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Post Office Address, Bath

Allen, J., Glenmoy Pen

Ashman, E., Burrowfield Pen

Bacquie, N., Wealeyan Minister

Burke, W., Somerset Pen

Crawford, E., Port Morant, Shopkeeper

Cuthbert, L. M., Grosset, Produce Buyers

Donnaldson, R., Farrier

Hamilton, D. G., Produce Dealer

Jacobs, R., Shopkeeper

McCoy, Airy Castle, Shopkeeper

Patterson, C. J., Superintendent Parochial Roads

Stewart, E., Shopkeeper

Sullivan, E., Grosset, Dispenser

Post Office Address, Blue Mountain Valley

Brown, S., Seaforth, General Storekeeper

Cresser, M. J., General Storekeeper

Demercado, H., Chigoe Foot Market, Storekeeper

Dias, H., Chigoe Foot Market, Storekeeper

Earl, M. J., Serge Island, Pen

Jameison, J., Hall Head, Pen

Levy, C. H., Serge Island, Pen

Magee, A. A., Valley Road, Dispenser

McCrae, E. L., Storekeeper

Robinson, R. A., Chigoe Foot Market, Shopkeeper

Rowe, A. H., Blue Mountain, Pen

Stewart, Capt. W., Spring Pen

Turner, C., Garbrand Hall, Pen

Post Office Address, Morant Bay

Aitchison, J., Carpenter

Breakspear, T. J., Collector Revenue

Brown, Rev. S., Highbury

Clarke, J. B., Beckford Town, Storekeeper

Cresser, M. J., Storekeeper

Dias, C. N., Druggist

Donnaldson, W., Church Corner Road, Contractor

Fuller, S., Church Corner, Butcher

Garrett, F. C., Green Wall, Superintendent Roads

Gerrard, J. S., Belfast, District Medical Officer

Grosset, T., Whitehorses, Butcher

Hayleger, W. A., Deputy Clerk Courts

Hawkins, F. H., Clerk Parochial Boards

James, A. J., Clergyman

Jenkins, T., Whitehorses, Shopkeeper

Levy, C., Lyssons, Merchant

Lewis, C. M., Storekeeper

Lowrey, E., Whitehorses, Carpenter

Marchalleck, J. S., Storekeeper

Mayne, S., Johnston's Town, Shopkeeper

McCrae, C. L., Shopkeeper

McLarren, R., Duany Pen, Shopkeeper

Messenger, J., Tailor

Mordecai, I. J., Storekeeper

Nethersole, G., Carpenter

Pilliner, G. B., Happy Hill, Clerk Courts

Ray, J., Harmony Hill

Richards, B., Whitehorses, Storekeeper

Ross, S., Plumber

Scott, M., Storekeeper

Shirley, W., Duany Pen

Smith, E., Botney Bay, Carpenter

Stanley, G. W., Beckford Town, Shopkeeper

Thomas, H. T., Oxford, Inspector Constabulary

Thompson, C., Retreat, Superintendent Parochial Roads

Williams, O. H., Shopkeeper

Post Office Address, Plantain Garden River

Astwood, G. E. D., Qua Hill, Produce Dealer

Bates, D. E. D., Thornton, Inspector Poor

Carter, W. H., Stokes Hall, Storekeeper

Cornwall, P., Belmont, Clergyman

Davis, D. J., Golden Grove

Donnaldson, J., Pear Tree River, Produce Buyer

Friend, A., Carpenter

Gray, T., Swamps

Harris, H., Leith Hall, Baptist Minister

Lindsey, J., Stokes Hall, Blacksmith

Neyland, A. C., Airy Mount, District Medical Officer

Post Office Address, Port Morant

Ashley, G. A., Wesleyan Minister

Crawford, R. A., Shopkeeper

Dias, A., Leith Hall, Shopkeeper

Harris, E. G., Bowdon

Lucar, T., Leith Hall, Pilot

Martin, J. D., Shopkeeper

McGill, R., Wharfinger

Wallace, G. A., Shopkeeper

Post Office Address, Yallahs, St. David

Carson, J. S., Albion, Proprietor

Cathcart, J. H., Yallahs, Storekeeper

Cuming, W., Yallahs, Wheelwright

Gokal, J., Bath seda [Bethseda ?], Shopkeeper

Isaacs, H. J., Yallahs

Lowe, J., Phillipsfield

Marks, P., Aeolus Valley, Shopkeeper

Markland, J., P. M. Corner, Shopkeeper

Martin, F., Bransbury, Shopkeeper

Martin, W., Bransbury, Shopkeeper

McCoy, F., River Head, Shopkeeper

McDowell, J., Easington, Shopkeeper

McDowell, J., P. M. Corner, Shopkeeper

McFarlane, Q., Aeolus Valley, Shopkeeper

McKay, G., Somphret, Shopkeeper

McKennly, J., Cocoa Walk, Shopkeeper

McKennly, J. Wraywood, Shopkeeper

McCoy, T., Yallahs, Shopkeeper

McLarty, J., Yallahs, Shopkeeper

McLean, J., Lloyd, Copper-smith

McLean, D. T., Smithsfield

McLean, R. J., Aeolus Valley, Shopkeeper

McLean, C., Yallahs, Shopkeeper

McLean, F., Ramble, Shopkeeper

McLean, A., Aeolus Valley, Shopkeeper

McLeod, J. B., Bransbury

McQuin, S., Seymoore Gardens, Shopkeeper

McTurner, J., Easington, Shopkeeper

Mignott, R., 11 Miles, Shopkeeper

Moon, J., Riverhead, Shopkeeper

Morgan, D., Wraywood, Shopkeeper

Perkins, H. W., Albion, Manager

Spratt, S., Orange Park, Wesleyan Minister

Taylor, W., Yallahs

Williams, A., Heartease, Carpenter

Post Office Address, Trinity Ville

Bogle, J., Shopkeeper

Bogle, J., Penkeeper

Burgher, D. C., Penkeeper

Car, W. A. R., Storekeeper

Demercado, J., Storekeeper

Graham, S. R., Shopkeeper

Massy, E., Shopkeeper

Massy, G., Richmond Pen

McFarlane, J., J.P., Waitsfield Pen

Munoe, J. A., Shopkeeper

Pearn, G., Baptist Minister

Provan, J. P., Monkland Pen

Purcell, E. W., Shopkeeper

Waste, J., Shopkeeper

Webb, N. G., Overseer, Coley Estate

Post Office Address, Hagley Gap

Campbell, R., Shopkeeper

Davidson, J., Sherwood Forest

Grossett, B. S., Farm Hill

Heaven, D. S., Whitefield Hall

Sabonadiere, W. A., Arntully Plantation

Stephens, S. A., J.P., Radnor Coffee Plantation

Stewart, T. A., Shopkeeper

Taylor, Captain S. S. Moy Hall

Thorp, T. A., Mocho Coffee Plantation

Watson, S. H., Windsor Forest

Wright, A. R., Brook Lodge

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