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Post Office Address, Anchovy

Crichton, L., Lethe Pen

Dewar, R., Planter, Anchovy Estate

Edwards, H. W., Book-keeper, Anchovy Estate

Goodricle, R. S., Overseer, Anchovy Estate

Heaven, H., Leithe Pen

Hewett, Rev. E. J., Mount Carey

Martin, Mrs. M., Shopkeeper

Mowatt, E., Mount Carey, Shopkeeper

Nielson, J., Mount Pelier, Teacher

Parkin, J. W., (Owner) Eden & Anchovy Estates

Popkin, D., Shopkeeper

Redpotle, C. W., Willshia

Roe, C. H., Overseer, Eden Estate

Spence, W., Gray Mount Pen

Waite, G. A., Postmaster

Wittingham, E., Ducke's Pen

Woolet, Rev. J. S., Redding

Post Office Address, Little River

Farquharson, J. C., Leogan, (J. H., Parkin, Lessee); Oima, J. Sime, ditto.

Hewan, J. S., Postmaster

Kerr, W., Guilsbro

Kerr, W. L., Providence

Kerr, J. E., Spring Pen

Robertson, G., Content Pen

Trench, D., Hazelymph Pen

Turnbull, E., Tryall Estate

Wittingham, C. D., Success

Post Office Address, Montego Bay

Brown & Bros., A., Harbour Street

Cooper, E., Postmistress

Corinaldi & Sons, S. G.

Davis, A., Blue Hole, (Attorney)

Dyer, M., Palmyra, (Attorney)

Farquharson, J. E., Latium (Owner)

Fisher, Hon. J. W., Irwin

Fray, E., Wiltshire, and Manager Catherine Hall Estate

Grant, D., Spot Valley

Hart, E., St. James Street, Storekeeper

Hart & Sons., A., 1 Market Street, General Storekeepers

Heaven, DeB. S., Providence

Holmes, J. F., St. James St., Storekeeper

Kerr & Co., J. E., 4 Market Street, General Merchants and Bank Agents

Kerr, W., Ironshore

Kerr, Hon. W., Catherine Hall Estate (Attorney)

Magnus, J., St. James Street, Storekeeper

McFarlin, P., Unity Hall

McFarlin, R., Kirkpatrick Pen

Parkins, J. S., Catherine Mount Estate, Fairfield Estate, Anchovy and Eden

Reuben, S. E., St. James Street, Storekeeper

Robertson, G., Hampden, Rose Hall, Cinnamon Hill and Running Gut

Rossee, A., Spring Garden

Sanftleben & Sons, L., Harbour Street, General Storekeepers

Stephenson & Co., D., Storekeepers, Provisions, etc.

Trench, D., Spring

Turnbull, E. R., 15 Market Street, Storekeeper

Wills, D. Jr., Retirement, Windsor Lodge, Bogue, Bellefield and Glasgow

Wills, J. M., Friendship


Post Office Address, Chester Castle

Davis & Co., Bethel Town, Shopkeeper

Fraser, E. S., Caddington Pen

Gray, E. & Co., Belvidere, Shopkeeper

Grove, H., (Overseer), Flint River and Try-All Estates

Hewett, E. J., Mt. Peto, Clergyman

Hewett, T. (Overseer), Content Pen

Kerr, Hon. W. (Attorney), Shettlewood Pen

Parkin, J. W., Proprietor Try-All and Lessee of Flint River Estates

Smith, J. W., Bray Pen

Spence, W., Woodstock, Shopkeeper

Strickland, M. S., Great Valley Pen

Taylor, F. W. (Overseer), Shettlewood Pen

Taylor, J. (Overseer), Golden Grove Estate

Taylor, P. A., Kew Park, Storekeeper

Thomas, C. M., Postmaster

Thomas, D. V., Belvidere, Storekeeper

Thomas, D. V., Bethel Town, Shopkeeper

Williams, J. R., Kew Park Pen

Post Office Address, Copse

Field, J., Friendship, Cooper

Fraser, G., Shopkeeper and Postmaster

Parkin, J. W. H., Copse Estate

Post Office Address, Flint River

Box, T., Storekeeper

Bryce, W., Storekeeper

Gayle, Rev. J. H., Flint River

Groves, H., Try-All and Flint River Estates

Hairs, L., Storekeeper

Hewett, T., Content Pen

Irving, J., Storekeeper

Levy, E., Storekeeper

Scott, R. W., Round Hill Estate

Soley, R., Schoolmaster

Spence, T. E., Bamboo Pen

Strickland, M. S., Great Valley Pen

Topper, F., Barbican Estate

Walcott, H. B., Superintendent Parochial Board

Post Office Address, Green Island

Browne & Bros. A. H., Shopkeepers

Brown, D., Penkeeper

Brunby, F., Penkeeper

Clarke, R. J., Orange Valley

Dod, F., Abingdes

Grant, L., Spring Valley

Hart, A. J., Penkeeper

Hart, P., Shopkeeper

McDonald, N. W., Postmaster

McKenzie, A., Shopkeeper

Miller, P. R., Saxham

Reddie, P. L., Prospect

Reid, G., Haughton Hall Estate

Segre, D., Shopkeeper

Wakefield, J., Shopkeeper

Watson, R., Storekeeper

Wilson, A. G., Shopkeeper

Post Office Address, Lucea

Brandon & Bros., Storekeepers

Davis, G. R., Storekeeper

Davis & Son. H., Riley and Georgia Estates

Emanuel & Co., Storekeepers

Emanuel & Johnson, Storekeepers

Henry, F., Dispenser

Jonas, C. M., Storekeeper

Mudie, D. T., Pint Pen

Salmon, A., Dispenser

Sanftleben & Son

Smith, W., Retrieve Pen

Talbot, D. W., Postmaster

Taylor, Penkeeper

Watson, Hon., Haughton Court Pen

Post Office Address, Ramble

Bigg, J., Cacon Castle (Overseer)

Edwards, J., Knockalva Pen

Fraser, E., Saddler

Frasden [?], C. A. T., Burn Ground Pen

Heaven, DeB., Proprietor

Heaven, DeB., Axe and Adze, Cooper

King, D., Shopkeeper and Postmaster

Kirkwood, H., Shopkeeper

McFarlane, A., Rosaline Castle, Schoolmaster

Miller, F. O., Mt. Ward

Ord, J., Chichester

Rankine, J. N., Alexandria Pen

Reid, J. W., Sodhall, Penkeeper

Robertson, R. H., New Mills, Attorney of Estates

Strickland, M. S., Sodhall Pen

Taylor, F. N., Shuttlewood (Overseer)

Taylor, J. A., Golden Grove (Overseer)

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