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Post Office Address, Christiana

Cass, Rev. J., Rector, Christiana Church

Collier, W. T., Secretary Saw Mills Co.

Dingwall, Rev. R., Clergyman, Bryce

Lopez, J., Storekeeper

Miller, J. G., Store and Penkeeper

Miller, R. J., Storekeeper

Saunders, H. J., Druggist and Grocer

Taylor, D. H., Engineer of Manchester Saw Mills Co.

Townsend, R. T., Druggist and Grocer

Walker, J. M., Storekeeper

Webb, T., Penkeeper

Webster, W., Manager for Pengelly & Co.

Post Office Address, Cross Keys

Campbell, W., Shopkeeper

Chaplin, F., Shopkeeper

Davis, J. H., Shopkeeper

Goodison, J. S., Storekeeper

Henriques, A. N., Shopkeeper

Heron, A. G., Cocoa Walk Pen

Heron, H. H., Penkeeper

Martin, A. C., Penkeeper

Mickle, L., Store and Penkeeper

Ruad, A., Shopkeeper

Wilson, W. G., Store and Penkeeper

Winth, G. L., Shopkeeper

Post Office Address, Devon

Campbell, J. I., Shopkeeper

Coke, E. F., Hibernia, Shopkeeper

Harriott, A. M., Hibernia, Produce Dealer

Mason, J. A., Viewfield, Schoolmaster

Williams, J. T., Ticky-Ticky, Produce Dealer

Wright, J. B., Shopkeeper

Post Office Address, Mandeville

Baquie, R. C. J., Collector Taxes

Beckwith, Dr. B. M., Martin's Hill

Bolt, R., Caledonia, Shopkeeper

Braham, R. B., Bloomfield, Storekeeper

Brown, J. A., Caledonia, Livery Stable Keeper

Campbell, W., George's Valley, Shopkeeper

Chambers, H., Somerset, Shopkeeper

Cooke, Dr. G.

DaCosta, A., Shopkeeper

Delapenha, F., Caledonia, Shopkeeper

Denton, E., Shopkeeper

Depass, A., Caledonia, Shopkeeper

Farquharson, J. S., Barassa, Clergyman

Finlay, G., Greenvale, Livery Stable Keeper

Grant, F. B., Insurance Agent

Griffiths, H., Hartfield, Shopkeeper

Hall, F. A., Caledonia, Livery Stable Keeper

Hamilton, W. A., Retired Collector Taxes

Heron, G., Shopkeeper

Hinds, C., Caledonia, Speculator

Homes, T. A., Druggist

Hopwood, J., Dunrobin, Shopkeeper

Isaacs, L. A., Shopkeeper

Isaacs, L. E., Shopkeeper

Jacobs, E., Caledonia, Auctioneer

Laing, F., Accountant

Levy, A., Attorney at Law

Levy, J., Lessee, Market

McLeod, W., Inspector Police

Miller, R., Clifton, Shopkeeper

Morrison, R., New Green, Shopkeeper

Mullings, S., Old England, Shopkeeper

Munton, G. H., Clover, Shopkeeper

Nash, G., Shopkeeper

Nicholson, E. S., Richmond, Shopkeeper

Palache, J. T., Woodlawn, Advocate

Panton, Rev. D. B., Rectory

Peeling, T. W., Clergyman

Plummer, R., Shopkeeper

Richards, E., Greenvale, Shopkeeper

Russell, T. P., Westley Mount, Clergyman

Sampson, C. A., Royal Flat, Shopkeeper

Sampson, J. C. A., Royal Flat, Shopkeeper

Saunders, J. A., Speculator

Scharschmidt, S. T., Hanbury, District Engineer

Smith, M. S., May Day, Shopkeeper

Sturridge, G., Mt. Nelson, Shopkeeper

Sturridge, H. G., Caledonia, Shopkeeper

Tucker, C., Royal Flat, Produce Dealer

Turner, J. J., Manning's Field, Shopkeeper

Vassal, J., Hampton, Druggist

Vickers, E., Perth, Resident Magistrate

Wookey, C. A., Ridge Mount, Clergyman

Wright, E., Greenvale, Shopkeeper

Post Office Address, Mile Gully

Ashman, G. H., Harrywatch, Shopkeeper

Athhill, W., Fern Hill, Clergyman

Chambers, J., Ever-Ever, Shopkeeper

Clarke, R., St. George's Rectory, Clergyman

Clarke, J. W., Waterloo, Produce Dealer

Collins, S. B., Craighead, Produce Dealer

Dale, J. B., Content, Shopkeeper

Dixon, R., Craighead, Shopkeeper

Dunnell, T., Bath, Shopkeeper

Dwyer, D. E., Auchembeddie, Produce Dealer

Farquharson, E. G., Ballynure, Shopkeeper

Fraser, M., Bath, Storekeeper

Harrison, J. S., Harrywatch, Shopkeeper

Henry, J. R., Craighead, Shopkeeper

Henry, R. J., Waterloo, Produce Dealer

Kennedy, R. F., Waterloo, Clergyman

Nash, A. G., Green Vale, Civil Engineer

Newman, R., Ballynure, Shopkeeper

Parnell, D., Maidsten, Produce Dealer

Reinke, J., Bethany, Clergyman

Sinclair, J., Cottage, Shopkeeper

Virtue, D., Watson Gate, Shopkeeper

Virtue, W. S., Spitzburgen, Shopkeeper

Walker, J. A., Comfort Hall, Shopkeeper

Williams, A. J., Litchfield, Produce Dealer

Post Office Address, Medina

Dunn, Shopkeeper

Hart, F., Shopkeeper

Martin, P., Shopkeeper

Newman, H. E., Postmaster

Post Office Address, New Port

Angell, C., Green Pond Pen

Crawford, D., Isles Pen

DaCosta, A. S., Storekeeper

Deleon, J., Storekeeper

Hungesford, W., Wales Pen

Husband, E., Green Vale

Hutchinson, J., Fasnough [Farenough?] Pen

Miles, R., Stone Hope Pen

Stewart, J., May Day Hill Pen

Stewart, R., Sherwood Pen

Whyte, A., Coffee Grove Pen

Post Office Address, Porus

Anderson, P. J., Produce Dealer

Bailey, E., Good Hope, Shopkeeper

Baker, H. R., Shopkeeper

Campbell, J. Shopkeeper

Carradice, L., Harmons, Shopkeeper

Carradice, A., Harmons, Shpkeeper

Chambers, R. A., Shopkeeper

Clarke, A., Broadleaf, Clergyman

Cocking, A. A., Shopkeeper

Crosbie, W. J., Produce Dealer

Daley, S. O., Shopkeeper

Daley, L., Shopkeeper

Lyon, A. J., Shopkeeper

Magnus, M., Shopkeeper

Manly, T. A. S., Shopkeeper

Nation, R. S., Produce Dealer

Nicholson, L. A., Shopkeeper

Patrickson, Shopkeeper

Pilliner, P. L., Shopkeeper

Sewell, M. H., Produce Dealer

Short, B., Broadleaf, Produce Dealer

Wilson, A., Shopkeeper

Wood, A., Produce Dealer

Post Office Address, Shooter's Hill

Brown, S., (Overseer), Kendal

Cousins, G. B., Penkeeper

Heron, A. W., Penkeeper

Heron, H. H., Penkeeper

Johnson, Mrs. J. S., Bellefield, Storekeeper

Lindsay, Mrs. C. J., Kendal

McFarlane, M., Storekeeper

McFarlane, Mrs. J., Dunkela

McLennan, S., Storekeeper

McLennan, G., Railway, Contractor

Muschett, R., Content, Storekeeper

Sherman, S., Postmistress

Steers, G. P., Barracks, Storekeeper

Virtue, W. S., Storekeeper

Williams, H., Belleview, Store and Penkeeper

Wilson, S., Store and Penkeeper

Post Office Address, Spur Tree

Anderson, T., Wilderness, Produce Dealer

Bent, R. E., Wilderness, Shopkeeper

Hanna, G. H., Fairfield, Clergyman

Johnson, J., Produce Dealer

Newman, H., Spice Grove, Shopkeeper

Owen, E. B. M., Mount Prospect, Produce Dealer

Saunders, G. P., Lincoln, Shopkeeper

Smith, H., Fairfield, Clergyman

Swaby, J. H., Shopkeeper

Wright, D., Shopkeeper

Post Office Address, Watson's Hill

Chamberlain, D. A., Blake's Pen

Cooper, T. M., Wharfinger

DaCosta, A., Cheapside, Shopkeeper

Fulford, C., May Hill Pen

Fulford, E., New Forest Pen

Fulford, G. D., May Hill, Shopkeeper

Glanville, T., Melksham Pen

Harvey, Rev. S., Watson's Hill

Meredeth, M., People's House, Shopkeeper

Morris, J. A., Bismark House, Shopkeeper

Nash, E. M., Postmistress

Sampson, A., Elam, Merchant

Sampson, D. D., Duff House Pen

Shaw, S. A., Wharfinger

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