edward Dennis

Lieutenant, Charles Pight

Quartermaster, John Fenton


Colonel, James Lawrence

Lieutenant Colonels, Thomas Barker and James Dunn

Majors, William Loch and John Ricketts


Andrew Black

John Graham

Theodore Stone

David Murray

Jacob Johnson

George Woodbine

Archibald Duthie

Nathaniel Lamden

William Reckord

David Connell

William Fyffe


A. C. Archer

Hugh Fraser

Robert Stewart

John McLachlin

J. Stewart

R. Stone

William Lyon

James Brown

Andrew Neilson

Christopher Senior

G. R. Johnson

T. W. Hardin

S. R. Johnson

Robert Vassall

Hugh White

William D. James

Alexander Rose

John Fox


John Dobson

George Gettoes

John Falconer

Hon. WIlliam Leslie

John Dow

Peter Suuart

Robert Pennycook

John Brydson

Patrick Muirhead

John Sangster

William Wood


Adjutant, Capt. W. H. Davies

Quartermaster, Ensign P. Clagon [?]

Barrackmaster, Capt. Hugh Wilson

Surgeon, John Drummond

Mates, James Constable, Andrew Chrighton, and R. J. T. Dalge__

Chaplain, Reverend Thomas Stewart

Deputy Judge Advocate, James Robertson, junior


Colonel, Major General John Grizell

Col. Commandant, Edmund Finucane

Lieut. Colonel, Patrick Spence

Majors, George Malcolm, and Richard Dickson


John Moxham

Jacob Chambers

William Brown

Duncan Campbell

Charles James Clarke

Henry Randall

William Virgo Clarke

Charles Bernard James

Charles Younger


Robert Gilpin

Thomas Minto

John Samuels

J. Crooks

J. Stewart

Thomas Leigh

Malcolm Stewart

James Colq. Grant

Rhodes Evans

Francis Patie

Thomas Usherwood

John Wood

William Noble Maltick

Alexander Chambers

George Gray


W. E. Samuels

R. M. Malcolm

John Wardlow

James K. Binns

Robert Kerr, junior

James Porter


Adjutant, Rhodes Evans

Quartermaster, Thomas Daly

Surgeon, John Currell

Deputy Judge Advocate, Alexander McCallum

Chaplain, Rev. Claudius Crigan


Colonel, Major General Thomas Reid, junior

Col. Commandant, John R. James

Lieut. Colonel, Michael Barnes [?]

Majors, John Cunningham, and S. B. Bowen


David Bernard

James Fannin

John Stevens

Charles Morton

William Tharpe

Thomas Reid

Thomas Joseph Gray

Henry Thor. Gibbes

Joseph Ismay

William H. Tharpe

Alexander J. Findlater

Joseph Delpratt

Augustus Hamilton

C. Hamilton


Alexander S. FIndlater

James Innes

Roderick Tulloch

John Hatton

Thomas H. Petgrave

John Sharpe

Philip Anglin Scarlett

James Peterkin

George Atkinson

Thomas Harper

Charles Evans

Samuel Vaughan, junior

J. Bryan

John H. James

George McLenan

William Appleton

W. Allan

J. Ingram

John Ruddock

G. McF. Lawson

G. Perry

A. Erskine

J. Rankine

Gilbert Mathison



William Perry

Archibald Stirling

Robert Stirling

J. B. Irvine

S. F. Begg

John Mowatt, junior

David White

Thomas Plummer

John Cunningham, junior

James D. Samuels

Adjutant, Capt. William Tharp

Quartermaster, Samuel Sharp

Chaplain, Rev. D. Duff

Deputy Judge Advocate, W. Duncan

Marshals, Robert Warren and James WShitney


Colonel, Robert Bell

Lieut. Colonels, Urquhart Gillespie, and James Galloway

Major, William James Stevenson (Brevet Lt. Colonel)


Thomas G. Gallimore

Hugh Barnet

James Stewart (Lt. Col)

John Rose

J. Mitchell (Major)

Edward Knowles

William Ringrose

James Scarlett

William Campbell

John Hodges

First leutenants

George Wilton

Charles Campbell

Alexander Gibb

William Dauney

James Gayner

James Fowler

Edward Chambers

Edmund Ecclestone

Second Lieutenants

Josiah Rose

Robert B. Linton

William Green

O [?]., Hine

W. Bennett

John Wright

George Johnson

William Taylor

John Taylor

Thomas Harding

Andrew Wills


George Miller

J. B. Eagleston

Francis Kerr

David Hood

Frederick Lamont

P. A. Morris

John Mowatt, junior

W. B. Tharp


Captain, William Balfour

Lieutenants, A. Edgar and Adam Steele

Quartermaster, David Roderick

Chaplain, Rev. Adrian Reid

Surgeon, James Lawson

Mates, Charles Smith and Adam Willis

Deputy Judge Advocate, William Bennett

COMMISSIONERS APPOINTED for the More Comfortable Subsistence of the REGULARS and MILITIA during MARTIAL LAW

For St. Catherine's

Hon. John Rodon

Philip Redwood

Andrew Johnstone

Robert Shaw

George Cruickchanks

James Lewis

William Bullock

Lewis Cuthbert

Hon. Richard Batty

Alexander McLeod

John Spens Munro

John Hanson, Esqires

For St. John's

William Thompson

Peeke Fuller

Peter Douglass

Charles P. Brown

Samuel Queensborough

Edmund Jordan, Esquires

For St. Dorothy

Hon. William Jackson

Matthew Halsted

Theodore Foulks

William Thompson

Peeke Fuller

Robert Ogilvy

George Clarke, Esquires

For St. Thomas in the Vale

Henry Rennals

Lewis Cuthbert

Robert Page

William Caldwell

John Blackburn

Thomas Dance

Charles Jones, Esquires

For Clarendon

Theodore Foulks

John Henckell

Thomas Anderson

William Thompson

Samuel Virgin

George McKenzie

Arthur McKenzie

Thomas Howell

Alexander Falconer

John Russell

Wheeler Fearon

William Israel

Samuel Smith

William Savage, Esquires

For Vere

Hon. Richard Batty

Thomas Anderson

John Henckell

Kean Osborn

James Craggs

C. Hutchinson

Dutton Smith Turner

Adam Smith

W. Prendergast, Esquires.

For St. Mary's

Charles Grant

William Ross

Thomas Murphy

Zachary B. Edwards

Alexander Wright

Thomas Bourke

George Cosens, Esquires

For St. Ann's

William White

Henry Tucker

Thomas Jenkins

William Parke

James Henry

John Roebuck

William Bolt

Thomas Winder

Mar. Hodgson, Esquires

For Port Royal

Matthew Wallen

John Woolfry's

Fairlie Christie

Samuel Barnet

Daniel Salt

Robert Jackson

John Brailsford

R. Wetherell, Esquires

For Kingston

John McLean

Archibald Galbraith

Eliphalet Fitch

James Sutherland

William Daggers

James Amoss

Alexander Jopp

B. Waterhouse

John Jaques

Lames Laing

Richard Lake

Alexander Ritchie, Esquires

For St. Andrew

Thomas Cockburn

Z. B. Edwards

Archibald Galbraith

John Woolfrys

Charles Mitchell

James Cockburn

Robert Rainford

Thomas Berry, Esquires

For St. Thomas in the East and St. David's

Kean Osborn

Hon. Simon Taylor

Samuel Delpratt

Andrew Deans

Hon. John Scott

John McLean

Lewis Cuthbert

E. Fitch

N. A. Grant

Joseph Orr

Peter Robertson

Thomas Harris Esquires

For Portland

Charles Bryan

George Fuller

Hon. George Minott

Samuel Orr

William Downer

William Burke, Esquires

For. St. George's

Doald Campbell

Hon. Henry Shirley

Rupert McKay

John King

James Edgar

David Sherriffe, Esquires

For St. Elizabeth's

Hon. George Murray

Hon J. J. Swaby

Hum. Colquhoun

Charles Rowe

Robert Peart

John White

Samuel Mure

Rev. Thomas Warren

Rober Glasgow

C. Farquharson, Esqs.

For Westmoreland

Hon. William Blake

James Wedderburn

Hon. George Murray

Hon. John Lewis

David Finlayson

James Williams

John Graham

James McIntosh

Cl. C. Clarke, Esqs.

For Hanover

George Scott

W. Dawes Quarrell

R. H. Reid

George Brissett

William Brown

George Spence

Samuel Mure

Dugald Campbell, Esqs.

For St. James's

Samuel Vaughan

Gilbert Matheson

John Mowatt

Leonard Parkinson

J. L. Winn

W. H. Tharp

John Cunningham

David Bernard

John Fowler Esqs.

For Trelawny

James Stewart

John Hodges

Hon. Henry Shirley

Edward Knowles

Basil Cowper

William Tharp

John Whittaker

James Galloway

Robert Bell

William Green, Esqs.

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