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Abrahams, Altamont O., 44. Clock and Watchmaker, Jewellers, etc. (See advt.)

Aiken, Alexander, 46. Haberdashery, etc.

American Hotels Company, 12. J. Phillips, Secretary. (See advt.)

Anglo-American Drug Store, 28. P. A. Benjamin. (See advt.)

Armas, A., 71. Cigar and Cigarette Manufacturer.

Auvray, P. E., 49. Drugs and Groceries.

Betty, C. S., 32. Clock and Watchmaker.

Binns, James G., 32. Tailor.

Boetteber and Co., George, 9. Wholesale Provision Merchants.

Bravo, Prudencio, 26. Chocolate Manufacturer.

Brock and Co., C. S., 17. Tailors and Outfitters.

Campbell, A. James, 43. Haberdashery.

Cameron, E. J., 32. Gold and Silversmith.

Car Stables, 81 and 83. Jamaica Street Car Company. E. G. Garsia, Secretary.

Church, W. D., 51. Watchmaker, Jeweller, Dry Goods, etc.

Cleary, J. W., 56. Photographer. (See advt.)

Crosswell, John M., 12 1/2. Drugs, Groceries, etc. (See advt.)

Curphy and Co., Thomas J., 30 1/2. Drugs, Groceries, etc. (See advt.)

Derbyshire, Joseph, 42/ Gold and Silversmith. (See advt).

Desnoes and Son, P., 86. Retail Liquors.

Dewdney and Co., 31. Haberdashery.

Duncan, Charles, 32. Boot and Shoemaker.

Exhibition Hall, 34. Egbert J. McKay. Drugs and Groceries. (See advt.)

Exhibition House, 38. C. Derbyshire. Haberdashery.

Express Publishing Co., 39. Susan Marshall, Proprietress.

Facey, George S., 33. "Cheap Furniture Warehouse."

Figueroa, T., 54. Jeweller, Gold and Silversmith.

Gayleard, Dr. 75. District Medical Officer.

Haggart, E. A. H., 1. Agent, Clyde Line Steamers.

Henriques, M., 93. Ice Creams, Refreshments, etc.

Jamaica Street Car Company's Office, 2. George Douglas, junior, Manager.

Jamaica Waggonette and Express Co., 15. J. W. Beer, Secretary and Manager.

Jesurun, A. James, 45. Haberdashery.

Kingston Arcade, 41. J. Milo Burke. Haberdashery.

Kingston Bargain House, 69. Walter DeB. Hodge. Haberdashery. (See advt.)

King Street Bazaar, 36. George Seddon. Toy and Fancy Store.

Kingston Hotels Company, 2.

Kingston Ice-making Company. Branch, 2 1/2.

Kinkead, E. D., 20. Drugs, Groceries, etc.

La Amalia, 30. Loreto Chacon. Cigars and Cigarettes.

Laing, R., 57, 59 and 61. Upholsterer, etc.

Lay and Couch, 29. Tailors, Outfitters, etc. (See advt.)

Lascelles, DeMercado and Co., 3. General Importers and Commission Merchants.

Lewis, G. C. H., 15. Retail Liquors and Provisions.

Lyons & Son, Emanuel, 6. Hardware Merchants.

Malliett, H. B., 35. Hardware Merchants. (See advt.)

Marty, N. 65. Photographer.

Middleton & Co., J. W., 23. Hardware Merchants. (See advt.)

Milke, J. H. and Bro., 12. Watch and Clockmakers, Jewellers, etc.

McCartney and Co., W. 16. Stationers, Book-sellers, etc. (See advt).

McDowell, J. H., 1. Shipping Merchant.

McEwan, H., 1. Accountant and Commission Agent.

McMillan, A. C., 73. Groceries, etc.

McPherson and Co., L. G., 24. Drugs, Groceries, etc.

Nash and Co., 47. Haberdashery.

Nicholson, C. A., 50. Clock and Watchmaker, Jeweller, etc.

Ormonde House, 21. J. Burrown. Haberdashery. (See advt.)

Ortega and Nunes, 67. Photographers. (See advt.)

Plano & Co., A. 15. Cigar and Cigarette Manufacturers. (See advt.)

Ploche, Felix, 63. Boot and Shoemaker.

Quesada, Leonte, 68. Cigar and Cigarette Manufacturer.

Red Star Store, 27. A. H. Morales. Haberdashery.

Sargood's Fancy Store, 37. Thomas Sargood, Proprietor.

Sauvanell, N. A., 79. Dentist.

Silvera, Vivian, 48. Boot and Shoemaker.

Simon and Co., 4. Wholesale Wine and Spirit Merchants. (See advt.)

Simon and Co., 7. Retail Liquors. (See advt.)

Sollas, A. J. M., 32. Jeweller, etc.

The King Street Warehouse, 14. Hepburn, McCarthy and Co., Haberdashery. (See advt.)

The Little Wonder, 53. Emily A. Mendes. Toy and Fancy Store.

The Orthodox Toy Store, 8 and 10. Justin McCarthy. Stationer, Bookseller, etc.

The Phoenix Bakery, 93. Mrs. Henriques. Proprietress.

Thompson, Mrs., 72. Retail Ice and Milk.

Victoria Market, extreme South-end of street.

Variety Store, 55. Mrs. Crosswell. Toys, Haberdashery, etc.

Waterloo Hotel, 85. M. E. Thompson. Proprietress.

Whitbourne, J. W. 19. Clock and Watchmaker

Winkler & Co., Louis, 18. Music Warehouse. (See advt.)

Wray and Nephew, J., 2 1/2 and 72. Retail Liquors, (See advt.)

Young & Co., G. W., 11 and 13, Wholesale Dry Goods, etc.


Ahwee, Albert, 89. Retail Provisions.

Aerated Waters, 72A. J. M. Paine. (See advt.)

Arnaboldi, Charles, 72B and 72C. Tailor, etc. (See advt.)

Aguilar, T. N., Auctioneer, Commission Agent, etc. (See advt.)

Barrett, J. M., 115. Goldsmith, etc.

Brown, J. E., 72D. Tailor, etc.

Buithron, A., 105. Barber. (See advt.)

Burton, C. T., 74. Watchmaker, etc. (See advt.)

Desnoes, P. and Son, 93 1/2. Retail Liquors.

Desporte and Co., 77. Retail Liquors.

Exhibition Dining Rooms, 117-3. A. C. Credland, Proprietress.

Fernandez, L., 121. Barber.

Hamilton, Alfred, 117. Saddle and Harness-Maker.

Henry, Joshua, 74. Barber.

Hill, S. A. and Co. 117. Boot and Shoemaker, etc.

Hogg, D. J., 123. Agricultural Produce Dealer.

Hyman, D. H., 117D. Tailor. (See advt.)

Kingston Ice Company's Office, 72A. W. A. Paine, Secretary.

Kelly, W. M., 72 1/2. Tailor.

Lacey, T. D., 117-2. Tailor.

Laing, Edward, 76. Tailor.

Lazarus, C. P. and Co., 94 1/2. Engineers, etc. (See advt.)

Lopez, C. A. junior, 121. Tailor, etc. (See advt.)

Manchester House, 88. C. S. Haffenden. Retail Liquors and Provisions.

New York Life Insurance Company's Office, 115. Frederick Kemble, Agent. (See advt).

Nichols, H. J., 115. Tailor.

Paine's Aerated Waters, 72A. (See advt.)

Plano A. and Co. 121. Cigar and Cigarette Manufacturers. (See advt.)

Rae Town Tannery Depot, 117. J. H. Berry. Boot and Shoemaker, etc.

Shirley, E., 113. Cigar and Cigarette Manufacturing.

Silburn, J. C., 72 1/2. Boot and Shoemaker.

Smith, R. B., 20. Book-binder, etc.

Soulette, J. A., 72 1/2. Watchmaker, etc. (See advt.)

Sykes, L. 141 1/2. Cigar and Cigarette Manufacturer.

Vendryes and Co., 107. Job Printers, etc.

Victoria Mutual Building Society, 72A., W. A. Paine, Secretary.

Wilson and Co., R. W., 129. Marble-Workers, Painters, etc.

Wray and Nephew, J., 92 1/2, 105 and 125. Retail Liquors. (See advt.)


Aiken, D., 108. Blacksmith, etc.

Ahwee, Albert, 90. Retail Provisions.

Antomez, Felix, 191. Cigar and Cigarette Manufacturer.

Armstrong's Fancy Store, 74. Haberdashery, etc.

Army and Navy Bar, 169. W. Calnek, Proprietor.

Asham, 71. Retail Provisions.

Astor House Annex, 159. Restaurant, etc. Mrs. E. M. DePass, Proprietress.

Blake, F. S., 114. Tailor.

Brown, R., 83. Tailor.

Burton, T. C., 197. Machinist, etc.

Dadd, H. E., 123. Retail Groceries.

DaCosta, M. P., 171. Saddle and Harness-maker.

DePass, Egbert, jr., 140. Livery Stables.

Desnoes, P. and Son, 177. Retail Liquors.

Emanuel, Ione, 193. Retail Liquors.

Finzi, D. and Co., 96. Retail Liquors (See advt.)

Fowler, J. L., 133. Livery Stables. (See advt.)

Gammel, M., 130. Tailor.

Goring, George F., 129. Coachbuilder etc.

Hill, A., 165. Haberdashery.

International Hotel, 118. G. Borey, Proprietor.

Jolly, Charles, 90. Wheel-wright.

Kennedy, Charles, 149. Bedmaker, etc.

La Verdad, 141. D. Moreira. Cigar and Cigarette Manufacturer.

La Mascotte Grocery, 110. A. S. DaCosta. Wholesale and Retail Groceries, Provisions, etc.

Mais, E., 205. Tailor.

New Bakery, 127. C. Carvalho, Proprietor.

O'Brien, A., 111. Cabinet-maker.

Rain, Robert, 108. Veterinary Surgeon.

Rouse, Alexander, 144. Retail Liquors.

Rowe, C. D., 137. Cabinet-maker.

Rugless, J., 90. Blacksmith, etc.

Russel, B., 104. Tailor.

Simon and Co., 124 and 130. Retail Liquors. (See advt.)

The Argosy, 167. Phillips and Co. Drugs, etc.

Thompson, Ralph. S. E. Corner Georges Lane. Retail Provisions.

Valverde, J. M. 165. Goldsmith.

Williams, A., 221. Coachbuilder.

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