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Agent for the Island in Great Britain, Stephen Fuller, Esq.

Superintendent at the Mosquito Shore, James Lawrie, Esq.

Superintendents of the Maroon Negro Towns

Trelawny Town, John James

Charles Town, Peter Ingram

Accompong Town, Alexander Forbes

Moore Town, Charles Swigle

Scott's Hall, Daniel Fraser, Esquires

Notary Public, Thomas Mure, Esq.

Auditor-General of the Revenue, John Hardwar, Esq.

Botanist, Thomas Clarke, M. D.

Public Messenger, John Clement, Esq.

Master of the Revels, William Smith, Esq.

Clerks of the Markets, S. Sutherland and Alexander Cummings, Esqs.

Island Store Keeper, John Edward Shackleford, Esq.

Physician to the Bath, Thomas Dancer, M. D.

Surgeon to Kingston jail, Mr. Lawrence Hunter

Surgeon to Spanish-Town jail, Dr. F. R. Brodbelt

King's Printers, David Douglass and William Aikman

Surveyors in Commission

William Smellie

Alexander Sheriff

Samuel Savory

Thomas Munro

Robert Graham

John Whitaker

Matthew Foss

Robert Brown

James Syms

James Ferguson

J. McDowall

Robert Clarke

Robert Forbes

D. McPherson

Samuel Morris

Patrick Grant

John Murdock

John McLellan

George Innes

Abraham Sim

Alexander Burt

Hatterfal Lloyd

Secretary of the Island, Thomas Mure, Esq.


Kingston, William Kynnier, Esq.

Savanna la Mar, John Stewart, Esq.

Port Antonio, Mr. Thomas Oakley

Montego Bay, Mr. Nicholas Smith

Lucea, Mr. Nathaniel Grey

Receiver-General, Hinton East, Esq.


Spanish Town, John Edward Shackleton, Esq.

Port Antonio, Mr. John Harris

Savanna la Mar, George Murray, Esq.

Montego Bay, T. D. Bernard, Esq.

Lucea, William Kynnier, Esq.

Naval Office, Ralph Fisher, Esq.


Lucea, Donald Malcolm, Esq.

Port Antonio, Mr. George Minot

Savanna la Mar, George Murray Esq.

Montego Bay, J. Palmer, junior, Esq.


for Kingston, John Ruiz, Esq.

Martha Brae, Mr. John Knowles

Port Antonio, Mr. James Charelton


Inspector-General, James Newey, Esq.


Collector, Hon. Thomas Davison, Esq.

Deputy Collector, William Hill, Esq.

Comptroller, John Woolfrys, Esq.

Land and Tide Surveyor, William Fenton, Esq.

Land-Waiters and Searchers

R. Ravenhill

John Pidgley

Dennis Kelly

Patrick Bowie

John McAlister, gentlemen

Savanna la Mar

Collector, Matthew Swiney, Esq.

Waiter and Searcher, Mr. Matthew Wade


Collector, Robert Dallas, Esq.

Comptroller, George Spence, Esq.

Waiter and Searcher, Mr. Thomas Rider

Port Antonio

Collector, Thomas Greathead, Esq.

Comptroller, Samuel Cator, Esq.

Waiter and Searcher, Mr. Thomas Morgan

Montego Bay

Collector, G. McFarquhar, Esq.

Comptroller, William Robinson, Esq.


Postmaster-General, Francis Dashwood, Esq.

His Deputies


Spanish Town, Mr. Richard Brooke

Old Harbour, Mr. John Denny

Clarendon and Vere, Mr. James Blair

Goshen, Mr. John Heath

Lacovia, Mr. Michael McIntosh

Black River, H. Colquhoun, Esq.

Savanna-la-Mar, Robert Baker, Esq.

Saltspring Barquadier, Mr. Duncan Campbell

Lucea, Mr. John Evans

North Side

Buff Bay, Mr. Richard Arrowsmith

Port Antonio, Mr. Thomas Walton

Annotto Bay, Mr. Thomas Mullins

Port Maria, Mr. John Walner

Saltgut, Mr. Andrew Shearer

Dry Harbour, Mr. Thomas Yorke

Black Heath, Mr. Patrick Duncan

St. Ann, Thomas Riley, Esq.

Rio Bueno, Mr. James Utten

Duncan's, Mr. William Oldham

Martha Brae, Mr. J. Houldsworth

Montego Bay, John Palmer, Esq.


Yallah's, Mr. John Buckmaster

Blue Mountain, Mr. William Sutherland

Morant Bay, Mr. James Morris

Port Morant, Mr. W. Trumble

Bath, Mr. James Hamilton

Amity Hall, Mr. Thomas Stewart

Manchioneal, Mr. Francis King

RECTORIES with the names of the present INCUMBENTS

Kingston, W. Morgan, D. D.

St. Catherine, John Lindsay, D.D.

St. Andrew, John Campbell

St. Thomas in the East, Middleton Howard

St. Dorothy, Joseph Lendrum

St. Thomas in the Vale, Inglis Turing

Vere, Francis Johnstone

Clarendon, Thomas Poole

Port Royal, John Scott

St. John, James Steel, A.M.

St. David, Alexander Roberts

St. George, Thomas Davies

St. Mary, Thomas Rees

St. Ann, David Fullterton

St. James, J. Grignion

Trelawny, Joseph Stoney

Westmoreland, William Stanford

St. Elizabeth, Thomas Warren

Hanover, Philip Anglin

Portland, William Williams


Mother Lodge, No. I, held at Free-Masons Hall, Kingston

Kingston Lodge, No. II, held at Allen's Tavern, Kingston

Harmony Lodge, No. III

Hanover Lodge at Lucea

Amity Lodge, held at Free-Masons Hall, Kingston

St. James's Lodge No. IV (Ancient Masons) held in Free-Masons Hall, Kingston

Union Lodge, No. V, held at Free-Masons Hall, Montego Bay

St. Andrew's Lodge, held at Halfway-Tree

Seville Lodge, held at Laughlands

St. Mary's Lodge, held in parish of St. Mary

Hanover Lodge at Lucea

Union Lodge, Savanna-la-Mar

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