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Charlottenburg and Union Hill, J. Casserley

Clifton Mount, E. R. Hamilton

Clydesdale, Mrs. M. E. McCaverty

Cold Spring, J. McLean

Dublin Castle, B. Bolton

Flamstead, T. M. Martin

Green Valley, G. Henderson

Mt. Lebanon, O. Chisholm

Middleton, His Grace the Duke of Buckingham

Newton, S. A. Hollingsworth

Pleasant Hill, G. Henderson

Prospect and Caledonia, also Rose Hill, Rev. J. S. Roberts

Silver Hill, A. R. Hamilton

Tweed Side, A. Berry


Arntully, Sabonidiere

May Hall, Captain G. G. Taylor

Richmond, Vale and Middleton, G. B. Massey

Sherwood Forest, J. Davidson

Radnor, J. Stephens

Whitefield Hall, DeB. S. Heaven


Brokenhurst, W. W. Wynne

Lomax, J. W. Leyden (estate of)

Perrins, Sir W. Fitzherbert

Seniors and Campbell Castle, W. Hungerford

Soho, R. B. Braham

Virginia, G. Nash


Glendale, Q. Logan



Mona, L. Verley


Leith Hall, T. Daniel

Plantain Garden River, Heirs of Kelly

Hordley also Amity Hall, J. Harrison

Duchenfield, E. H. T. Hawkins

Golden Grove, Lady Huntingtower

Lyssons, also Serge Island, also Coley, C. Levy

Retreat, S. Shortridge

Belvidere, Heirs of Count Freeman

Hall Head, J. H. McDowell

Blue Mountain, Sir W. Fitzherbert

Norris, W. S. Richards

Albion, J. S. Carson


New Ramble, Hon M. Solomon

Trinity, also Orange Hill, Hon. J. Pringle

Ballards Valley, C. L. Walker

Gray's Inn, T. Elmslie

Dover, Supersansingh


Windsor, J. Cameron

Drax Hall, also Cave Valley, H. Sewell

Seville, Webb & Harris

Llandovery, Heirs of White

Richmond, Bernal family

Orange Valley, H. J. Blagrove

Bengal, U. T. Todd, Senior

Greenock, J. W. Anderson


Arcadia, also Lottery, also Vale Royal, H. Sewell

Bryan Castle, also Brampton Bryan, Dr. A. V. Proctor

Braco, C. H. Gordon

Cambridge, Elizabeth Thomson

Chester, T. Philpots

Dundee, Hon. W. Kerr & Mrs. D. Kerr

Etingdon, also Hyde Hall, L. C. Shirley

Harmony Hall, G. P. Dewar

Hampstead, W. Gentles

Fontabelle, C. H. Stewart

Georgy [Georgia?], C. T. Gordon

Green Park, Heirs of Atherton

Gale's Valley, E. M. Gale

Golden Grove, also Kent, also Silston, Miss A. M. Jarrett

Long Pond, J. B. Sheriff

Lancaster, C. H. W., Gordon

Oxford, C. M. Barrett

Orange Valley, W. L. & J. H. Kerr

Swanswick, G. R. Clarke

Freeman's Hall, S. Whiting and Bros.

Trustee for Hyde also Steelfield, H. Sewell


Eden,also Fairfield, also Catherine Mount, also Anchovy, J. W. Parkin

Providence, DeB. S. Heaven & W. Hawthorn (Lessees.)

Iron Shore, Irving & Martin

Spring, J. E. Kerr

Tryall, A. Turnbull

Running Gut, R. Feurguson [Ferguson ?]

Rose Hall, also Cinnamon Hill, G. Robertson

Success, C. D. Willingham (Lessee)

Belfield, O. C. Houchen (Lessee)

Hampden, D. Kelly

Lima, J. Lime (Lessee)

Content, W. Sterling (Lessee)

Leogan, R. S. Goodrich

Windsor Lodge, also Retirement, D. Mills

Gusisboro, also Wiltshire, Hon. W. Kerr

Latium, J. C. Farquharson

Irwin, J. K. Fisher (Lessee)

Friendship, J. Mills

Catherine Hall, Miss Jarett

Unity Hall, P. McFarlane

Hazelymph, D. Trench


Chester Castle, A. E. Cooke

Golden Grove, DeB. S. Heaven

Content, J. Hodson

Copse, also Flint River, Heirs of P. Hind

Round Hill, G. F. Lawrence

Tryall, J. W. Parkin

Mosquito Cove, also Barbican, F. Tupper

Point, D. T. Mudie

Kew, ickers & Calder

Riley, also Georgia, H. Davis & Son.

Orange Cove, J. Jackson

Spring Valley, Hawthorn, Shedden & Co.

Prospect, Mr. S. Cooke

Haughton Hall, Hawthorn & Watson

Phoenix, W. Farquharson


Albany, also Charlottenburgh, also Masemure, A. Charlie

Belleisle, also Frome, Heirs of W. Vickers

Blue Castle, also Blackheath, E. Greig

Carawina, Mrs. E. Cooke

Cornwall, Col. Lushington

Friendship, Col. C. W. Eves, & Co., & E. J. Saddler

Fort William, also Roaring River, Heirs of Admiral Hay

Fontabelle, H. A. Vickers

George's Plain, Sarah Watt

Grandvale, D. King

Glasgow, Helen Whitelocke

Mount Eagle, R. Burgess

Mint Mrs. A. H. Sinclair

Meylersfield, also Mesopotamia, Dr. W. J. Calder

New Hope, also Retrieve, A. Stewart

Retreat, Hawthorn Shedden & Co.

Shrewsbury, Lady Seymour


Appleton, W. Hill

Bogue, Foster & Co.

Elim, Hon. J. M. Farquharson

Holland & Lacovia, Allport & Calder

Island, Hon. W. J. Coke

Ys., . J. Browne


Amity Hall, J. Young

Bensonton Vale, J. W. McKenzie

Bog, . Pawsey

Carlisle, J. M. Gibb

Caswell Hill, G. D. Murray (Lessee)

Denbigh, E. W. Muirhead (Lessee)

Dry River, Est. of J. W. Leyden

Dunkleys, T. Ellis

Danks, also Savoy, J. M. Farquharson

Gibbons, J. McGregor (Lessee)

Greenwich, also Moneymusk, Hon. C. J. Ward

Halse Hall, D. Samson

Hillside, F. G. Harvey

Moreland, also St. Jago, J. H. Mitchell

Parnassus, also Suttons-Chesterfield, Col. W. G. Dawkins

Perrins, Sir W. Fitzherbert

Pusey Hall, D. B. Callaghan

Raymonds, Estate of J. Harvey

Rock River, J. Scully

Sevens Plantation, J. Grinan


Ewing's Caymanas, A. C. Ewing

Dove Hall, F. G. Bather

Rose Hall, D. Campbell

Spring Vale, also Wakefield, J. H. McDowell

Tulloch, J. McPhail

Treadways, Col. W. G. Dawkins

Worthy Park, Talbot and Carpenter

Bushy Park, L. Verley

Cherry Garden, Olivia Robinson

Lodge, T. M. Martin

Lloyds, Hon. G. Stiebel

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