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Post Office Address, Clark's Town

Brodber, H. Stulfield Pen

Dalrymple, W., Oxford Pen

Hoskins, H., Cambridge Pen

Kickhanson, F. Spats-Man-Hole Pen

Mohman, C. Stingdon Pen

Mosse, J., Swanswick Estate

Purchas, Dr. F., Spats-Man-Hole Pen

Sime, J., Georgia Estate

Sinclair, G., Hyde Estate

Taylor, G., Long Pond Estate

Post Office Address, Duncans

Carter, J., Arcadia Estate

Dewar, G. P., J.P., Harmony Hall Estate

Favorn, W., Dry Valley Pen

Gentles, W., Merchant

Gentles, W., Carey Park Pen

Gordon, Windsor Castle Pen

Hood, G. H., Braco Pen

Johnson, W., Retirement Pen

Ogilvy, W., Dry Valley Pen

Scott, A., Mount Spring Pen

Sewell, Hon. H., Arcadia Pen

Sharp, W. T., Vale Royal Pen

Shearer, J., Vale Royal Pen

Shirley, Hon. L. C., Stewart Castle Pen

Stephenson, R., Lancaster Pen

Stredwick, H. T., Kettering Pen

Stredwick, H. J., Merchant

Post Office Address, Falmouth

Bliss, W., Holland Pen

Bruch, J. H., Good Hope Pen and Hude Hall Estate

Carvalho, H., Florence Hall Pen

Clerk, J. H., Wales Pen

Davidson, Rev., Maxfield Pen

Delgado Bros., Merchants

Dignum, A. B., Hague Pen

Duffus, G., Pembroke Pen

Ewen, W., Weston Favel Pen

Gauntlett, A. B., Postmaster

Gentles, A. B., Hampstead Pen

Guiselin, J., Merchant

Gordon, R., Unity Pen

Hill, W. D., Windsor Pen

Hoskins, H. T., Steelfield, Oxford, Chester & Cambridge Estates

Kerr & Co., J. E., Merchants, Bank & Shipping Agents

Kerr, Hon. W., Dundee, Etingdon, Gales Valley, Golden Grove, Kent, Orange Valley and Tilston Estates

Lindo, D. & Co., Merchants (See Advt.)

Lopez, E., Shopkeeper

Nemes, C., Merrywood Pen

Nunes & Co., R. B., Merchants & Shipping Agents

Reuben, H. E., Merchant

Robertson & Fletcher G., Green Park Estate

Robertson, G. and Sime J., Long Pond Estate

Scott, A., Spring Pen

Shearer, J., Arcadia, Braco, Hyde, Harmony Hall, Lottery and Vale Royal Estate

Shearer, J. & Dewar, G. P., Oxford Estate

Shirley, L. C., Swanswick Estate

Sime, J., Bryan Castle, Brampton Bryan, Fontabelle and Georgia Estates

Stewart, Rev., Armagh Pen

Townsend, A., Pantrepant Pen

Walcott, & DeCambra, Merchants

Whiting, W. T., Garradu Pen

Young, J. R., Merchant

Post Office Address, Hampden

Bruford, R., Weston Favel Pen

Goodhall, H., Dumfries Pen and Lima Estate

Horichen, A. C., Belfield Estate

Kelley, D. O., Hampden Estate

Kerr, Hon. W., Barrett Hall, Green Wood, George's Valley Pens, Orange Valley and Kent Estates

Kerr & Co., Dundee Estate, Phoenix Pen and Tilston Estates

Post Office Address, Rio Bueno

Case, R. S., Penkeeper

Comer, G. R., Storekeeper

Dalrymple, A., Penkeeper

Day, E. A., Grocer, etc.

Dias, D. M., Penkeeper

Fraser, L. L., Liquors, etc.

Gentles, W., Storekeeper

Laing, R. A., Postmaster

Stochanun, J., Penkeeper

Post Office Address, Ulster Spring

Arnett, Rev. A., Warsop (Baptist Minister)

Barnett, J. W., General Storekeeper

Bailie, Rev. W., Wesleyan Minister

Carter, A., Tray Pen

Hall, J. H., General Dealer

Johnson & Watson, (Exchange), Merchants

Lilly, Z., Shopkeeper

Milliner, T. J., Spring Garden Pen

Muirhead, A., Spring Side Pen

Myers, H. F., Shopkeeper

Omeally, Rev. P., Pleasant Hill (Baptist Minister)

Pile, J. T., Bristol Plantation

Ringrose, Shopkeeper

Runcie, W., Postmaster

Smythe, W. T., Shopkeeper

Walcott, J. E., Freemans Hall, Shopkeeper

Whitney, S. S. & T.W., Freeman's Hall, Estate

Young, J. R., Spring Garden, Storekeeper

Post Office Address, Stewart Town

Brown, T. M., Baptist Teacher

Comer, G., Storekeeper

Fisher, J. W., Mahogany Hall Pen

Kennedy, W., Merchant

Miller, Rev. J. E., Church Minister

McFarlane, C., Stewart Town

McKenzie, Miss, Principal Trelawny Girls' School

Rutty, J. W., Penkeeper

Scholes, J. D., Penkeeper

Stockhaume, J., Accountant

Thompson, S. J., Postmaster

Walker, R., Penkeeper

Webb, Rev. W. M., Baptist Minister

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