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St. Catherine, St. John, St. Dorothy and St. Thomas in the Vale

Hon. William Patrick Brown, Custos

Daniel Brodbelt*

James Prevost*

S. R. Redwood*

Richard Lewing*

E. H. Wynter

George Ashley Reid*

Hon. R. H. May

Matthew Halsted*

Hon. Thomas Iredell

William Harvie*

Hon. Samuel Alpress

Thomas Brooks*

Martin Armstrong*

Charles Boswell*

Charles Palmer*

James Trower*

Samuel Howell*

Richard Welch*

James Lewis*

Henry Brown*

Richard Jones

George Aikenhead

William Pusey

Charles Brooks*

Joseph Woodhouse

Robert Bennett

John Verdon

John Brownrigg*

John Grant*

John Roberts

R. H. Lawrence

Henry Penlington

William Jackson

Thomas Bourke

Henry Rennalls

John Henderson

Benjamin Lyon

James Ridge

Edmund F. Bourke

John Mead

Thomas Craskell

William Mitchell

David Campbell

Samuel Horlock, esquires

Those marked * are of the quorum

Clerk of the Peace and Coroner, Robert Clarke, esq.

Clerk of the Vestry, Mr. Thomas Cullum


Honorable Thomas French, Esq. Custos

Philip Prioleau

Edward Foord

Paul Phipps

Robert Brereton

Nathaniel Grant

Nicholas Ridley

are of the quorum and assistant judges of the Common Pleas.

Bryan Edwards

James Nasmyth

Duncan Charles McGlashan

Alexander Ross

Lewis Cuthbert

Philip Ph. Livingston

Thomas Hibbert, junior

Thomas Davison

Robert Forrester

William Elphinston

Talbot O'Brian

George Scott

Thomas Gray

Moses Benson

Lowbridge Bright

Alexander Allardyce

James Robertson

Edward Bowes

Exelbee Lawford, esquires

Clerk of the Peace, Andrew Smith, esq.

Coroner, James Dunn, esq.

Assay master, John Sanderson, esq.

Clerk of the Inferior court, William Smith, esq

Port Royal

Custos and Chief Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, Hon. Digby Dennis, esq.

William Jackson

George Aikenhead

Nicholas Ridley

Rev. John Scott

Robert Wood

William Seaton

Richard James

Richard Thomas

John Jackson

Philip Prioleau

Richard Jones

Nicholas Reynolds

John Henderson, esquires

Clerk of the Peace and Court, Mr. T. Dennis

Coroner, Richard James, esq.

Clarendon and Vere

Custos and Chief Judge of the court of Common Pleas, Hon. Thomas Fearon, esq.

John Shickle

Wheeler Fearon

Edward Fearon

John Rodon

Rowland Smith

Edward Long

Daniel McGilchrist

John Roberts

John King

Hon. Thomas H. Barrett

Robert R. Huggins

John McDonald

George McKenzie

William Smith

William Hewett

William Pusey

William Dunn

Richard Huggins Ried

John Bryan

William Bryan

Henry Parker

Larchin Gordon

Charles Palmer

Thomas Bourke

Richard Gordon

Abraham Dunkley

Edmund Fearon Bourke, esquires

St. Mary and St. George

Custos and Chief Judge of the Common Please, Hon. John Ellis, esq.

Thomas Hibbert, jr.

Bryan Edwards

Francis Dennis

John Nimbhard

John Cruickshank

Thomas Davison

Peter Ingram

George Seaton

John Simson Spencer

Thomas Murphy

William Orgill

Henry Smallwood

Donald Campbell

Peter Davidson

John Elmslie

John Thomas

Henry Brown

Fortunatus D'Warris

Richard Graham

Crombie Stevenson

Richard Martin

Fitzherbert Richards

George Barriffe

Edward Cairnes

John Lowe

William Gray

Alexander Bell

Patrick Campbell

John Mead

William Elphinstone

William Carmichael, esquires

St. Ann

Custos, the Hon. Alexander Fullerton, esq.

Chief Judge of the Common Pleas, J. R. Whitehorne, esq.

James Dyer

David Jones

John Tracy

Joseph Price

John Lawrence

William Henry

William Taylor

William Edwards

John Scrogie

Thomas Munbee

Edward Edwards, esquires

Coroner, George Gallimore, esq.

Clerk of the Peace and Court, Mr. Thomas Haines


Hon. William Barnett, esq. Custos and Chief Judge of the court of Common Pleas

* Richard Brissett

* Henry Cuniffe[or Cunisse]

* John Tharpe

* John Simpson

* Thomas Reid, jr.

* Rev. Joseph Stoney

* Philip O'Connor

George Williams

* John Jarrett

* Alexander Campbell

* James Irving, jr.

* H. W. Gallimore

* John Stogdon

James Campbell

* James Dyer

Samuel Graves

James Stothert

Jarvis Gallimore

Benoni Smith

J. L. Watt, esquires

St. James

Custos and Chief Judge of the court of Common Pleas, Hon. J. Palmer, sen. esq.

Robert Henry Downer

* John Kelly

* Samuel Mottershed

* Thomas Sawyer

* John Erskine

* Charles Bernard, junior

* Lemon L. Lawrence

* Charles Hamilton

Zachary Allnutt

* Rev. J. Grignion

Robert Jackson

William R. Bernard

John Mowatt

John Robert James

John Anderson, esquires

Clerk of the peacce, John Kelly, esq.

Clerk of the Court, R. Mountague, esq.

Coroner, Andrew O'Dempsey, esq.

Clerk of the Vestry, Mr. Francis Mairez

Those marked * are judges of common pleas


Hon. John Campbell, of Salt Spring, esq., Custos and Chief Judge of the court of Common Pleas

George Spence

John Grizell

Thomas James, senior

John Campbell, of Orange Bay

Peter Campbell

William Anglin

Dugald Malcolm

Neil Malcolm

Colin Campbell

James Campbell

William Catanach

George Brissett

Edward Chambers

George Scott

William Hall

William Dawes Quarrell

John R. James, esquires

are Assistant judges of the Common Pleas

Dugald McLachlan

George Robertson

George Binham, esquires

Clerk of the Peace, Clerk of the Court, and Clerk of the Vestry, Mr. John Wills

Coroner, John Rankin, esq.


Hon. John Cope, Esq. Custos and Chief Judge of the court of Common Pleas

William Witter

William Bosley

Jeremiah Meyler

Richard Vassal

John Myrie

William Antrobus

William Blake

Hugh White

Julines Herring

George Murray

Thomas King

John M. Williams

Richard Panton

John Wedderburn

Raby Williams, esquires

Are Assistant Judges of the Common Pleas

Samuel W. Haughton

Benjamin W. Blake

Gilbert Senior

James Williams

John Somerville

George C. Ricketts

John Brownrigg

John Lewis

Robert D. Woollery

Alexander Findlater

William Beckford, esquires

Coroner, Nicholas Allen Blake, esq.

Clerk of the Peace and Court, Mr. Henry Wardlow

Clerk of the Vestry, Mr. Thomas Barker

St. Elizabeth

Custos and Chief Judge of the court of Common Pleas, Hon. Joseph Royal, esq.

James Baillie

John Watson

Lewis Vassal

John de la Roach [Delaroche ?]

Joseph James Swaby

Thomas Chambers

William Smalling

William Rowe

Thomas Stokes Salmon

John Harriott

Lewis B. Martin

Rev. Thomas Warren

Matthew Smith

John White, esquires


Custos and Chief Judge of the court of Common Pleas, Hon. Matthew Corr, esq.

Thomas Newland

Samuel Orr

George Minot

William Wright

John Chalmers

John Harris

Hugh Forsyth

William Downer, esquires

St. Andrew

Custos, the Hon. Philip Pinnock, esq.,

Chief Judge of the court of Common Pleas, Charles Seymour, esq.

Sir. George Francis Hampson

Caleb Foyster

Richard Harris Lawrence

Charles Hall

Paul Phipps

Daniel Moore

James Crean

Duncan Charles McGlashan

John Collard

George Hobart

James Cockburne

John Player

Richard Foyster

Alger. Warren, esquires

Clerk of the Peace, and clerk of the Court, Mr. Samuel Forster

Coroner, Thomas Barton, esq.

St. Thomas in the East and St. David

Custos and Chief Judge of the court of Common Pleas, Hon. Simon Taylor, esq.

Robert Pringle

Hon. Samuel Alpress

Charles Irvin

David Milner

Jasper Hall

Duncan McFarlane

John Robertson

William Harward

Joseph Orr

John Patterson

Nathaniel Phillips

Richard Cargill

Benjamin Allen

Robert Richards

Walrond Fearon

George Hayle

Nathaniel Grant

Edward Marriott

Thomas Stoakes Harris, esquires

Are assistant Judges of the Common Pleas

Talbot O'Brian

Augustin Gwyn

Hon. Thomas H. Barrett

James Pinnock

Henry Brown

Lewis Cuthbert

Thomas Cussans

John Grant

George Troup

John Bryan Brown

Donald Campbell

Nathaniel Beckford

Philip P. Livingston

Edward Foord

James Blaw

Daniel Crocker

Lewis Hall

William O'Brien

John Hanson

John King

John Codrington, esquires

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