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Post Office Address, Bull Bay

Burke, C. S., Llanderay and Mount Sinai Pens.

Bursbrman, L. D. Llanderay, Storekeeper.

Clark, S. 7, Miles. Shopkeeper.

Duffus, G., Clair Mont Pen.

Duffus, G., Somerset Coffee Plantation.

Magill, B., Glenfindlass Pen.

Manuels, Dr. T., The Abbey Pen.

Massey, G., Middleton Coffee Plantation.

McLean, J., Cambridge Hill Pen.

Richards, W., Norris Sugar Estate.

Smicle, J., 10 Miles Storekeeper.

Turner, L., Worster Park.

Walker, L. G., Postmaster.

Watson, S. H., Windsor Forest.

Post Office Address, Cold Spring

Dias, R. A., Postmaster.

Hollingsworth, J., Newton Coffee Plantation.

Maclarerty, P., Manager, Newton Coffee Plantation.

McEnny, R., Manager, Silver Hill Coffee Plantation.

McLean, J., Cold Spring Coffee Plantation.

Mumm, H., Manager, Good Hope Coffee Plantation.

Sidgwick, R., Chester Vale Coffee Plantation.

Post Office Address, Golden Spring

Agramento, S. Temple Hall.

Awhee, A., Stoney Hill, Storekeeper.

Ashley, R., Down Castle.

Battiste, P., Temple Hall.

Beckford, J., Cavaliers, Shopkeeper.

Berry, Rev. C. B., Mount Charles.

Brown, S., Stoney Hill, Dealer.

Campbell, Rev. J., Golden Spring.

Christie, W. U., Swallowfield Mount, Shopkeeper.

Davis, T. E., Mount Airy, Shopkeeper.

Douce, Rev. D. B., Lassey Green.

Douglas, J. Mannings Hill, Dealer.

Duhaney, J. A., Temple Hall, Minister.

Evans, E., Stoney Hill, Shopkeeper.

Fox, F., Belmont, Shopkeeper.

Hector, E., Swallowfield, Shopkeeper.

Hector, R., Content, Shopkeeper.

Koiran, F., Mount Charles, Shopkeeper.

Lawton, M., Stoney Hill, Dealer.

Lewis, G. C. H., Golden Spring, Storekeeper.

Logan, W. C., Lawrence Tavern, Dealer.

Lord, C., King Weston, Dealer.

Lundie, J., Mount Ogle.

Mair, S., Reformatory, Superintendent.

McCalla, J. M., Belmont, Shopkeeper.

McLarty, W., Duncans Content, Shopkeeper.

Moore, Dr. Y. T. G., Reformatory, M. D.

Northerer, A., Lawrence Tavern, Shopkeeper.

Nunes, J. S., Belmont, Shopkeeper.

Parke, W., Struan Castle, Shopkeeper.

Peat, J., Everton Park, Shopkeeper.

Pendergast, W. H., Farrier.

Phillipps, A., Temple Hall, Shopkeeper.

Pinnock, G. A., Shopkeeper.

Quarrell, R., Brandon Hill, Minister.

Randal, C. E., Oberlin, Wesleyan Minister.

Roderick, J., Mannings Hill, Shopkeeper.

Rodgers, H. J., Sterling Castle, Surveyor.

Rose, A., Mount Charles.

Scott, E., Brandon Hill, Shopkeeper.

Smith, J. M., Mannings Hill, Dealer.

Stanford, F. R., Mount James.

Stewart, Rev. J., Swain Spring.

Stibbel, J., Cavaliers, Shopkeeper.

Taffey, G., Swadmore, Shopkeeper.

Trepier, E. J., Cavaliers, Shopkeeper.

Tyrrell, S., Everton Park, Shopkeeper.

Wall, J., Shopkeeper.

Post Office Address, Gordon Town

Barker, Rev. M., Mount Fletcher.

Bleby, Rev. W. H., Gordon Town.

Bolton, B & Co., Merchants and Livery Stables.

Campbell, F., Mahogany Vale Pen.

Campbell, T. L., Content, Pen.

Casserly, J., Scharlottenburgh, Plantation.

Castle, Dr. C. W., Stoneleigh, M. D.

Chisholm, J. C., Prospect Hill, Pen.

Christie, W. H., Content, Shopkeeper.

Codd, T. S., Shopkeeper.

Duval, H., Merchant and Livery Stables.

English, J., Shopkeeper.

Graham, H., Robertsfield, Shopkeeper.

Hibbert, J., Cambridge, Shopkeeper.

Hobbs, R., Shopkeeper.

Josephs, J., Constitution Hill, Shopkeeper.

Knight, E., Maryland, Shopkeeper.

McDermott, Rev. H. F. M., Ropley.

McDonald, J., Dunsinane, Shopkeeper.

McDonald, W. J., Clifton Mount, Shopkeeper.

Mosse, F., Salt Hill, Shopkeeper.

Petnaud, J. L., Irish Town, Shopkeeper.

Radcliffe, Rev. J., Galoway Lodge.

Roberts, Rev. J., Rose Hill.

Roberts, Rev. J., Bermuda Mount.

Simpson, A., Petersrock, Shopkeeper.

Post Office Address, Half-Way Tree

Bacquie, E., Primrose Cottage.

Barbueno, R. H., Wexon Lodge.

Boxen, R., Spanish Town Road, Shopkeeper.

Britton, T., Davis' Pasture, Shopkeeper.

Burke, W. R., White Hall, Carrier.

Campbell, E. J., Kings House, Gardener.

Cargill, J. F., Monattre, M. D.

Carr, S. S. W., The Retreat, Minister.

Christie, C., Shopkeeper.

Collins, R., Davis' Pasture, Shopkeeper.

Davis, J., Grave's Pen, Shopkeeper.

Davis, N., Billidon, Shopkeeper.

Dalhouse, H., Spanish Town Road, Shopkeeper.

DeCasseres, B. E., Cross Roads, Tavern-keeper.

Deleon, C. H., Cammock Shop, Dealer.

Donald, W., Half-Way Tree, Tailor.

Duff, C. P., Reservoir, Kingston and Liguanea Water Works.

Eastwood, H. P., Druggist.

Eastwood, H. R. C., Saddler.

Facey, L. T., Glebe Farm.

Facey, L., Bumper Hall, Surveyor.

Forest, J., Caya Ground, Blacksmith.

Gibson, A., Slipe Road, Blacksmith.

Grant, A. E., Ribton Cottage, Shopkeeper.

Grant, J. W., Orchard Pen, Shopkeeper.

Hamilton, R. H., Clefton, Shopkeeper.

Hamilton, A. S., Spanish Town Road, Shopkeeper.

Harris, W., Hope Plantation, Gardener.

Harper, J. W., Mary Brown's Corner, Shopkeeper.

Hart, J., Gladstone Villa, Shopkeeper.

Henry, J., Grant's Pen, Blacksmith.

Herne, A., Surveyor.

Hull, E. D., Gladstone Villa, Shopkeeper.

Isaacs, Rev. H. H., The Rectory.

Isaacs, Rev. H. S., Bishop's Lodge.

Joseph, H., Shopkeeper.

Joseph, W., Storekeeper.

Kennedy, F. R., Percival Lodge, Fruit Dealer.

Keniah, J., Cassia Grove, Assistant Inspector Schools.

Lettman, G. H., Hope Road, Shopkeeper.

Lunan, W. G., Slipe Road, Dealer.

McBean, Mary Brown's Corner, Shopkeeper.

McKenzie, D., Slipe Road, Shopkeeper.

McKenzie, G. H., Dunkley Castle, Shopkeeper.

McKenzie, W. R., Four Roads, Shopkeeper.

Morrais, A. D., Half-Way Tree, Shopkeeper.

Newton, P., Four Roads, Shopkeeper.

Phillippson, A., Cassia Park, Accountant.

Powell, W., Half-Way Tree, Baker.

Rowe, C. H., Content Spring, Superintendent Water Works.

Russeau, F., Kensington, Shopkeeper.

Russeau, P. L., Halcot Farm, Builder.

Samuels, J., Content Spring, Shopkeeper.

Scotland, Rev. H., Vale Royal.

Seixas, E., Half-Way Tree, Tavern-keeper.

Thompson, Rev. J., Swayn's Pen.

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