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Stephen Fuller Esq., Agent for the Island in Great Britain

William Duncan Esq., Agent General

Colonel E. M. Despard, Superintendent at the Bay of Honduras

John James, Esq., Commander of all the Maroons

James Mont. James, Esq., Superintendent of Trelawny Town

Peter Ingram Esq., Superintendent of Charles Town

Alexander Forbes, Esq., Superintendent of Accompong Town

Charles Douglas Esq., Superintendent of Moore Town

John Sp. Brodbelt, junior, Esq., Superintendent of Scott's Hall Town

William Dunlop Esq., Notary Public

William Holgate Esq., Auditor General of the Revenue

William Smith Esq., Master of the Revels

John Clement Esq., Public Messenger

G. S. Sutherland Esq., Clerk of the Markets

John Edward Shackleford, Esq., Island Store Keeper

James Murry Esq., Acting ditto

Thomas Dancer, M.D., Botanist, and Physician to the Bath

Dr. Francis Rigby Brodbelt, Surgeon to the Spanish Town Gaol

Mr. Lawrence Hunter, Surgeon to the Kingston Gaol

Mr. Alexander Aikman, King's Printer


William Dunlop Esq., Secretary of the Island


Kingston, Robert Boog Esq.

Savanna-la-Mar, George Murray Esq.

Port Antonio, James Charlton

Montego Bay, Donald Campbell

Lucea, Nathaniel Gray


Eliphalet Fitch Esq. Receiver General


Spanish Town, James Jones Esq.

Port Antonio, Mr. John Harris

Montego Bay, McLaurin Gillies

Lucea, Mr. William Brown

Savanna-la-Mar, George Murray Esq.


Alexander Robertson Esq., Naval Officer


Lucea, Donald Malcolm Esq.

Port Antonio, Mr. George Minot

Sav. la Mar, George Murray Esq.

Montego Bay, E. Montague Esq.


[Surname/Given Name]

Brown Alexander

Burt Alexander

Burton Edward

Brydone ___

Clarke Robert

Campbell William

Cawley Stephen

Dalton Peter

Edgar Archibald

Ferguson James

Forbes Al.

Foss Matthew

Fraser William

Grant Patrick

Graham Robert

Gordon Robert

Gibson Robert

Kirkwood Robert

Leslie Robert

McDowal, J.

Munro Thomas

Morris Samuel

Murdoch John

Pierce William

Rome John

Ranken Alexander

Rosindell Robert

Smellie William

Sherriff Alexander

Syms James

Sutherland John

Schaw Edward

Savory Samuel

Speering Charles

Trought, Nicholas

Turnbull Archibald

Voce William

Whitaker John

Wilson Hugh


James Newey Esq., Inspector of Plantation Accounts


Peter Franklyn Esq., Collector

John Dawson Esq., Comptroller

John McAllister Esq., Land and Tide Surveyor

John Pidgley, Daniel Flowerdew, Henry Bourke, John Rosalette, Thomas Stephens, John Dawson, gentlemen, Land Waiters and Searchers.

Mr. John Rosalette, Inspector of the Tonnage of Ships


Matthew Swiney Esq., Collector

George Murray Esq., Comptroller

Mr. Alexander Ochterlony, Waiter and Searcher

Mr. James Brown, Inspector of the Tonnage of Ships


Robert Gilpin Esq., Collector

T. W. Baker Esq., Comptroller

Mr. R. Monckton, Waiter and Searcher

Port Antonio

E. M. Paplay Esq., Collector

Robert H. Lascelles Esq., Comptroller

Mr. Andrew Foster, Waiter Searcher

Montego Bay

F. C. Scott Esq., Collector

Peter Grant Esq., Comptroller

Mr. John Morgridge, Waiter and Searcher

RECTORIES with the names of the present INCUMBENTS

St. Catherine, Alexander Cumine, per annum £300

Kingston, Thomas Rees £250

St. Andrew, John Campbell £200

St. Thomas in the East, Middleton Howard £250

St. Dorothy, James Roy £200

St. Thomas in the Vale, Inglis Turing £200

Vere, Francis Johnstone £200

Clarendon, Thomas Poole £250

Port Royal, William Bell £200

St. John, R. S. Woodham £200

St. David, Itham Baggs £100

St. George, Thomas Simcocks £100

St. Mary, James Steele, A.M. £200

St. Ann, David Fullerton £200

St. James, Francis Dawney £200

Trelawny, Joseph Stoney £200

Westmoreland, William Stanford £200

St. Elizabeth, Thomas Warren £200

Hanover, Adrian Reid £200

Portland, Timothy Clarke £100


Francis Dashwood, Esq., Postmaster-General

Deputies Leeward

Spanish Town, Dr. Isaac Titford

Rodney Hall, Mr. George Richardson

Old Harbour, Mr. John Nichol

Clarendon, Mr. John Lawes

Vere, Mr. James Nicholson

Goshen, Mr. Peter Angell

Lacovia, Reverend Thomas Warren

Black River, Humphry Colquhoun, Esq.

Robin's River, Mr. James Parke

Savanna-la-Mar, Robert Baker Esq.

Saltspring Barquadier, Mr. Duncan Campbell

Flint River, Mr. Garrett Wall

Lucea, Mr. John Evans

Deputies North Side

Buff Bay, Mr. Hugh McKay

Port Antonio, Mr. Thomas Walton

Highgate, Mr. John Mapletoft

Annotto Bay, Mr. John Anderson

Port Maria, Mr. James Ochterlony

Salt Gut, Mr. James Wilson

Dry Harbour, Mr. Thomas Yorke

Black Heath, Mr. Patrick Duncan

Spanish Town, Dr. Isaac Titford

Bog Walk, Mr. Constantine McGenness

St. Ann's, Thomas Riley Esq.

Rio Bueno, Mr. James Utten

Duncan's, Mr. James Galloway

Martha Brae, Mr. David Meredith

Little River, Mr. Thomas Quick

Montego Bay, John Palmer Esq.

Deputies Windward

Yallah's, Mr. John Hateley

Blue Mountain, Mr. William Sutherland

Morant Bay, Mr. John Johnstone

Port Morant, Mr. John Reed

Bath, Mr. John Strachan

Amity Hall, Mr. Jacob Carruthers

Manchioneal, Mr. Maurice West

The Post sets out on Saturdays from Kingston to:

Windward at 12 noon

North-Side at 3 o'clock afternoon

South-Side at 4 o'clock afternoon.

A Post sets out from Kingston to Spanish Town, and from thence to Kingston, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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