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Governor and Commander in Chief

His Excellency the Earl of Effingham

Deputy Secretary, John Clement, Esquire

Domestic Chaplain, the Reverend _____ ______


President, Honourable Thomas Iredell, Esquire

Hon. Rose Herring May

Hon. John Palmer

Hon. Thomas Wallen

Hon. James Wildman

Hon. Nathaniel Beckford

Hon. William Lewis

Hon. Robert Sewell

Hon. John Campbell, of Hope

Hon. William Henry Ricketts

Hon. T. S. Luttrell

Clerk, William Dunlop, Esq.

Usher of the Black Rod, and Messenger, Lewis Cuthbert Esq.

Chaplain, the Reverend David Fullerton

Printer, Mrs. Douglass


Speaker, Hon. Samuel Williams Haughton, Esq.

St. Catherine

Hon. William Mitchell

John Rodon

Philip Redwood

All Esquires


Robert Hibbert

John McLean

Archibald Galbraith


Port Royal

Matthew Wallen

John Jackson

J. H. Fraser, Esquires

St. John

Joseph Woodhouse

Peeke Fuller, Esquires

St. Thomas in the Vale

Henry Rennalls

Samuel Whitehorne, Esquires


Thomas Burke

James Mitchell, Esquires

St. David

Samuel Delpratt

Robert Richards, Esquires

St. Dorothy

Hon. William Jackson

Jeremiah Barton, Esquires

St. Elizabeth

George Murray

John Vanheelen, Esquires


William Blake

John Lewis, Esquires

St. James

Charles Bernard, junior

George G. Barrett, Esquires


James Irving

Bryan Edwards, Esquires

St. Ann

Hon. A. Fullerton

William Bolt, Esquires


Hon. S. W. Haughton

George Scott, Esquires

St. Andrew

Thomas Cockburn

Z. Bayly Edwards, Esquires


Hon. Richard Batty

Archibald Sympson, Esquires

St. Thomas in the East

Sir Thomas Champneys, Baronet

Kean Osborn, Esquire


Edmund Jordan

Archibald Thompson, Esquires

St. George

Donald Campbell

Henry Shirley, Esquires

St. Mary

Charles Grant

Thomas Murphy, Esquires

Chaplain, Rev. Thomas Warren

Clerk, George French, Esq

Messenger, Benjamin Lyon, Esq.

Printer, Mrs Douglass

Door-Keeper, Mr. Thomas Wills


Chancellor, His Excellency the Earl of Effingham

Register, William Ramsay Esq.


John Mich. Dwyer

Edward Bowes

George Murray

Hon. Richard Batty

Thomas Barker

John Hardwar

Algernoon Warren

George French

Thomas Cullum

Lewis Knight

Thomas Paxton

George Clarke

Alexander Innes

William Harris

William Ross, of Roslin

James Smith

Robert Jackson

W. Ross

W. Kitchen

Robert Donaldson

John Clin. McAnuff

Daniel Bernard, senior

Peter Douglas

John Jackson

James Taylor, Esquires


St. Thomas in the East

Joseph Orr Esq.


Richard Holden

C. Kinloch, Esquires


James Miller

John Stogdon

William Ackersall

Colin Campbell

George Charles, Esquires


James Lewis

James Millar

Stephen Lewis

H. Edward Haysman

George Napier, Esquires

St. James

William Plummer

James Stothert, Esquires

St. Elizabeth

Al. Walker, Esq.


J. Somerville

Andrew Black, Esquires

St. Thomas in the Vale

Anthony Yates Esq.

St. Ann

John Ridley, Esq.


Ordinary, His Excellency the Earl of Effingham

Clerk, William Dunlop Esq.


Sole Judge, the Honourable Edward Long Esq.

Judge Surrogate and Commissary, Samuel Whitehorne Esq.

King's Advocate, James Pinnock

Principal Register, O. Rowley, Esq.

Dep. Register, William Walker Esq.

Marshal, H. Polson, Esq.

Deputy Marshal, Mr. John Simpson.


Chief Justice, Honourable John Grant, Esq.

Assistant Judges

Walter Murphy

Hon. W. Jackson

Hon. John Cope

James Lewis

Joseph Woodhouse

William Elphinton

William Blake

George Murray

Hon. John Campbell

John Henckell

Hon. Richard Batty

Edmund Jordan

Hon. Francis Dennis

Hon. A. Fullerton

Robert Jackson, Esquires

Attorney General, Hon Robert Sewell Esq.

Clerk of the Court, William Mitchell, Esq.

Clerk of the Crown, Francis Smith Esq.

Solicitor for the Crown, George French, Esq.

COMMISSIONERS for taking Affidavits of the SUPREME COURT

St. Catherine

George Cruickshank


Algernoon Warren

John Hardwar

John Green Yonge

William Smith

Edward Bowes

G. Hobart

D. Kelly

St. Andrew

Algernoon Warren


James Hewitt


Alexander Rose

St. Thomas in the East

Charles Irvine

Thomas Harris

Samuel Cr. Baillie

John King


William Kynmer

St. James

Alexander Innes

John Cunningham

Stephen B. Bowler

James Stodhart

St. Ann

Hon. A. Fullerton

John Hiatt

Aaron Moffat

Thomas Jenkins


Thomas Barker


Edward Wilson

William Andrew Orgill

J. Sutton

Port Royal

Algernoon Warren

St. Mary

William Ross

John Farril

Trelawny & St. James

William Atherton

St. Elizabeth

William Gauntlett

Thomas Taylor

St. George

W. Carmichael

John Farril

Provost-Marshal-General, Lewis Cuthbert, Esq.


Kingston and Port Royal, Mr. Duncan Fraser

St. Catherine's Precinct, Mr. Edward Welsh

St. Andrew, St. David, Portland and St. Thomas in the East, Mr. John Simpson

Clarendon and Vere, Mr. John Bird

St. Elizabeth, Westmoreland and Hanover, Mr. David Finlayson

St. James & Trelawny, Mr. Thomas Alves

St. Ann, St. Mary and St. George, Mr. Thomas Sleater

List of BARRISTERS admitted to plead at His Majesty's Supreme Court of Judicature

Hon. Robert Sewell, Esq., Attorney General

James Pinnock, Esq., Advocate General

Robert Richards

Henry Browne

Thomas Harrison

George C. Ricketts

John Proculus Baker

Philip Redwood

John Verdon

Zachary Bayley Edwards

Charles Grant

Samuel Whitehorne

Keane Osborne

James Johnston

John H. Fraser

Thomas Warren

E. P. Lyon

J. B. Scriven



List of ATTORNEYS AT LAW admitted to practise at His Majesty's Supreme Court of Judicature

[surname first]

Alder Charles William

Aldred William

Ansern Charles

Aery John

Adams Thomas

Baillie David

Barry John James

Bean Thomas

Breon Edmund

Bristow Falkner

Brofden Thomas

Bertram George

Bre__eton Robert

Bernard, T. D.

Brett Walter

Burrell George

Browne Andrew

Campbell Dugald

Clarke William

Cockburn Thomas

Crichton Robert

Cruickshank William

Curtin Newman

Crane John

Cope John, junior

Cuniffe, ___

Dallas Alexander

Davis George

Davis William Hay

Dennis Thomas

Dickson John

Dunston G. P.

Demetres Cooper

Dwarris William

Davies Philip

Dennis Philip

Davies Francis

Don Alexander Menzies

East David Brown

Ellis W. Beckford

Farmer Jasper

Ferrier David

Finlay Robert

French G.

Gally, Thomas

Grant Richard

Gardner John

Galbraith Harman

Hancorn William

Horlock John

Howell W. G.

Hayman H. E.

Hemsley T. M.

Harry William

Harding Thomas

Halstead William

Hamilton William

Hurrie John

Innes Alexander

Ibbot Thomas

Johnson Jacob

Knox J.

Lewis James

Leslie Robert

Martin James

Matthews E. Th.

Maxwell William

McNeill Archibald

McKeand Alexander

Mckenzie Alexander

McLehose James

Millward Thomas

Millward J. G.

Mitchell, William

Moore Daniel

Munro James

Murray James

Murray James

Muscott John

Nelson John

Nembhard B. B.

Newland Thomas

Panton Isaac

Paterson William

Parker Robert

Paxton Thomas

Pedley John

Pinnock Denniss

Patten Robert

Phipps J. B.

Reid Thomas

Reid Samuel

Rennalls Peter

Rickets Alexander

Ritchie Alexander

Roberts J. Stephen

Rodon John

Ross William

Ruddick Henry

Read William Bryan

Robertson Ebenezer

Robertson James

Robertson Francis

Rogerman John

Sansom John Hugh

Sinclair Robert

Stewart David

Stone John

Symes John

Shawe Robert

Senior James Gale

Sibley John

Singer Daniel

Singer Isaac

Smith William

Smith Thomas

Smith Francis

Somerset John S.

Stevenson W. S.

Sutherland Thomas

Scoble ___

Taylor J. Wilson

Townshend George

Vincent William

Vidal John James

Walker William

Walter William

Woodruff James S.

Wotton George

Wright John

Wallis William

Wilson Richard

Woolery R. P.

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