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NOTE: The Members of Council, Speaker of the Assembly, Judges of the Grand Court, and Attorney General, are Judges in every Parish, and Judges of the Court of Common Pleas in the Island take probates of deeds.)


Containing the Parishes of St. Catherine, St. Thomas in the Vale, St. Dorothy and St. John.

Custos, Honourable William Mitchell, Esq.

Matthew Halstead

William Jackson

Henry Rennalls

William Thompson

Richard Batty

James Jones

John Henckell

Edmond Jordan

John Rodon

Robert Shawe

Peeke Fuller

William Ramsay

Andrew Johnstone

Alexander McLeod

Philip Pinnock

James Lewis junior

William Walker

Edward Bowes

John Sibbitt

James Mitchell

are Justices of the Quorum

George Ashley Reed

Thomas Bourke

George Brammer

Robert James

George Clarke

William Caldwell

John Cl. McAnuff

Philip Redwood

Charles Grant

Samuel Whitehorne

William Dunlop

John Weir

James Sutherland

John Quire

George Doubt

Robert Ogilvy

Sir Alexander Grant, Baronet

Robert Page

John Michael Dwyer

George Cruickshank

Edward Woollery

Joseph W. Ogburn

George Clarke

Peter Douglas

Silas Hathaway

John Hutch. Fraser

John Blackburn

John Mickle

Edmund Pusey Lyon

J. B. Scriven

Samuel Queneborough

John Shand

William Bullock

Oliver Herring

Thomas J. Mytin

Angus McKay

John O'Meally

George Cuthbert

J. M. McCaa

Coroner and Clerk of the Peace, Richard R. Parker, Esq.

Organist, Mr. Felix Byrne

Clerks of the Vestry

St. Catherine, Thomas Cullum Esq.

St. Thomas in the Vale, Robert Souper Bayley Esq.

St. Dorothy, Mr. John Quest

St. John Mr. ___ ____

Pound keepers:

St. Catherine, Mr. John Lindsay

St. Thomas in the Vale, Mr. Daniel McIntosh


William Bullock

Isaac Singer


John Rodon

Lewis Cuthbert

A. McLeod

R. Batty

Charles Graham

John Reid

J. S. Munro

George Howell

G. E. Taylor

John Kelly


President, Hon John. Rodon Esq.

Treasurer, William Ramsay Esq.

Surgeon, James Lee

Clerk, Thomas Cullum Esq.

Supervisor, Mr. Robert J___m [faded]

Overseer, Mr. Edwin Sandys


Treasurer, the Acting Church Warden

Proveditor, Thomas Cullum Esq £30

Matron, Mrs. Palmer £30


Teacher Mr. John Demetres

NEW ROAD between SPANISH TOWN and KINGSTON under the direction of Commissioners, who are a body Corporate.

Treasurer, Alexander McLeod Esq.

Surveyor of the Road, Edward Woolery Esq.

Clerk, Thomas Cullum Esq. £50

Toll Keeper, John Wilkins


Custos, and Chief Judge of the Common Pleas, Hon W. Fearon Esq.

Rowland Smith

Williams Smith

George Mackenzie

Theodore Foulks

George C. Ricketts

William Mitchell

Arthur Mackenzie, Esquires

Are Assistant Judges, and of the Quorum

John Rodon

George Rodon

William H. Israel

Thomas Howell

Samuel Virgin, Esquires

Assistant Judges only

Thomas Ludford

Thomas Anderson

Joseph Israel

James Hewitt

Arthur Mackenzie

Rowland W. Fearon


Coroner, Thomas Howell Esq.

Clerk of the Vestry, Mr. Isaac Pearkings

Clerk of the Peace and Court, and Collecting Constable, Mr. James Smith

N.B., In this Parish are 61 Sugar Works, 189 other Settlements, 18,500 Slaves, and 15,000 cattle.


Custos, Honourable Alexander Fullerton, Esq.

Chief Justice, Honourable John Hiatt Esq.

John Scrogie

Thomas Riley

Francis McDermont

H. W. Tucker

William Parke

Thomas Jenkins

Jonathan Mallard

William Bolt

Adam Anderson

James Dick, Esquires

Assistant Judges and of the Quorum

Henry Marshall

John Clinton McAnuff

James Henry

Are Assistant Judges only

Samuel Stevenson

James Fraser

Richard Brodie, Esquires



Clerk of the Peace and Court, William Voce Esq.

Clerk of the Vestry, George Stennett Esq.

Coroner, George Gallimore Esq.

Pound Keeper, Mr. George Dawson

Church Wardens, Thomas Jenkins and James Fraser


William Voce

Richard Wollaston

Henry Marmaduke Hodgson

Henry Wright

John Blagrove

C. Steer

R. Hawthorn

Benjamin Henderson

John Scarlett


President, William Voce Esq.

Supervisor, Mr. George Dawson

Clerk to Commissioner, J. T. Riley

Surgeons, Doctors Comrie and Kedston


N.B. In this parish are 32 Sugar Works, 110 Penns, 92 Pimento Walks, 27 Coffee Walks, 17,000 Slaves, 26,000 stock.

DESCRIPTION of the Town and Harbour of St. Ann's, commonly called St. Ann's Bay:

The Harbour is defended by a reef of Rocks, and divided into two parts, an Upper and a Lower; into which run eight Wharves, at the end of one of which the largest Ship in the Trade might be hove down. The lower Town consists of fourteen Houses, with the Church and Parsonage: The Upper is pleasantly situated, and contains upwards of 80 Houses, many of them capital Buildings, with extensive Stores and Warehouses, besides several Houses now building; also a large commodious Barracks with a good Magazine and Hospital.


Custos, and Chief Judge, Honourable Thomas Murphy Esq.

Donald Campbell

Robert Richards

John Hiatt

Robert Hibbert

Thomas Burke

Charles Grant

Z. Bayly Edwards

Alexander Wright

James Johnston

Bryan Edwards

William Ross

John Hodgson

Sir Alexander Grant, Baronet

David Shaw, Esq.

Are Assistant Judges, and of the Quorum

Patrick Lynch

Philip Redwood

William Parker

Patrick Kein

Francis McDermot

Theo. Lyons

Abraham Hodgson

William Symes

N. B. Tharp

A. W. Hamilton

J. Freeman


Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas, Harman Galbraith Esq.

Clerk of the Peace, H. Galbraith Esq.

Coroner, W. Pollock Esq.

Clerk of the Vestry, Mr. James Forsyth

Pound Keeper, Mr. G. Perry

Collecting Constable, John McKay

Deputy, John Smith

Pilot and Harbour Master, Oliver Cooper


President, William Ross

Supervisor, Mr. James Forsyth

Treasurer, David Shaw Esq.

Surgeon, James Gowans


N. B. In this parish are 70 Sugar Estates, 120 other Settlements, 23,000 Slaves, and 16,000 Cattle.


Custos and Chief Judge, Hon. Richard Batty Esq.

George Rodon

Thomas Anderson

Alexander McCrae

A. Smith

Charles Hutchinson

James Craggs

William Prendergast

James Mitchell

are Assistant Judges and of the Quorum

Clerk of the Peace and Court, Alexander Rose Esq.

Clerk of the Vestry, and Collecting Constable, Mr., Henry Golbourne


N. B. In this parish there are 30 Sugar Estates, 30 Cotton Plantations, 100 other Settlements, 11,000 Negroes and 5,000 Cattle.


Teacher, Mr. Edward Husband

Clerk to the Trustees, Mr. Charles Goulbourn

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