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All the Judges of the Supreme Court, with

Hon. John Tharpe

George Scott

Benjamin Williams Blake

Robert Dunst. Woollery

John Lewis

Thomas Reid, junior

Charles Barnard, junior

Robert Jackson, Esquires



Custos, and Chief Judge of Common Pleas, Hon. John Cope Esq.

Hon. Samuel Williams Haughton

William Blake

George Murray

John Wedderburn

James Williams

Hon. J. Campbell

Benjamin Williams Blake

John Lewis

George Scott

William Hylton

Clement Cooke Clarke

R. Dunston Woollery, Esquires

Are Assistant Judges, and of the Quorum


Thomas Boyd

James Robert Tomlinson

Charles Fogo

Layton Smith

G. Leslie

Robert K. Senior

James Lawrence

John Buchanan

William Arthur

Mat. Swiney, Esquires



Coroner, Clement Cooke Clarke Esq.

Clerk of the Peace and Court, John Cope Esq.

Clerk of the Vestry, and Pound Keeper, Thomas Barker Esq.

Harbour Master at Savanna-la-Mar, E. Leicester Esq.

Supervisor of the Work-House, Mr. James Crawford.


Custos and Chief Judge, Hon. Thomas Chambers Esq.

Rev. Thomas Warren

Thomas S. Salmon

J. White

J., Murray

H. Colquhoun

George Murray

Thomas Dunkley, Esquires

are Assistant Judges and of the Quorum


George Scott

John Brooks

James Rowe

Alexander Ranken

John Vanheelen

William Blair

R. Wilson

William Salmon

Hugh Wallace, Esquires



Clerk of the Peace and Court, Edward Badnedge Esq.

Coroner, William Salmon Esq.

Clerk of the Vestry, Mr. J. McFarlane

Pound Keeper, Mr. R. Thompson

Harbour Master at Black River, M. N. Delane


Custos and Chief Judge of the Common Pleas, Hon. G. Spence Esq.

John Grizell

Thomas James, senior

Peter Campbell

William Anglin

Hon. S. W. Haughton

William Dawes Quarrell

George Scott

William Brown

George Binham

Joseph Brissett

Donald Malcolm

George Brissett, junior

Thomas Monteath

Duncan Campbell

Robert Scarlett

George James

Thomas Reid, Esquires


Coroner, Henry Randall Esq.

Clerk of the Peace, John Evans, Esq.

Clerk of the Court, Benjamin Tennison

Clerk of the Vestry, Samuel Reid

Pound Keeper at Lucea, John Hill

Pound Keeper at Green Island, James Baird

Harbour-Master at Lucea, Mr. John Moxham

Harbour-Master at Green Island, Mr. Walter Wright

Russea's Free-School

Treasurer, James Miller Esq.

First Master and Clerk to the Trustees, George Little, A.M.

Second Master, Mr. Simon Little


President, Nathaniel Gray Esq.

Treasurer, William Sinclair, senior Esq.

Clerk and Supervisor, Mr. Edwin Lewis


Custos and Chief Judge of Common Pleas, Hon. John Palmer Esq.

Charles Bernard, junior

Lemon L. Lawrence

Robert Jackson

William R. Bernard

John Mowatt

John Anderson

Thomas Reid, junior

Ezekiel Petgrave

Robert Scarlett

John R. James

Thomas D. Bernard

William Vincent

Francis Grant

Donald Campbell

John Cunningham

John Perry

James Cleland

Stephen Baker Bowen

Robert Kenyon, Esquires

are Assistant Judges and of the Quorum


William Haughton Tharp

James Wedderburn

George G. Barrett

R. Keir

R. Borland

Simon H. Clarke

John Lawrence Bowen

Robert Bowen

Maclauren Gillies

John Robert James

Raynes Bar. Waite, Esquires



Clerk of Peace, S. Bernard Esq.

Clerk of Court, R. Montague Esq.

Clerk of Vestry, T. D. Bernard Esq.

Coroner, R. Jackson Esq.

Pound Keeper at Montego Bay, Mr. John Stevens

Pound Keeper at Little River, Mr. Peter Scarlett

Harbour Master at Montego Bay, Mr. Robert Reaburn


President, John Perry Esq.

Treasurer, Thomas David Bernard Esq.

Supervisor, Mr. Andrew Smith


Custos and Chief Judge of Common Pleas, Hon. J. Tharpe Esq.

Thomas Reid, junior

Alexander Campbell

James Irving

William Tate

Thomas Wheatle

Charles Gordon, junior

Thomas Reid, junior

Adrian Reid

John Whittaker

are Assistant Judges and of the Quorum


James Brown

Edmund Jackson

J. Wedderburn

William R. H. James

David Lyon

Basil Cooper

James Stewart

John Fowler

James Lyon



Coroner, Henry Wisdom Gallimore Esq.

Clerk of Vestry, Mr. William Ackersall

Clerk of the Peace and Court, Adam Blackburn Esq.

Collecting Constable, Mr. James Hungerford Morgan

Harbour Master at Martha Brae, Mr. J. Knowles

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