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Secretary of State - The Right Honorable Lord Knutsford, K.C.M.G.

Private Secretary - W. A. Baillie Hamilton, C.M.G.

Assistants - H. W. Just and

W. C. Bridgman

Parliamentary Under Secretary - The Right Hon. Baron de Worms

Private Secretaries - G. V. Fiddes,

W. T. Lawrence

Permanent Under Secretary - Sir R. G. W. Herbert, D.C.L., LL.D., K.C.B.

Private Secretary - C. P. Lucas

Assistant Under Secretaries - Hon. R. H. Meade, C. B.;

John Bramston D.C.L., C.B.;

Edward Wingfield, B.C.L., C.B.

Chief Clerk - R. P. Ebden

Clerks in the West India Branch - J. Hales,

E. H. Wedgwood,

C. A. Harris, B.A.,

S. Olivier.

Crown Agents - Captain Sir M. F. Ommanney, R.E., K.C.M.G.;

E. E. Blake

Consulting Engineers for Railways - Sir John Hackshaw, C.E.,

Son and Hayter,

Sir Charles H. Gregory, K.C.M.G., C.E.,

George Berkely, C.E.

Shipping Agents - J. and A. B. Freeland.

Governor of Jamaica

Sir Henry Arthur Blake, K.C.M.G., F.R.G.S., Governor Jamaica 1888.

Senior Member of Privy Council

Major-General William Clive Justice, C.M.G., Ensign 75th Regiment, 1852, Colonel 1881, etc.

The Governor's Private Secretary

Lord George Fitzgerald, B.A., Oxon, 1884.

The Governor's Aide-de-Camp

Captain Charles McMorrough Kavanagh, 10th Hussars.


Ex-Officio Members

His Excellency Sir Henry A. Blake, K.C.M.G., President

Hon. W. Clive Justice, C.M.G., Senior Military Officer in command of Her Majesty's Regular Troops in Jamaica

Hon. Neale Porter, C.M.G., Colonial Secretary

Hon. H. H. Hocking, Attorney-General

Hon. Valentine Graeme Bell, C.E., Director of Public Works

Nominated Members

Hon. Surgeon-General Charles Benjamin Mosse, C.B., Superintending Medical Officer

Hon. Thomas Capper, B.A., Inspector of Schools

Elected Members

Hon. John Powell Clark, Manchester

Hon. Charles Salmon Farquharson, Westmoreland and Hanover

Hon. Robert Craig, Clarendon

Hon. William Bancroft Espeut, St. Thomas and Portland

Hon. James Miller Farquharson, St. Elizabeth

Hon. Wellesley Bourke, St. James and Trelawney

Hon. Thomas Lloyd Harvey, St. Catherine

Hon. Michael Solomon, C.M.G., St. Ann and St. Mary

Hon. Charles James Ward, Kingston and St. Andrew

The Privy Council

Ex-Officio Members - Hon. Major-General W. C. Justice, C.M.G., S.M.O.

Hon. N. Porter, C.M.G., Colonial Secretary

Hon. H. H. Hocking, Attorney General

Nominated Members - Hon. V. G. Bell, D.P.W.

Hon. J. C. Phillippo, M. D.

Hon. J. T. Orrett, Clerk to the Privy Council, the Assistant Colonial Secretary for the time being

Legislative Council Office - Clerk - T. Oughton


Mayor - His Worship J. Ogilvie, M. D.

Vice-Chairman - C. T. Burton

Members - T. A. Breakspear,

J. L. Desporte,

G. E. Burke,

J. Callendar,

J. McCarthy,

W. deB. Hodge,

J. A. Wales,

H. J. Barned,

H. Delgado,

J. Hoyes,

A. E. Burke,

D. P. Nathan,

M. Brandon,

T. Harry,

W. Burrows.

Clerk - C. Thompson



Chairman - Hon. George Stiebel

Vice-Chairman - J. McLean

Members- W. Andrews

W. Berry

P. L. Rousseau

H. C. Silburn

M. Josephs

S. Soutar

S. H. Watson

Rev. C. B. Berry

Rev. J. S. Roberts

J. English

A. Thorp

W. G. Thomson

J. Smicle

Clerk - R. A. Williams


Chairman - W. S. Richards

Vice-Chairman - J. McFarlane

Members - D. Marchalleck

C. W. Dias

H. M. R. Critchon

E. Stewart

W. C. Groves

D. J. Davis

C. H. Levy

W. A. R. Carr

G. G. Taylor

J. A. Stephens

L. D. Busterman

J. W. McLean

J. Smicle

Clerk- F. H. Hawkins


Chairman - P. A. Moodie

Vice-Chairman - H. P. Dean

Ex-Officio Member - Hon. W. B. Espeut, M. L. C.

Members - J. Hinchelwood

F. A. Jenoure

E. M. Reid

C. W. Bourke

E. Sutherland

S. Dagute

E. B. Baker

C. N. Dawes

T. C. Geddes

Rev. R. R. James

Rev. A. Cole

Clerk - F. A. Petgrave


Ex-Officio Members - Hon. M. Solomon, C. M. G., M. L. C.

Hon. J. Pringle, Custos

Chairman - H. L. Mossman

Vice-Chairman - C. R. Pickersgill

Members - Rev. J. Graham

J. Silvera

Rev. W. D. Henderson

F. C. Dixon

Rev. W. Graham

W. M. Kelly

H. J. Rudolf

W. Thomas

Rev. W. B. Walcott

Rev. R. H. M. Lochlan

W. Morris

H. R. Cargill

H. Bolton

Clerk- R. M. Cocking


Chairman - Hon. M. Solomon, C.M.G., M.L.C.

Vice-Chairman - C. W. Steer

Members - F. L. Rodon,

A. N. Dixon

J. A. Miller

Rev. J. Duff

A. N. Sutherland

F. B. Sturridge

H. Brown

J. H. Levy

C. Orrett

J. A. Thompson

S. P. Delgado

Rev. J. P. Hall

T. B. Scott

A. N. Cadenhead

Clerk- W. G. Nunes


Chairman - L. C. Shirley

Vice-Chairman - R. Bueford

Members - H. Carvalho

N. C. Reuben

W. Ogilvy

H. J. Kerr

A. J. Solomon

J. Speare

E. J. Dean

Rev. J. J. Steel

W. J. Whiting

C. Whiting

Rev. M. M. Webb

J. H. Hall

Clerk- H. M. Rowe

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