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1804-1810 in the "Spanish Chapel"
1811-1834 in Holy Trinity Church
(July 1811 through May 1821, no acts recorded)

First Book of records of Baptisms of slaves in the Roman Catholic Church of Kingston, Jamaica, beginning on the 11th day of March of the year 1804.  Parish Priest Don Juan Basilio Suarez de Lema, Gentleman of the Distinguished Order of Spanish King Charles III, and Apostolic Notary to the Inquisition Tribunal of the Kings of Spain and Indies; born in the Kingdom of Galicia, Province of Santiago de Compostela.

[Most of this Register was illegible, but the following acts could be deciphered.
______ indicates a word or letters were torn or illegible.]

Date format: Month/Day/Year


This Certificate, written in French, appears at end of baptisms recorded in 1826 in this Register:
We Benito Fernandez curate of the Catholic Church in Kingston Jamaica certify that an act of Baptism has been presented to me by Mr. Jean Mayou by which he made oath that in the year 182_ [end torn] was baptized by the Reverend Hyacinthe Rodriguez de Araujo, who is the legitimate child of Mr. Pierre Mayou and Mrs. Eleonore Cristiana Mayou.  The godfather was Mr. John C. Brandey, and the godmother Mrs. Louise Marie Ann Gauthier.
Benito Fernandez.

The following were written in Spanish in 1804-1805
Baptisms by Basilio Suarez de Lema

______, female Negro, 6 months old, born in ______, illegitimate daughter of Maria ______slave belonging to Mr ______, baptized 22 April 1804.  Godfather was ?Antonio Vidal. Page 1

Maria Tereza, female Negro illegitimate daughter of Sofia, slave belonging to Mr ______, baptized 22 April 1804.  Godparent ?Fran. Jose. Page 1

Maria Ana, female, Negro, adult slave belong to Mr ______ baptized July ___. Godparents ______ Maria Gabriela ?Lorino. Page 2.

______, female, Negro slave belonging to Mr. Bernardin/Fernandin baptized 15 July 1805.  Godfather was Mr. Felix Biffany. Page 2.

______, a young female, Negro slave, belonging to Capt. ?Me___ado; baptized 15 July 1805.   Godparents were Mr. Bernardy and Mrs. Victoria Bernardy. Page 2.


The following were written in Spanish in 1808-1811
Baptisms by J. J. Rodriguez de Araujo

?Jose, a Negro born on the 1st of March 1808, illegitimate (child) of ?Batosil/Batoril, slave belonging to Mr _____, father unknown, baptized 8 May 1808.  Godparents were ?Jose ______ and Josefa. Page 3

Tara?, newborn, female, illegitimate daughter of the Negro slave Maria Francisca who was born in Curacao, baptized 18 May 1808.  Godparents ? Polianio ______ & Augusta Francisca Janzen. Page 3

Maria Juliana, Negro, illegitimate daughter of Negro Maria? ______, father unknown; baptized  13 May 1808.  Godparents were Mr. Jose ______ & Mrs. Juliana Lopez. Page 3

Antonietta, Negro, born __ December 1807?, to slave belonging to Mr. Jean ?Lafurre, baptized ?  May ?.  Godparents were Mr. ?Jacques Brie, & ?Demaifaldi Antonietta.[written in a mixture of French, Spanish and Portuguese.] Page 4.

Juan Thomas, Negro who was born on ?10 or 12 of December 1807, illegitimate son of the Negro Anna Helena a slave from Curacao belonging to Mr. Julian; his father is Juan de Dios Laguna from Curacao; baptized 6 June 1808.  Godparents were Juan Baptista Hortiz sic (Ortiz) from the town of ______ and Juanna Polonia Iansen. Page 4.

Maria Serafina, Negro, aged 4 years approx., slave belonging to Mrs. Hermiona ?Delacibe; baptized 13 June 1808.  Godparents were Louis Raeyt of Kingston and Laurenca Dubudat from the French Colony. Page 4.

Juan Fermilion ?Furcon, one year old, illegitimate son of the negro Catalina M? ___ of Curacao, slave belonging to Mrs. Ester da C?_____; baptized  ? Sept. 1808.  Godparents were Dr. Felipe ?Estevan?Esteinor born in Galicia, and Mrs. Maria da ?Layndes born in Martinique. Page 5

Maria Cecilia, ?15 years old, slave belonging to Mrs. Dorothea ?Bristo; baptized  ? Oct. 1808.  Godparentes were Juan Baptista ? of Villa de Coro, and Maria Marcela of Curacao. Page 5

Juan Roberto, Negro son of Negro James, and the Negro Agatha del ?.San Axterre belonging to Mr. Delcan; baptized 6 Oct. 1808.  Godparents were Vicente ?Fri/Fre__a de ?Loracan, and ? Juaquina of the island of St. Domingue. Page 5

Domingo Jose, Negro, slave of Mr ______, resident of this town, illegitimate child of the negro Juliana born in Guine and slave belonging to ______, baptized 12 Dec. 1808. Godparents were ?Delmingo ?aicarda who was born in Genoa and Mrs. Maria Susana de Baltimora/Baltimona . Page 6

Juanna Maria, Negro, aged 3 years, born in Kingston, slave belonging to Mr. Juan Bautista Arriala born in ?Malien and a resident here; baptized 15 Feb. 1809. Godparents were Mr. Michael Hortis born in Molien and Anna Maria Daniel born in Curacao. Page 6

Juan Hort____Vicencio, Negro, born in this place 17 July this year, illegitimate son of Juan Francisco Vicencio and of the Negro Anna Maria slave belonging to Miss Adelayde Vandame; baptized ?28 Feb. 1809.  Godparents were Juan Francisco grandfather of the boy, and Lucia Concepcion de Castro, all from Curacao. Page 6

Juan Gomez, illegitimate son of ______ of the Villa of ______ in Portugal, and of ______ Negro slave belonging to Mr. Juan Francisco resident of this town; baptized ?April 1809.  Godparents were Juan Francisco, formerly of London, and Maria ?Galinda. Page 7

Mariana Lopez, Negro, born in Kingston, approx. one ½ months old daughter of Negro Maria ?Ercalastera Martinez, slave of Mrs. Juliana Lopez; baptized April 1810.  Godparents Mr. Antonio Perez who was born in Tenerife and Dorothe Bryte born in Curacao. Page 7

Estevana Veronica, born in Kingston 26 Dec. 1809, illegitimate daughter of Vani Bron, father unknown; baptized 25 Feb. 1810.  Godparents Miguel Yeslani & Maria del Carmen. Page 7

Luisa Richard, ?Negro born in Kingston on 20 May 1810, illegitimate daughter of slave belonging to Maria Getrudez Lopez; baptized 1810.  Godparents were Mr. Ant. [Antonio] Perez and Luisa Herminia. Page 8

Miguel Arcangel, born Kingston 8 June 1810, illegitimate son of Negro slave Francisca, and of David Henrique Garcia; baptized 24 June 1810.  Godparents William De____ & Dorothea Maduro. Page 8

Juan Martes, slave, born in Kingston, aged approx. 3 years, illegitimate son of slave Catalina Maria; baptized 24 July 1810.  Godparents Juan Vicente Ferreira & Estephania Barbara. Page 8

[For Baptisms on pages 9 through 14 please see Slave Baptisms

Juan Manuel, Negro slave of Mr. James Harley, inhabitant of Jamaica, baptized 5/7/1811. Godparents were Gerardo Martin Cohen and Maria Magdalena de Vale. Page 15.

Maria Dorothea, Negro slave of Mr. James Harley, inhabitant of Jamaica, baptized 5/7/1811, page 15.

Elisabeth Marcela, Negro slave of Mr. James Harley, inhabitant of Jamaica, baptized 6/9/1811. The godfather was Jacob Marcelo Ras. Page 16.

Maria Gertruda, Negro slave of Mr. James Harley, inhabitant of Jamaica, baptized 6/9/1811. The godfather was Jacob Marcelo Ras. Page 16.

Eduardo Hendrie, Negro slave of Mr. James Harley, inhabitant of Jamaica, baptized 6/23/1811. The godfather was Jacob Marcelo Ras and the godmother was Maria Magdalena de Vale. Page 17.

Elisabeth Hendrie, Negro slave of Mr. James Harley, inhabitant of Jamaica, baptized 6/23/1811. The godfather was Joseph Peter and the godmother was Anna Estacia. Page 17.


The following were written in Spanish 1824-1830:
Baptisms by Benito Fernandes

Bernardo, illegitimate son of Luis Bernard and of Maria Celeste, born in Kingston 8/20/1830, baptized  9/30/1830.  The godfather was Simeon deLeon and the godmother was Josefa Peina.

Fac_ Pablo, Negro slave, illegitimate son of Josefa Maria Prieto, slave of D. Pedro Perez Prieto, baptized 7/8/1826.  The godfather was Juan Luis Loncozo and the godmother was Tomasa Hernandes.

Maria Salome, illegitimate daughter of Juan Bautista Garcia and Theresa Bustamante, both free Negroes, born in Kingston 10/20/1826, baptized 12/27/1826.  The godfather was Mr. Lorenzo Doza and the godmother was Ms. Andrea Argola.

Sueiro, Isabel, lawful daughter of Mr. Juan Sueiro and Mrs. Mar__ de Acosta, born in Kingston 7/2/1826, baptized 7/20/1826.  The godmother was Mrs. Isabel_ Olivier.

Tomasa, daughter of Maria Antonia Granados, aged 1 month, baptized 6/19/1824.  Godmother was Eugenia de Hoyos.


The following were written in French 1829-1834
Baptisms by Benito Fernandes

Ann Marie, illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth and Joseph, aged 7 months, baptized 10/18/1834.  The godfather was Henry Touchemoulin and the godmother was Ann Marie.

Brigete, illegitimate daughter of Ophelia and of Brutus, born 2/23/1829, baptized 6/30/1834.  The godmother was Marian Marguerite Mertourette?.

Daron, Charles, illegitimate son of Robert Daron and of Elizabeth a slave, baptized 9/27/1834.  The godfather was Leopold? Daron and the godmother was Miss Matilde de Camard.

David, a Negro slave, illegitimate son of A__________ Negro slave of Miss Agathe Martial, baptized 2/17/1829.  The godmother was Miss Marie Lass___.

Eugene, illegitimate son of Perg____ and Cheri?, aged 5 months, baptized  /1834.  The godfather was Mr. Peter Alexander Espeut and the godmother was Mrs. ____ P__ago.

Guillaume, mulatto slave, illegitimate son of Mr. Paulin Lamond and of Helena a Negro slave, born in Kingston 12/4/1828, baptized 2/4/1829.  The godfather was Mr. William P___.

Jean, illegitimate son of Jean Wilson and of Marie, born 5/28/1834, baptized 10/9/1834.  The godfather was Julian and the godmother was Arine Venus.

John, illegitimate son of Missence? and of Robert Muir?, aged 8 months, baptized 9/28/1834.  The godfather was Mr. John Douglas  and the godmother was Miss Adelaide Smith.

Justina, illegitimate daughter of Marie Louise and of J___ Thomas, aged 3 months, baptized 9/28/1834.  The godfather was Mr. John Douglas and the godmother was Marie Catherine Jennings.

Maria Helena, illegitimate daughter of Mary Josephina, aged 6 months, baptized 10/31/1834.  The godmother was Maria Francisco.

Maria Henrietta, illegitimate daughter of Johann Litchaner and of Dalores?, aged 3 months, baptized 9/30/1834.  The godfather was Don Wellesley Barrow and the godmother was Miss Marie Charlotte Barrow.

Marie Louise, illegitimate daughter of Mr. Pierre Louis and Miss Emmilie, born in Kingston 7/4/1833, baptized 1/26/1834.  The godfather was Mr. Jean Benard? and the godmother was Miss ___ Blay.

Marie Marguerite, illegitimate daughter of Mr. Jean Pierre and Christianne Marie, baptized 5/16/1834.  The godfather was ___ Regne and the godmother was Miss Emilie Richmond.

Marie Rose, illegitimate daughter of Thomas ______ and of ________ Maria, born 7/4/1834, baptized 10/14/1834.  The godmother was ___________.

Mary Francoise, illegitimate daughter of Mary Claire and of George Lunan baptized 8/31/1834.  The godfather was Jean B. Garel and the godmother was Mary Francoise.

Mary Gertrude, illegitimate daughter of Mary Claire and of George Lunan baptized 8/31/1834.  The godfather was Mr. Eugene Relain and the godmother was Miss Mary.

Petronite, illegitimate daughter of Marie Margueritte and of John Lucius, aged 3 months, baptized 9/27/1834.  The godfather was Pedro and the godmother was Miss Petronite.

Pitter, Eleanor Genevieve, illegitimate daughter of Mr. Pitter and of Miss Genevieve F___res, baptized 5/29/1829.  The godfather was Mr. David B____.

Theodore, illegitimate son of Caroline and of Mr. Louis _________, aged 4 months, baptized 10/4/1834.  The godfather was Charles Thomas and the godmother was Miss Marie Georgina.

William, illegitimate son of Caroline and William, aged 4 months, baptized 11/22/1834.  The godfather was Mr. Lambert Bowen and the godmother was Miss Anastasie Elise Branday.

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