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Post Office Address, Black River

Cald---, Dr. J. A. L. [name partly faded]

Cla-------, Main Street, Retail Drygoods and Provisions

Cow---------, G. F., Inspector Constabulary

Coke, Hon. W. H., Mt. Pleasant, Custos

DaCosta, J. J., Merchant

Daly, R. B., Over-the-Bridge, General Wholesale & Retail, and Shipping Merchant

Daly, R. B., Mountain Side, Retail Dry Goods and Provision

Farquharson, C. S., Main Street, Agent Atlas s.s. and Caribbean Line Steamers

Farquharson, C. M., Over-the-Bridge, General Wholesale Merchant

Farquharson & Pengelly, Main Street, General Wholesale, Retail and Shipping Merchants

Gregory & Muirhead, Main Street, General Retail Merchannts, Dealers in Agricultural Produce

Hendricks & Co., Main Street, General Merchants, Dealers in W. I. Produce

Isaacs, C. E., Main Street, Agent Clyde Line Steamers, General Merchant

Levy, G. E., Main Street, Retail Dry Goods and Provisions

Leyden Bros., Main Street, Wholesale and Retail Dry Goods, Provisions, Wharf Business and Shipping Merchants

Nation, M. E., Postmaster

Peynado, S. E., Over-the-Bridge, General Wharf Business and Shipper Dyewood, etc.

Sampson & Levy, Mountain Side, General Merchants

Strachan, J. F., Dispensary, Grocery and Wholesale Provisions

Post Office Address, Lacovia

Daleym R. B., Retail Dry Goods and Provisions

Deleon & Deleon, Dry Goods and Provisions

Farquharson & Pengelly, Shaws, Wholesale and Retail Dry Goods and Provisions

Powell, H. E., Retail Dry Goods and Provisions

Tomlinson, B. A., Postmaster

Tomlinson, W. J., Sr., Lacovia Bridge, Retail Dry Goods and Provisions

Tomlinson, W. J., Jr., Thompson Bridge, Retail Dry Goods and Provisions

Post Office Address, Malvern

Calder, J. V., Stanmore Pen

Calder, Dr. W. J., Roseberry

Deleon, J. & Co., Storekeepers

Earle, Dr. E., Irvington

Edwards, W., Potsdam

Enbank, [Eubank?], F., Malvern

Isaacs, C. E., Merchant

King, J., Belmont

Lawrence, A., Penkeeper

Miles, A., Postmaster

Nation, C. J., Storekeeper

Negus, Rev., Bethlehem

Pairman, Rev., Potsdam

Sailman, F., Storekeeper

Sampson Bros., Storekeepers

Smith, G., Irvington

Post Office Address, Middle Quarters

Cooper, J., Giddy Hall Pen

Cooper, W. S., Giddy Hall Pen

Farquharson, M. H. M., Shopkeeper

Gregory, C. R., George's Valley, Shopkeeper

Morrich, B., Shopkeeper

Samuels, W., Shopkeeper

Tomlinson, O., Book-keeper

Post Office Address, New Market

Aarons, H., Paynestown Pen

Anport, W. H., Kepp Pen, Engineer

Blackwood, J. H., Dispenser

Clarke, J., Shopkeeper

Daly, G. E., Shopkeeper

Daly, G. E., Postmaster

Forde, H. A., Enville Pen

Hudson, J., New Savannah Pen

Sullivan, W. K., Shopkeeper

Post Office Address, Santa Cruz

Calder, J. V., Penkeeper

Dixon, A., Retail Dry Goods and Provisions

Farquharson, Hon. J. M., Long Hill Pen

Gregory, C. R., Produce Dealer

Hendrick, M., Superintendent Parochial Roads

Hutchinson, C. J., Dyewoods and Agricultural Produce Dealer

Kennedy, Rev. A. R., Clerk in Holy Orders

Maxwell, H. P., Penkeeper

Miles, W. A., Shopkeeper

Miles, J. R., Produce Dealer

Mullings, C., Shopkeeper

Myers, E., Mercantile Clerk

Nangle, W. O. F., Bellaville

Rae, J. J. M., Dispenser

Robertson, P. S., Dispenser

Trelaven, C. W., Bogue Estate

Post Office Address, Siloah

Brown, D. A., Cross Roads

Drummuns, R., Mount Trinity

Falden, E. S., “Little Wonder,” Storekeeper

Headmann, Rev. A. A., The Rectory

Hill, W. (J.P.), Appleton Estate

Maris, E., Postmaster

Robertson, Miss J. G., Windsor Pen

Salmon, J. B., Vauxhall Estate

Smith, A., Shopkeeper

Watson, J. A., Harmony Hall Estate

Post Office Address, Southfield

Barton, J., Top Hill, Shopkeeper

Bent, E., Shopkeeper

Ellis, Rev. J. D., St. Mary's

Evans, J., Ballard's Valley, Shopkeeper

Evans, P., Ballard's Valley, Shopkeeper

Gayle, R., Shopkeeper

McLean, J., Belleview, Shopkeeper

Miller, R. B., St. Mary's, Shopkeeper

Parchment, J. R., Top Hill, Registrar B. & D.

Stephenson, G., Top Hill, Shopkeeper

Turner, J. J., Ballard's Valley, Shopkeeper

Ward, A. A., Shopkeeper

Ward, A. L., Shopkeeper

Post Office Address, Balaclava

Farquharson & Pengelly, Storekeepers

Goodin, J. R., Penkeeper

Goodin, Mrs. G., Storekeeper

Hendricks, G., Druggist

Key, Rev. E. B., Episcopalian Minister

Meek, Rev. R., New Eden, Moravian

Mullen, Dr. V. F., District Medical Officer

Pengelly, C. F., J.P., Store and Penkeeper

Saunders, T. R., Druggist

Scott, J. W., Storekeeper and Postmaster

Scott, T. W., (Book-keeper), Bogue Estate

Sherman & Roberts, Storekeepers

Sibley, Rev. C., Baptist Minister

Sinclair, T. F., Storekeeper

Treleaven, C. W., J.P., (Manager), Bogue Estate

Walker, J., Penkeeper

Wright, C., Penkeeper

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