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Post Office Address, Alley

Ellis, F. M., Hill Side Pen

Foote, W. R., Knight's Pen

Forbes, W. H., Reymond's Estate

Fox, J., Money Musk Estate

Gardner, H. B., Perrins Estate

Garriques, L., Postmaster

Girod, C. H., Bog Estate

Gordon, J. R., Carlisle Estate

Grant, T. A., Monland's Estate

Harty, T., Chesterfield Estate

Harvey, F. G., Hill Side Pen

James, A., (Attorney), Amity Hall, Estate

Lewis, A. J., Storekeeper

Macgregor, J., Gibbons Estate

Michaels, D. A., Storekeeper

Muirhead, G. W., Amity Hall Estate

Nixon, G., Pusey Hall Estate

Post Office Address, Chapleton

Abrahams & Co., T., General Merchants, (See Advt.)

Abrahams, G., Retreat Pen

Abrahams, H., Storekeeper

Austin, Rev. J. W., Church of England Minister

Bernal, C., Storekeeper

Braham, R., Trout Hall Pen

Church, F. A., Inspector Constabulary

Chandler, R. C., Ballard's River Pen

Craig, R., Danks and Davy Estates

Craig, R., General Merchant

Davidson, A. G., Collector of Taxes

Davidson, Rev. G., Presbyterian Minister

Dias, L., Plarna Pen

Delevante, M., Shopkeeper (See Advt.)

Eastwood, Rev. A., Congregational Minister

Harty, W., Mount Hindmost Pen

Hibbert, J. L., Penkeeper

Hilker, Dr., Government Medical Officer

Kemp, T., Savoys, Estate

Lyons, C., Postmaster

Lowe, F. & Co., General Merchants (See Advt.)

Martin, I. J., Frankfield Pen

McDonald, G., Dispenser

Melville, J. L., Pennants Pen

Morgan, G. W., Dispenser

Moxsy, F. H., Sutton's Estate

Scott, D., COntractor

Scully, J., Rock River Pen

Tucker, D. A., Assistant Clerk. Magistrate's Court

Winn, Rev. C. A., Medis Pen

Post Office Address, Croft's Hill

Cornwall, J. R., Postmaster

Phillip, Brown, Storekeeper

Douet, G. A., Mocho Pen

Drummond, Miss M., Belmont PEn

Greenough, Mrs. H., Shickles Pen

Isaacs, C. R., Shickles Pen

Isaacs, C. H., Postmaster

Jacobs, H. A., Belmont Pen

Jump, W., Paonnassess [Parnassus?] Estate

Lea, Rev. G. H., Congregational Minister

Logan, Q., St. Jago Pen

Muirhead, M. Denbigh Estate

Peart, F., Storekeeper

Reddish, G., Storekeeper

Robinson, J. N., Penkeeper

Sullivan, J., Woodside Pen

Upton, H. E., Paonnassess [Parnassus?]Pen

Post Office Address, Hayes

Davis, L., Dry Goods Merchant

Dingwall, J., Engineer

Ellis, F., Dunkley's Pen

Elliott & Murray, Caswell Hill Estate

Ford, C. G., General Merchant

Harvey, F. G., Hill Side Estate

Hopwood, A. J., Postmaster

Hgner, F. S., Dry Goods Merchant

Lorraine, E., General Merchant

McDonald, C., Drugs, etc.

Schloss, E., General Merchant

Scully, G., Dry River Estate

Swaby, R., General Merchant

Post Office Address, May Pen

Abrahams, M. G., Storekeeper

Allwood, J., Resident Magistrate

Bell, R. G., Penkeeper

Bonitto, C., Halse Hall Estate

Butler, R., Superintendent Public Works

Glenan, J., Penkeeper

Hogarth, C., Station Master

Lindo, E., Storekeeper

Massiah, Rev. J., May Pen, Episcopalian Minister

Melville, Rev. W., Wesleyan Minister

Sharp & Scudmore, Produce Merchants

Sherlock, E. M., Postmaster

Post Office Address, Milk River

Clarke & Grunhut, Merchants

Clarke, J. H., Rowington Park Pen

DeSouza, T., Milk River

Green, A. A., Milk River

Isaacs, C. R., Rowington Park Pen

McGann, M. E., Postmaster

Price, Captain, W. G., Milk River

Robertson, Kymburry Pen

Robinson, A. E., Storekeeper

Robinson, W., Storekeeper

Ronaldson, H. T., Springfield

Sandford, C. M., Storekeeper

Shilletto, J., Storekeeper

Post Office Address, Salt River

Anderson, R. I., Shopkeeper

Ellis, F. M., (Manager) Raymonds Estate

Farquhar, A. B., Postmaster

Guod, C. H., Bog Estate

Grant, L. A., Moreland Estate

Harvey, G. F., Hillside and Raymond Estates

Howatt, A., Wharfinger

Logan, Q., Moreland and Bog Estates, Upper Wharf and Middle Wharf Pens

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