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Magistrates Etc. for Surry [Surrey]


Custos and Chief Judge, Honourable John Jaques, Esq.

Robert Hibbert

David Duncomb

Robert Donaldson

Algernoon Warren

James Sutherland

William Savage

William Dillworth

Andrew Johnstone, Esquires

are Assistant Judges, and of the Quorum

John McLean

Archibald Galbraith

George Kinghorne

Assistant Judges only

Peter Breton

James Clark

Richard Lake

Alexander Shawe

William Daggers

William Holgate

Benjamin Waterhouse

James Austin

James Amosa / Amofa

Robert Hibbert, junior

James Stewart

Alexander Jopp

Charles Oswin / Ofwin

James Laing

Thomas Hughan


Clerk of the Peace, B. B., Nembhard Esq.

Deputy, T. Dennis, Esq.

Clerk of the Court of Common Please, John James Vidal, Esq.

Coroner, Algernoon Warren Esq.

Harbour Master, Captain Peter Cochran

Organist, Miss Wilson

Clerk to the Vestry, Joseph Harrison, Esq.

Collecting Constable west of King Street, Mr. Alexander Duffus

Collecting Constable east of King Street, Mr. William Melor / Mellor

Inspector and Collector of the Duties on Spirituous Liquors for Kingston, Port Royal and St. Andrew's, Alexander Duffus

Church Wardens, etc., are elected the 2d Thursday in January.

Church Wardens, Robert Hibbert and James Stewart



Daniel Moore

John Dawson

John Burke

John Hinde

Alexander Henry

R. Ferguson

William Mitchelson

J. Nicholson

Richard Saunders

Mark Howard


Alexander Jopp, President

Thomas Hughan, Vice President

William Mitchelson

Richard Saunders

Alexander Henry

Thomas Ryburn

Alexander B. Young

William Taylor

Thomas Stevenson

Thomas King

Fire-Wardens are appointed by the first Vestry held after 1st June.

Wolmer's Free School

established the 21st May, 1729

Treasurer, Robert Donaldson Esq.

Trustees for the present year are Charles Oswin, Thomas Hughan, R. Lake, James Laing, Maurice West, and J. C. Colthirst

Master, Reverend James Dumocke £300

Ushers, Mr. Williams and Mr. Reviere

French and Spanish Master, J. B. Grosicarde

Number of boys now under tuition 34

Girls instructed in Reading, Writing and Accounts 38

Kingston Medical Society

Meet the 1st Wednesday of every month

Instituted the 4th Sept. 1794, by the Medical Members of the Jamaica Humane Society, and other Medical Gentlemen in Kingston, in consequence of a malignant Fever which raged in 1793 and 1794, and baffled the power of Medicine for many months.

Doctor William Johnston, President

Doctor Charles McGlashan, Vice-President

Doctor Edward Carroll, Treasurer and Secretary


Doctors: James Walker

Robert Porter

John Todd

Robert Gordon

John Harris

William Fyffe

Joseph Mand

M. N. Henriques

Alexander Smith

William Burke

Colin McLarty

W. S. Forbes

James Cockburn

___ Days

Thomas Ayrey

Corresponding Members

Doctors: Chamberlaine, of London

Gillespie, of Jamaica

Baillie, of New York

Tillery, of New York

Dancer, of Bath

Wright, of St. Domingo

Palmer, of Clarendon

Scott, of St. Domingo

Don Levy, of Jamaica

Parish House

Surgeon, Dr. Richard Trower £250

Matron, Mrs. Mary Lowry

Tutoress, Mrs. Ann O'Neil

Clerk, Mr. John Christopher, £70

Asylum for Deserted Negroes

Surgeon, Supervisor, and Steward, Doctor William D. Reid

Workhouse and Hospital

President, Alexander Shaw Esq.

Physician, James Walker, M.D.

Surgeons to the Hospital, Doctors McGlashan and McLarty

Surgeons to the Workhouse, Aery & Johnston

Assistant Surgeon to the Workhouse, Dr. William D. Reid

Matron, Mrs. Mary Smith

Supervisor, Mr. Attwell Smith

Overseer, Mr. Joseph Hogg

Town Guard

Instituted July 28, 1783

Captain, Robert Bartlet Esq.

Lieutenants, Messrs. John Miskelly and Peter Ross

2 Sergeants, 2 Corporals, and 32 Privates


Custos and Chief Judge, Hon. William Jackson Esq.

John Henderson

Robert Wetherell

Thomas Dennis

McMillan Jameson

Robert Ogilvy

William Pink

are Assistant Judges, and of the Quorum

John M. Dwyer

Thomas J. Mytin

William Dance

Caleb Mumford

Thomas Paxton

Alexander Dawson

James McLehose / McLehofe

John Parker

Assistant Judges only

Samuel Barnet

James Welsh

Robert Jackson

John Brailsford



Coroner, James Dean Esq.

Clerk of the Vestry, Mr. Benjamin Whittaker

Deputy Clerk of the Peace, Mr. Henry Pinkham

Church Wardens, etc., are elected the 2d Wednesday in January

Church Wardens: James Dean and Anthony Duart

Vestrymen: Robert Jackson, George Dehany, Robert Willacy, Henry Prawle, George Lanedon / Langdon, Thomas Jackson, William Davis, J. Baker, Robert McKowe, and John Chambers.


Custos Rotulorum and Chief Justice of Common Pleas, Hon. James Cockburn Esq.

Judges of the Quorum and Assistant Judges of the Common Pleas

Algernoon Warren

James Dickson

David Grant

Zachary B. Edwards

Samuel Gregory

Simon Taylor

Archibald Galbraith

Andrew Johnstone

Fulton Blechenden

Robert Wetherell

J. Woolfrys

George T. Harris

Thomas Berry

John Rieussett

John E. Shackleford

Richard Latimer

Edward Frearson 9?0

Robert Law

John Mais

William Bailey

Alexander Ector

T. S. Kuckahn

Thomas Kaylett


Clerk of the Peace, Court, and Vestry, John Stephen Roberts Esq.

Coroner, Andrew Brown Esq.

Pound Keepers, J. J. Reeve and H. Cole


Church Wardens, etc. are elected on the 2d Friday in January

Church Wardens, Thomas Berry and John Dawson



Thomas Cockburn, Thomas Kaylett, Hubert Nolan, J. Gibbon, John Cubbiford, Mark Howard, James Concanon, Dugald Campbell, and John Stokes.



Surviving Governors

Honourable James Cockburn, Esq., Custos of St. Andrew

Honourable John Jaques, Esq., Custos of Kingston

Charles Hall and Thomas Cockburn, Esquires


Custos and Chief Judge, Hon. George Minot Esq.

Charles Brvaa

Thomas Oakley

William Valentine

Francis King

Samuel Orr

Charles Douglas

George Fuller

E. M. Palay, Esquires

are Assistant Judges, and of the Quorum

William Bryan

David Watson



Clerk of the Peace and Vestry, Richard Holden, Esq.

Pound Keeper, Mrs. M. Dyce

Harbour Master at Port Antonio, Mr. William Sherwood

Superintendent of Workhouse, William Norris

N.B. In this Parish are 25 Sugar Works, 52 Other Settlements, 5992 Slaves, and 2947 Cattle.

Titchfield Free School

Teacher, Isaac Grant, A. M.

Church Wardens etc., are elected 2d Tuesday in March.


Custos, and Chief Judge, Hon. Henry Shirley, Esq.

Donald Campbell

William Ross, senior

David Sherriff

William Cumming

Rev. R. Simcocks

Silvester Jepson

Rupert Mackay

Hugh Morrison

are Assistant Judges, and of the Quorum

Clerk of the Court and Peace, Mr. John King, junior

Clerk of the Vestry, Mr. Charles Williams

Inspector and Collector of Rum Duties, Mr. James Arny

Harbour Master at Anatto Bay, Mr. William Gillmour

Church Wardens, etc., are elected the 2d Wednesday in March.


Custos, and Chief Judge, Hon. Simon Taylor Esq.

Robert Richards

Joseph Orr

John King

John Codrington

Hon. Henry Shirley

Andrew Deans

John McQueen

Robert Patterson

Thomas Cargill

William Innes

Hon. John Scott

G. Scott

K. Osborn

Fairlie Christie

Charles William Mitchell

Charles Bryan

William Paterson

Thomas Neufville

Eliphalet Fitch

Samuel Delpratt

Robert Gordon

George Grant

Peter Robertson

Robert Logan

William Kennedy

William Vick

John Halsted

William Bryan

Robert Whitfinch

Robert Telfer

Allan Cameron

Richard Croasdaile

Thomas Leigh

Jasper Hall

John Reid Baillie

John Kelly

John Ross

Duncan Stewart

William Holgate

John Johnston

Thomas Harris, Esquires

are Assistant Judges, and of the Quorum


Coroner, Clerk of the Peace and Vestry, Thomas Harris Esq.

Clerk of the Court, and Deputy Clerk of the Peace, John Blake, Esq

Pound and Workhouse Keeper at Morant Bay, Mr. James Begbie

Church Wardens etc. are elected for St. Thomas in the East the 3d Monday in January

Church Wardens, Kean Osborn and John Kelly

Vestrymen: J. R. Baillie, John Johnstone, John Stewart, James Ochterlony, James Renny, Nathaniel A. Grant, Thomas Barrett, George Panton, Thomas McKenzie, and Dugald McDuffie.

Church Wardens etc. are elected for St. David the 2d Saturday in January

Church Wardens, Robert Telfer and Allen Cameron

Vestrymen, Robert Whitfinch, William Ker, Caleb Tongue, Patrick Buchanan, Lott French, Thomas Baikie, James Renny, __ Tyrie, Edward Delpratt and James Nicholson.

Vestry days in St. Thomas in the East, the day following each Quarter Session.

Vestry days in St. David's, first Saturday after the 28th March, June, September and December.

Bath of St. Thomas the Apostle

Physician to the Bath, Thomas Dancer, M.D., £200

Physician for the poor at the Bath, £100


In St. Thomas in the East are 83 Sugar Works, 82 Coffee and other Settlements, 24,000 Slaves, and 14,000 Cattle. In St. David, 13 Sugar Works, 47 other Settlements, 3,400 Slaves, and 1000 Cattle.

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