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Post Office Address, Bluefields

Bernard, S. M., Goodwill Pen

Fraser, T. P., Belmont Pen

Gilford, C. M., Bog (Overseer)

Jackson, J., Mount Charles

Johnson, A., COntent Pen

Jones, T., Savito Pen

Kennedy, A. O., Proprietor, Bluefields

Lind, Rev. B., Salem, Minister

Oliphant, L., Ponditary Pen

Sinclair, D. J., Shafston Pen

Tate, C. M., Robins River

Tate, L. A., Shafston

Townsend, G. W., Bluefields, Storekeeper

Vickers, C. B., Mount Edgecombe

Post Office Address, Darliston

Bovell, C. P., Postmaster

Calder, H., Mylessfield

Charlie, A. P., Albany and Charlottenburg

Ewen, N., Glasgow

Farquharson, W., Retreat

Hudson, J., New Hope and Retrieve

Sadler, E. J., Attorney, Bellisle, Blackheath, Blue Castle, Friendship and Shrewsbury

Tate, L., Grandvale

Vickers, E [?]. W. (Lessee), Frome, Attorney, E. H. Sadler

Post Office Address, Grange Hill

Aird, M. C., Postmistress

Alder, C., Penkeeper

Bliss, T. A., Grandvale

Browne, A. H., Merchant

Burfus, E., Blue Castle

Charley, A., Albany

Davis, G., Merchant

Ewen, W., Custos

Hewett, C., (Manager), Mint

Morris, S. H., Blackheath

Plunkett, C. C., Belle Isle

Rankine, W., Penkeeper

Saddler, E. J., Octon House

Segree, J. T., Merchant

Post Office Address, Kings

Bliss, T. A. (Overseer), Grand Vale Estate

Clarke, A. E., Postmistress

Davis, D. J., Culloden Pen, and Storekeeper

Davies, F. E., (Owner), Bruce Hill Pen

Fenton, C. H., Storekeeper

Gunning, H. I., Culloden, Storekeeper

Gunning, A. J., Rose Hall, Storekeeper

Hogg, W. E. (Owner), Cove Pen

King, D. (Owner), Forest Pen

McLeod, C. M., King's Pen, Surveyor

McNeil, T. S. (Owner), Petersville Pen

Muirhead, E. L., Grandville, Storekeeper

Smith, P., Schoolmaster

Stewart, S. L., New Hope, Schoolmaster

Tate, M., Cabinet Maker

Tomlinson, T. S., Storekeeper

Post Office Address, Little London

Aguilar, A. S. & Bro., Wholesale Merchants

Binns, S., Postmaster

Brown, D., General Merchant

Browne, A. H. & Bro., General Wholesale and Retail Merchants

Evans, F. R., Chemist and Druggist

Honey, T. A., Retail Dry Goods

Jonas, A. B., Wholesale and Retail Dry Goods

Jones & Co., H., General Merchants

Leydon & Co., General Merchants

Neilson & Co., General Merchants

Segree, J. S., Storekeeper

Post Office Address, Petersfield

Anderson, J. F., Hertford, Shopkeeper

Anderson, R. S., Red Hill, Shopkeeper

Coote, C. A., Hertford Pen

Davis, C. J., Surveyor

Demster, Friendship Pen

Fenton, G., Williamsfield (overseer)

Gamon, Rev. J., Friendship

Grant, F., Porters Mountain, Shopkeeper

Hopwood, A., Amity, Proprietor

Hopwood, H., Shopkeeper

Hopwood, J. R., Shopkeeper

Hutchins, Rev. J. T., Ciarne Curran

Johnson, J., Withorne, Shopkeeper

Langford, G., Roaring River, Book-keeper

McGregor, Rev. C., St. Peter's Parsonage

Nosworthy, R., Friendship, Overseer

Parkinson, A., Galaway, shopkeeper

Phillipps, G., Water Works, Shopkeeper

Pilliner, D., Petersfield Pen

Pilliner, R. K., Petersfield, Dispenser

Plummer, J., Water Works, Shopkeeper

Pots, W., Porters Mountain, Shopkeeper

Tomlinson, J., Hertford, Shopkeeper

Post Office Address, Savannalamar

Aguilar, A. S., Ackendown Pen

Aguilar & Bro., A. S., General Storekeepers (See Advt)

Brown, D., General Storekeeper

Browne & Bros., A. H., General Storekeepers

Burges, E., Blue Castle

Calder, J. W., Mint

Charlie, A., Mase Mure

Clarke, Rev. H., Mount Eagle

Cridland, T., Roaring River

Dilon, A. S., DIspenser

Evans, F. R., "Medical Hall" Dispensary

Farquharson, C. S., Chambers Estate

Farguharson, J. M., Retreat Estate

Fenton, G., Fort William

Hopkins, E. J., Cornwall

Hopwood, A., Amity

Honey & Co., T. A., General Storekeepers

Jonas, A. B., Water Works, General Store & Penkeeper

Jones & Co., General Storekeepers

Jones & Co., H., General Storekeepers

Leyden & Co., General Storekeepers

Lindo & Sons, A. S., General Storekeepers

McNeil, Mrs., Gallaway

Morris, S. M., Black Heath

Nash, A. E., Postmistress

Nathan & Co., General Storekeepers

Neilson & Co., General Storekeepers

Noseworth, R. C., Friendship

Pilliner, Mrs. M. A., Petersfield

Plunkett, C. C., Bellisle

Riddel, T., Shrewsberry

Russell, J. T., Dispenser

Saddler, A., Carrawinna Estate and Anglisea Pen

Saddler, E. J., Paradise

Segree, J. S., General Storekeeper

Touglin, R. S., Mesopotamia

Vickers, A., Frome

Vickers, H., Fontabelle

Vickers, Mrs., Sweet River Pen

Wolle-----t, W., George's Plain Estate

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