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Ahwee, Albert, 43, 51, 113. Retail Provisions.

Aldred, J. J., 76. Saddle and Harness-maker.

Bolton, Harold, 75. Livery Stables. (See advt.)

Chin Sam, 41. Retail Provisions.

Clarke, W., 105. Furniture Dealer.

Crosswell, J. M., 89. Eagle Drug and Grocery. (See advt.)

Desnoes, P. and Son, 49 and 54. Retail Liquors.

Desporte and Co., 102, 138. Retail Liquors.

Exhibition Bakery, 41. Henry Alberga, Proprietor.

Grant, Edward, 121. Furniture Dealer, Upholsterer, etc.

Jackson, R., 131. Retail Provisions.

La Amalia, 115. Loreto Chacon. Cigar and Cigarette.

Lennan, Edward, 76. Machinist, etc.

Lewis, G. C. H., 96. Retail Liquors and Provisions.

Lion Hotel, 79. Samuel Clarke, Proprietor.

McLarty, C. R., 91. Saddle and Harness-maker.

Moody, W. A., 99. Tailor.

Quallo, Henry, 78. General Dealer.

Simon & Co., 127. Retail Liquors. (See advt.)

Wray, J. and Nephew, 133. Retail Liquors. (See advt.)


Aarons, A. F., 11. Bookseller, Stationer, etc.

Adams, George, 9. Builder and Contractor.

Andrews, W., 11. Solicitor.

Baird, E. G., 11. Bookbinder and Account Book Manufacturer.

Bank of Nova Scotia, 6. W. E. Stavert, Agent. (See advt.)

Barrow, G., 21. Tailor.

Baruch, D. and Co., 13. Cigar and Cigarette Manufacturers.

Bell, C. T., 19. Solicitor.

Bird, R. W., 63. Surgeon Dentist.

Blue House Bakery, 28. S. Morais, Proprietor.

British and Foreign Bible Society, 14. Rouse and Co. (See advt.)

Burke, G. E. and Brothers, 3. Wholesale Provision and Grain Merchants. (See advt.)

Burke, Alexander E., 16. Solicitor.

Cassis, J., 10. Boot and Shoemaker. (See advt.)

Collector's Office, 24. Gas Rates.

Collector's Office, 24. Water Rates.

Commissioners' Office, 24. Water, Gas, Markets, etc. L. F. McKinnon, Managing Commissioner.

Davis, H. E. H., 13. Solicitor.

DeSouza, Mortimer C., 7. Proprietor Excelsior Job Printing Establishment. Compiler, Printer and Publisher of this Book.

Dispensary, 36. Dr. A. Robinson.

Dispensary, 64. Dr. Van Waterschoodt.

Escoffery, A. C., 13. Builder and Contractor.

Farquharson, A. W., 18. Solicitor.

Green House Bakery, 32. H. M. Sollas, Proprietor.

Haytian Consulate, 13. B. C. Carvalho, Consul-General.

Henry, William, 19. Barber.

Jackson, R. H., 18. Solicitor.

Jamaica Curiosities, 8. Women's Self-help Society.

Jamaica Post, 48. J. W. Kerr & Co.

Joseph, S. Louis, 16. Boot and Shoe Warehouse. (See advt.)

Lake, A. L. P., 15. Solicitor.

Lyons, C., 18. Solicitor.

Morais, E. L. F., N. W. Corner Harbour Street. Solicitor.

Morrison, J., 20. Jeweller, Engraver, etc.

News Bureau, 10. J. E. Howell, Manager. (See advt.)

Secretary's Office, 24. Exhibition Commissioners. L. F. Mackinnon, Secretary.

Schloss & Co., 3. (Moved here during printing of the directory)

Simpson, P. & Co., 9, Household Furnishing and Fancy Goods.

Solomon, Ashenheim and Co., 3. Wholesale Merchants, Shipping Agents, etc.

Squire's Express, 22, Church Street. Customs and General Business Agency. (See advt.)

Urbina, F., 25. Cigar and Cigarette Manufacturer.

Wesleyan Book-Room, 18.

Whittington Life Assurance Co., 11. W. Andrews, Agent.

Wolfe and Milholland, 20. Solicitors.


Anderson, Dr., 4. Dispensary.

Anderson and Watson, 12. Solicitors.

Bicknell, E. A., 7. Solicitor.

Burke and Gray, 8. Solicitors, etc.

Co-Operative Fire Insurance Co., 8. Henry Ford, Secretary. (See advt.)

Dayes, James, 4 1/2. Solicitor.

Dunand, Dr. F. A., 55. Dentist.

Garsia, W., 93. House-painter, Paper-hanger, etc.

Government Printing Establishment, 79. A. C. Sinclair, Superintendent.

Henderson, Dr. C. Courtney, 62.

Jamaica Permanent Building Society, 8. T. A. Hogg, Secretary.

Kingston Benefit Building Society, 6. J. M. Polson, Secretary.

Octon House, 32. Board and Lodgings.

Office of the Mayor and Council, N. W. Corner Water Lane.

Rondon, J. M., 18. Ice Cream Palace.

Royal Insurance Co., 12. Anderson and Watson, Agents.

Valdes, J. B. and Co., 13. Photographers.

Vendryes, H., 5. Advocate.

White's Livery Stables, 10. H. Cooke, Proprietor.


Clarendon House, 23. M. M. Loche, Proprietress.

Dias, B. H., 10. Dentist.

Money Order and Mail Coach, 8. Offices of

Postmaster for Jamaica, 8. Office of

Post Office, Telegraph, 8. Office of

Sturridge, Ernest, 78. Dentist.

The Jamaica Institute, 14. J. C. Ford, Secretary.


Dispensary, 78. Doctors Phillipo and Saunders.

Fire Brigade Station, 65. G. F. Sale, Superintendent.

Jamaica Club, 61. W. Lynch, Secretary.

Relieving Officer's Office. H. J. R. Gray, Inspector of Poor. N. W. Corner of Water Lane.

Sam, Chin, 63. Retail Provisions.


Affoo, 30. Retail Provision.

DaCosta, E., 68. Retail Provisions.

Machoo, 29. Retail Provisions.


Ahloy, C. 32. Retail Provisions.

Crosswell, L. A. 15. Dry Goods.

Chin Win, 39. Retail Provisions.

Chin Soy, 34. Retail Provisions.

Clark, E. E., 44. Surgeon Dentist.

Delgado, O., and Son, 52. Retail Provisions.

Desnoes, P. and Son, 26 and 48. Retail Liquors.

Geepon, W., 29. Retail Provisions.

Harris, S., 16. Cigar and Cigarette Manufacturer.

Hidalgo, J. P., 50. Drugs, Groceries, etc.

Hypolite, Juan, 32. Cigar and Cigarette Manufacturer.

Lewis, G. C. H., 6. Retail Provision.

Lindo, H. D., 13. Groceries.

Lopez, E., 43. Cigar and Cigarette Manufacturer.

Machado, B. and J. B., 50. Cigar and Cigarette Store. (See advt.)

Pointer, W. J., 14. Retail Liquors.

Planto, S., 70. Boot and Shoemaker.

Plano, A. and Co., S. E. corner Hanover Street. Cigar and Cigarette Store. (See advt.)

Simon and Co., 30. Retail Liquors. (See advt.)

Wildes, Thomas, 55. M. D.

Wray and Nephew, J., 58. Retail Liquors. (See advt.)

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