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Post Office Address, Annotto Bay

Ashmead, R., Fort Stewart

Ball, H. C., Druggist

Benbow, R. W., Shopkeeper

Braham, R. B., Gray's Inn

Graham, R. B., Merchant

Cargill, Fort George, Member Parochial Boards

Churnside, L., Dover

Cooper, R. P., Shopkeeper

Dongle, J., Fort George

Duncan, J., Chester Castle, Shopkeeper

Edie, G. B., Horse Dealer

Ellis, Major C. D., Fort George

Espeut, W. B., COme See

Feurtado, J., Journalist

Gifford, Dr. L., G. M. O.

Henriques, N. S., Storekeeper

Hutchins, G. C., Assistant Collector of Taxes

Jaquet, P., Epsom, Solicitor

Lopez, L. F., Shopkeeper

Mercier, Rev. F. H. M., Cape Clear

Naylor, W., Tom's River, Shopkeeper

Phillipps, J. Cave Berrell

Pringle, Dr. J., Agualta Vale, G. M. O.

Rennalls, S. R., Shopkeeper

Seall, Rev. F. W., Minister

Spalding, R. R. S., Platfield, Collector Revenue

Stanford, F. R., Penkeeper

Taylor, W. S., Schoolmaster

Walsh, J. W., Saddler

Wildes, H., Engineer

Post Office Address, Gayle

Braham & Bros., J., Castle Mine Pen

Evelyn, A., Storekeeper

Grant, A., Storekeeper

Lindo, H., Storekeeper

Melville, J. C., Lucky Hill Pen

Newman, F. H., Salisbury Pen

Purcell, F., Storekeeper

Silvera, A. E., Storekeeper

Silvera, A. E., Russell Hall Pen

Silvera Brother, L., Crescent Pen

Stewart, J. R., Pembroke Hall Pen

Post Office Address, Guy's Hill

Kelly, W., New Works.

Post Office Address, Hampstead

Anderson, D., Preston Pen

Clarke, C., Ballards Valley Estate

DaCosta, A. S., Storekeeper

Fraser, C. H., Storekeeper

Johnstone, R. M., Berry Hill Pen

Marsh, H., Langley Pen

Priest, D., Storekeeper

Priest, W., Postmaster

Rudolf, H. J., Penkeeper

Scott, R. L., Penkeeper

Walker, C. L., Ballards Valley Estate

Post Office Address, Oracabessa

Bancroft, A. C., Airy Hill, Superintendent Parochial Roads

Byfield, R., Fontabelle Pen

Campbell, E., Williams Park Pen

Carty, J. N., Shopkeeper

Cousins, H., Spring Grove Pen

Foreman, W., Gibraltar Pen

Henderson, Rev. W. D., Bariff Hall Pen

Hire, H., Rockmoor Cottage

James, H., Rockmoor Cottage

McPherson, E., Boscobel Pen

Mais, E., Spring Valley Pen

Murdock, J., Airy Hill

Nelson, L., Berwick Pen

Phillpotts, H. F., Eden Park Pen

Roe, G., Dealer in Medical Herbs

Silvera, Crescent Pen

Silvera, V. E., Storekeeper

Silvera, A. B., Shopkeeper

Silvera, C. B., Penkeeper

SIlvera, A. P., Crescent Pen

Silvera, L. G., Shopkeeper

Silvera, R., Crescent Pen

Silvera, J. N., Penkeeper

Solomon, W. H., Industry Pen

Walker, W., Prospect Pen

Webster, J. N., Banana Agent

Webster, H., Mercantile Clerk

White, L., Mercantile Clerk

Post Office Address, Port Maria

Atkinson, J. P., Shopkeeper and Druggist

Clemetson, D. R., Frontier Pen

DaCosta, A. L., Storekeeper

Greerson, D. R., (Overseer), Llanrunney Pen

Griffen, Mr., (Overseer), Brimmer Hall Pen

Kerr & Co., J. E., Merchants, and Owner of Lanrunney Pen

Mickle, Mr., Wentnorth Pen

Mossman, H. L., Storekeeper

Payne, J. M., Postmaster

Pringle, Dr., (owner,) Trinity Pen

Pringle, J., (owner,) Brimmer Hall Pen

Rankine, J. E., Shopkeeper

Robinson, R. B., (Overseer,) Trinity Pen

Solomon, A. L., Druggist and Shopkeeper

Sweetland, A. L., Storekeeper

Post Office Address, Richmond

Davidson, J., Lunnar

Delisser, F. H., Storekeeper

Dryden, C. T., Dispenser

Forman, W., Shopkeeper

Fowles & Co., E., Storekeeper

Hare, H., Shopkeeper

Howard, J. B., Scott's Hill, Storekeeper

Mossman, A., Storekeeper

Parke, M., Shopkeeper

Pendergast, F. N., Storekeeper

Sharp, J., Belfield, Storekeeper

Smellie, W., Shopkeeper

Sterling, L., Shopkeeper

Tennant, P., Shopkeeper

Tennant, N., Lewisburgh, Shopkeeper

Westmoreland, H. W., Esher Pen

Westmoreland, H. W., Scholtottenburgh Estate

Wildman, A. S., Belfield, Druggist

Walcott, Rev. H. B., Minister

Walcott, M. J., Postmaster

Post Office Address, Salt Gut

Cathcart, H. J., New Ramble Estate

Clarke, R., Huddersfield Pen

Dixon, T., Lower Hill Pen

Mais, E., Spring Valley Pen

Marsh, T., Epping Pen

Marsh, J., Warwick Castle Pen

Marsh, S., Richard's Pen

Myers, J. E., Cardiff Pen

McPherson, Miss E., Stoneyfield Pen

Rigg, R., Retreat Pen

Rigg, H., Retreat Pen

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