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Post Office Address, Ewarton

Abrahams, G. Hayfield Pen

Allwood, W. M., Schwallenburgh Pen

Ashby, B., Shopkeeper

Austin, W., Shopkeeper

Bennett, E., Shopkeeper

Biggs, E. A., Shopkeeper

Blair, C. D., Shopkeeper

Burke, A. W., Railway Station, (Manager)

Defriez, M., Postmaster

Gaynor, D., Shopkeeper

Hamilton, A., Shopkeeper

Masterman, J. R. F., Penkeeper

McGrath, G., Claremont Pen

Phillipo, E. C., Schwallenburgh Pen

Scarlett, J. R., Worthy Park Estate

Tivy, St. Leger, Pleasant Farm Pen

Post Office Address, Linstead

Abrahams, E., Merchant

Abrahams, G., Storekeeper

Adams, G., Shopkeeper

Aiken, G., New Mt. Diablo

Austin, R., Williamsfield, Shopkeeper

Braham, R. W., Gentleman

Brown, N., Knollys, Cross Roads, Shopkeeper

Campbell, J., Sandy Hill, Shopkeeper

Chambers, B., Shopkeeper

Delgado, A., Logan Castle, Storekeeper

DeSouza, J. H., Storekeeper

Dickson, J., Hillside

Dingwall, B. O., Church Road, Shopkeeper

Forth, W., Shpkeeper

Francis, A., Mt. Olive Pen

Francis, J., Phillipsburgh, Shopkeeper

Francis, W., Mt. Olive Pen

Gaynor, J. G., Speculator

Grant, N., Shopkeeper

Grant, L. W., Contractor

Green, H. P., Greenvale Pen

Gyles, J., Mango Grove

Hall, F. R., Bybrook, Pen

Harding, R., Shenton, Clergyman

Harrison, W. G., Vanity Fair, Shopkeeper

Hill, W. D., Deside, Shopkeeper

McGilchrist, H., Sunnyside Pen

Morrison, G. Rio Magno, Shopkeeper

Neuison, A., West Prospect, Shopkeeper

Peck, Dr. J. H., D. M. O.

Phillipps, E. F., Storekeeper

Prendergast, E. C., Byndloss, Shopkeeper

Richards, J. L., Byndloss, Shopkeeper

Rowe, Rev. R. H.,

Simpson, J., Shopkeeper

Taylor, A., Assistant Collector of Revenue

Terrelonge, R., Hampshire, Shopkeeper

Tivy, St. L., Pleasant Farm

Waddington, H. S., Rio Magno, Proprietor

Waddington, G., Rio Magno Pen

Whittaker, G., Shopkeeper

Willacy, J. L., Williamsfield, Shopkeeper

Williams, R., Dore Hall, Shopkeeper

Post Office Address, Lluidas Vale

Davis, J., Storekeeper

Duncan, G. L., Storekeeper

Petrie, J. H., Postmaster

Scarlett, J. R., Worthy Park Estate

Simms, P. W., Storekeeper

Talbot, Colonel R. J.,

Post Office Address, Old Harbour

Delgado & Co., Merchants

Dolphy, J., Shopkeeper

Fulford, J., Roden & Bodles Pen

Hall, H. M., Druggist

Lord, J., Lodge Estate

Malabre, W. T., Storekeeper

Malabre, W., Colbeck Pen

March, R. T., Shopkeeper

Melhado Bros. & Co., Merchants

Mendez & Co., D. H., Storekeepers

Middleton, E. U., Storekeeper

Nelson, C., Druggist

Palmes, A., Shopkeeper

Vaz, J., Storekeeper

Walker, E. H. J., Postmaster

Post Office Address, Pear Tree Grove

Beckford, G., Hamwalk

Bryant, T., Carew Castle

Burrows, C., Golden Grove

Chambers, J. Kemble

Douglas, C. O., Troja

Edwards, H., Hamwalk

Edwards, J., Hamwalk

Hammilton, R., Hamwalk

Marsden, W. J., Retirement

Martin, J., Newton, Clergyman

Nelson, S., Rio Magno

Riley, C., Facey

Smart, B. E., Facey

Williams, E., Louisana

Post Office Address, Spanish Town

Abrahams, A., Storekeeper

Abrahams, N., St. John's Grove, Produce Dealer

Aldred, G. H., Shady Grove, Storekeeper

Allwood, J., 28 White Church Street, Resident Magistrate, (Clarendon)

Andrews, W., 24 Manchester Street, Shopkeeper

Armstrong, C., SHopkeeper

Ashley, J. A., 28 Cumberland Road, Shopkeeper

Barrett, W., Rest pen, Shopkeeper

Bello, C., Spicer's Run

Bernal, T. J., 11 Hanover Street, Gentleman

Bicknell, H. J., Rose Lawn, Resident Magistrate

Blackman, A., 15 Old Market Street, Shopkeeper

Blackwell, R. H., 7 Orange Street, Baptist Minister

Blackwood, C., Ratcliffe Park

Blackwood, G. L., Ratcliffe Park

Boettcher, G., 19 Monk Street, Merchant

Brooks, D., Ratcliffe Park

Brown, J., Gorden Pen

Brown, J., Rosemary Castle

Bryant, J. A., 30 Adelaide Street, Shopkeeper

Bryant, J. C., Beckford Street, Shopkeeper

Russell, W. K., 7 Monk Street, Clergyman

Byles, T. L., The Lawn, Station Master

Campbell, R. W., 28 Wellington Street, Druggist

Campbell, T., 7 White Church Street, Shopkeeper

Campbell, W. A., Adelaide Street, Tavernkeeper

Carter, W., Old Harbour Road, Shopkeeper

Cazimajou, J. J., The Rock, Engineer

Charley, W., 22 White Church Street, Brewer

Cork, W., 27 White Church Street, Parochial Treasurer

Cowan, J. French Street, Shopkeeper

Dawkins, F., Rosemary Castle, Shopkeeper

Delmage, Dr. L. E., Martin Street

Douet, Right Rev. C. F., King's House, Assistant Bishop

Dorman, D. U., Braeton, Shopkeeper

Ernandez, J. A., Orchard Cottage, Merchant

Erwing, A. C., Caymanas, Proprietor

Facey, J. S., 39 White Church Street

Feurtado, D. L. R., Superintendent Works

Feurtado, S., Tamarind's Pen

Flemming, A., Nugent Street, Gentleman

Flemming, A. A., Nugent Street, Solicitor

Francis, J., Braeton Pen

Gaskil, W., Orange Grove Pen

Gayleard, T., Adelaide Street, Superintendent Public Works

Gaynor, J., 3 Young Street, Station Master

Gordon, H., Hannah Vale Pen

Gordon, J. M., Burrowes Pen

Grant, A., St. John's Road, Shopkeeper

Harvey, Hon. T. L., 18 Red Church Street, Advocate

Henderson, C. E., Arthur's Pen, Baptist Minister

Henderson, G. (Overseer), Hartlands

Henriques, J. C., 38 King Street, Gentleman

Henriques, S. C., Phoenix Park

Henriques, G. T., Druggist

Jackson, R. H., Young Street, Gentleman

Judah, G. F., SOlicitor's Agent

Levy, F., Angels, Speculator

Levy, G. Z., 12 Old Market Street, Shopkeeper

Lewis, J. L., St. John's Road, Shopkeeper

Lidell, W. A., Congrieve Park (Overseer)

Lindo, H., Orange Grove Pen

Lopez, J., Great Salt Pond (Overseer)

Mareiro, P., 36 Young Street, Tavern-keeper

Marshall, R. G., 40 Martin Street, Shopkeeper

Martyn, Dr. G. T., Wellington Street

McDonald, W., Jones Pen, Shopkeeper

McIntosh, Rev. J. A., Wesleyan Minister

McLeod, F., Cooke's Pen, Shopkeeper

Mendez, C., McL. Martin Street, Shopkeeper

Mendes, D. P., 31 White Church Street, Shopkeeper

Messias, W. S., Manchester Street, Shopkeeper

Milliner, J. J., Seiders Pen

Morgan, J., 10 Monk Street, Solicitor's Agent

Purdon, W. P., 7 Monk Street, Contractor

Richmond, J., Ravensworth, Engineer

Robertson, J. D., Caymanas, Presbyterian Minister

Rose, H. L., 1 Rum Lane, Tavernkeeper

Roxburgh, A., Penkeeper

Russell, Dr. L. D., Government Park Pen

Scheffer, H., Cumberland Pen

Scott, Old Harbour Road, Superintendent, P. W. D.

Sharp, T. H., Heltham Pen, Produce Dealer

Sinclair, J., 7 Wellington Street, Solicitor's Agent

Sturridge, Dr. E., Tredegar Park

Taylor, R., Caymanas, Shopkeeper

Tobias, J. L., 170 Old Market Street, Surveyor

Turner, G. L., Phoenix Park

Turner, G. O., Phoenix Park, Wharfinger

Valencia, J. M., Pumpkin Ground, Shopkeeper

Wegg, Dr. J. A., 3 Barrett Street

Walker, W., Braeton, Shopkeeper

Williams, E. N., 13, Shopkeeper

Wright, A., 9 King Street, Shopkeeper

Post Office Address, Glengoffe

Barrlar, H., Sugar Estate

Gordon, J., Storekeeper

Lecesne, J. C., Storekeeper

McPhail, J., Estate

Northrover, A., Penkeeper

Stephenson, A. J., Postmaster

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