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Post Office Address, Buff Bay

Abrahams, F., General Storekeeper

Benn, A., Mount Holstein

Boothe, S., Storekeeper

Boston Fruit Company, Spring Garden and Paradise

Broughton, T., Layton Valley

Broughton, T. G. D., Mount Pelier

Demercado, and Co., H., General Storekeepers

Espeut, Honorable W. B., Spring Garden and Kildare

Geddes, Mrs., Windsor Forest

Gowie, H. A., General Storekeeper

Hosack, Mrs., Mount Pelier

Isaacs, ----- Retreat

King, E. L., Postmaster

Manahan, J., Prior Park and The Vinery

Manahan, J. A., Prior Park and The Vinery

Mason, J. O., Rose Garden and Lennox

Moodie, P. A., Woodstock Estate

Sanftleben, D., Shrewsbury

Spence, P. B., General Storekeeper

Walshe, W. C., Shopkeeper

Post Office Address, Hope Bay

Armstrong, R. G., Hermitage

Banbury, Rev. T., Little Spring Garden

Baugh, D., Storekeeper

Booth, J., Storekeeper

Boston Fruit Company, Hermitage

Cargill, T., Storekeeper

Chevellier, A. F., Upper Layton

Desgun, M., Low Layton

Dias, Mrs., The Hope

King, H. A., Postmaster

Small, J. A., Camwood

Thompson, T., Jr., Little Spring Garden

Post Office Address, Port Antonio

Abendana, J. M., West St., Dry Goods

Abrahams, W. A., Market Square Provisions

Anderson, G., Liquors, etc.

Armstrong, A., White Hall

Bell, J. H., Market Square, Provisions

Burke, C., Market Square, Liquors, etc.

Boston Fruit Company, Bog Plantation, Unity Valley, Red Hazel, Pleasant View, Fellowship, Gordon Vale, Windsor, Seaman's Vale, Prospect, Williamsfield, Cold Harbour and Fairy Hill

Boston Fruit Company, West St., Fruit and General Merchants

Brown, R. A., Tavern-Keeper

Brown, Mrs. R. A., Market Square, Groceries

Burke, P., senior, Anchovy Valley

Burke, P., junior, Anchovy Valley

Davis, H., Golden Vale

Downer, S., Harbour St., Provisions

Fisher, J., Blue Hole

Gayle, C. A., Harbour Street, Auctioneer

Gideon, D. S., West St., Dry Goods

Grossett, C. H., West St., Liquors, Provisions, etc.

Grossett, A. E., West St., Liquors, etc.

Grossett, C. H. S., White Hall and Norwich

Henderson, Mrs. M., Cold Harbour

Hoyes, Mrs. A. S., Teranova

Jamaica Fruit Company, West St., Fruit and General Merchants

Jaquet, S., Richmond Hill

Jenoure, F. A., Groceries, etc.

Jones, Mrs., Pleasant View

McBlaine, Mrs. A., Cambridge

Moodie, P. A., Teranova, Hicklesdown and Fair Prospect

Mordecai, L., Market Square, Dry Goods

O'Reily, D., Fairfield, Sion Hill and Friendship

Paterson, James, Tom's Hope

Paterson, Jno., Tom's Hope

Pearson, W. H., Unity Valley

Perkins, S. A., Market Square, Dry Goods

Petgrave, F. A., Brownsfield, Sherwood Forest Farm, and Teddington

Phillips, Miss A., Fellowship

Reid, E., West St., Provisions

Russel, R., Bog Plantation

Russell, W., Windsor

Service, Mrs., The Folly

Simons, D. C., West St., Dry Goods

Simpson, J., West St., Drugs, etc.

Smart, Mrs., Fairy Hill

Sutherland, E., Harbour Street, Liquor and Provisions, (T. Escoffery, Manager)

Sutherland, E., West Street, Liquor, Dry Goods, Drugs, etc.

Thompson, Miss S. Stantron, Harcourt, Jamaica Fruit Company, Lessee

Thompson, S., Anchovy Valley

Walker, D. A., West Harbour Street, Dry Goods

Walker, W., Spring Bank

Watson, R., Market Square, Dry Goods, (S. Smith, Manager)

Post Office Address, Priestman's River

Collins, Mrs., Windsor Forest

Deans, H. P., Kenneys Grove

Ffrench, A. E., (Overseer,) Fair Prospect

Hobbs, E., (Overseer,) Boston

Jenoure, F. A., Boston

Jones, W., Castle

Street, Mrs., Fair Prospect

Wigham, J. T., Elonwood and Hartford

Post Office Address, Manchioneal

Blackburn, Rev. T., Kensington

Bolt, D., Fruit Dealer

Brown, F. B., Storekeeper

Chance, R. E., Dispenser

Crooks, A. F., Postmistress

Douse, Rev. C. C., Manchioneal

Flemming, Miss, Peach

George, Rev. J. C., Manchioneal

Gray, G., Darlingford Pen

Harris, Rev. H. B., Belle Castle

Harrison, J., (Lessee,) Darlingford

Hinchelwood, J., Providence

Hurshelwood, J. A., Mulatto River

Jones, M., Williamsfield

Kennedy, F., Rural Vale

Lightbourn, Rev. A. F., Manchioneal

McCleary, W. S., Storekeeper

McCleary, Mrs., Hopewell

Parchment, A. A., Storekeeper

Robert, J. C. E., District Medical Officer

Scotch, S., Haining

Scotlock, S., Spring Valley

Sherwood, Mrs., The Villa

Sibley, Rev. W. P., Belle Castle

Thompson, P., Orange Hill

Wright, D. B., Catechist

Post Office Address, St. Margaret's Bay

Cadalso, M., Passley Garden

Bond, E. J., Shopkeeper

Cork, H., Benlington Estate

Glass, J., Shopkeeper

James, Rev., Snow Hill

Ramsay, Mrs. J., Shopkeeper

Shirley, A. H., Druggist and General Dealer

Stanton, Mrs. J., Whiydale Pen

Sutherland, E., Storekeeper

Valentine, T. A., Shopkeeper

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