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Farmer, J. & Son, north-west corner Temple Lane, Contractors, Ship Stores, etc.

Finzi, D. & Co., Retail Liquors etc. (See Advt.)

Henriques, D. P. C., 4 and 4A. Wholesale Provision, Dry Goods, and General Commission Merchant.

Henriques, J. C., north-east corner of Temple Lane. Shipping and Commission Merchant.

Leon, Emanuel X. and Co., 4B. General Provision and Grain Merchants. (See Advt).

Levy, Philip and Co., 6. Retail Groceries and Provisions, T. Briscoe, senior manager.

Scott J. Watson, north-west corner Temple Lane. Wholesale Provision and Commission Merchant.


Abrahams, H., 52. Wholesale Provision Merchant.

Anchor Line Office, 64. Henderson Bros. Charles Hanney, Agent.

Atlas Steam Ship Company, Railway Wharf, Captain W. P. Forwood, General Agent.

Braham, R. B., 37. Wholesale Provision Merchant.

Bryant, R. W., 15. Stationery, etc.

Campbell, George W., 27. Wholesale Provision, Flour and Grain Merchants. (See Advt).

Central Hotel, 30. W. Birbeck, Proprietor. (See Advt.)

Charley, Crang and Co., 40. Brewers.

Correoso, F. and Co., 36. Importers and Commission Merchants.

Custom House Buildings, near Railway Wharf.

Davidson, Colthirst and Co., 16. Shipping Agents. (Moved to their wharf on West Side of Orange Street after this list was printed)

Delgado, Moses, 32. Auctioneer & Commission Agent. (See Advt.)

Delgado, Osmond, Son and Co., 47. Wholesale Provision Merchants.

Desnoes, P. and Son, 31. Wine and Spirit Merchants.

Desnoes, P. and Don, 71. Tobacco Manufacturers.

Dolphy, Michael, 17. Wholesale Provision Merchant.

Equitable Life Assurance Company of New York, 92. A. DeCordova, Agent.

Erskine, F. and Co., 56. Wholesale and Retail Malt Liquors. (See Advt.)

Fegan, J. C. and Co. 54. General Merchants.

Feurtado, Z. Brice, Architect.

Finke and Co., 56. General Import and Export Agents.

Finzi, Daniel & Co., 34. Wine and Spirit Merchants (See Advt.)

Fugner, William C., 68. Wholesale Dry Goods and Commission Merchant.

Gleaner, Binding Department, 51. DeCordova and Co., Proprietors.

Government Savings Bank, 40. H. W. Livingstone, Manager.

Guardian Fire & Life Insurance Co., 54. John C. Fegan and Co., Agents.

Harbour Master's Office - Custom House Buildings.

Hart, A. B., 21. Wholesale Provision and Commission Merchant.

Home Marine Insurance Co., 55. G. J. DeCordova and Co., Agents.

Iles, Henry H., 44. General Importers and Commission Agents.

Imperial Fire Insurance Co., 47. H. Barrow, Agent.

Internal Revenue Department - Custom House Buildings.

Jamaica Aerated Water Company, 13. James Hunter MacNish, Manager.

Jamaica Mutual Life Assurance Co., 10. A. H. Jones, Secretary.

La Amalia, 7. L. Chacon, Cigars and Cigarettes.

Levy, Charles and Co., 12. General Commission Merchants.

Levy, Moses and Co., 20. Wholesale Provision Merchants. (See Advt.)

Levy, Philip, 26. Wholesale Provision Merchant.

Lewis, G. C. H., 42. Provision and Grain Merchant.

Lion Fire Insurance Co. 32., Moses Delgado, Agent. (See Advt.)

Liverpool London and Globe Fire Insurance Co., 48. Arnold Malabre and Co., Agents.

London Tavern, 7. Egbert Depass, Junior, Proprietor.

MacNish and Son, 13. General Importers and Commission Merchants. (See Advt.)

Malabre, Arnold L. and Co., 48. Hardware Merchants.

Munro, Archibald, 50. Commission Merchant. (See Advt.)

Myers, Fred. L., 23. Wholesale Provision and Commission Merchant. (See Advt.)

Northern Fire and Life Insurance Co., 12. Charles Levy and Co., Agents.

Nunes, Theodore, 41. Wholesale and Retail Groceries, etc.

People's Discount and Deposit Co., 54. John C. Fegan, Sec.

Queen's Warehouse, near Railway Wharf.

Railway Wharf, extreme west-end.

Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, 8. F. Wyndgate, Agent.

Schiller, William and Co., 59. Wholesale Dry Goods, Shipping and Commission Agents.

Simon and Co., 14. Retail Liquors. (See Advt)

Solomon, Morrice and Co., 39. Wholesale Provision Merchants.

Stern, H., 66. Commission Agent.

Stephenson, D. and Co., Wholesale Provisions. (See Advt.)

Stines, B. junior, 49. Auctioneer and Commission Agent. (See advt.)

Tax Collector's Office - Custom House Buildings.

Telephone C., 14. C. Lambdin, General Manager.

Tripe, A., 30. Butcher Army and Navy Contractor. (Entrance Temple Lane.)

West India and Panama Telegraph Co., 6. J. Arambarry, Manager.

White, Richard, 43. Wholesale Provision Merchant.

Williamson, Bros., 28. Wholesale Provision and Grain Merchants.

Wray, J. and Nephew., 24. Wholesale Wine and Liquor Merchants. (See advt.)

Wray, J. and Nephew, 22. Retail Liquors. (See advt.)


Aguilar, J., 76. Turner and Cabinet-Maker.

Alexander, M. M., 133. General Importer.

Alexander, Thaddeus, 143. General Storekeeper.

American Consulate, 148. W. R. Estes, Consul.

American Planing Mills, 10 and 12. Wortley, Mais and Sant, Proprietors.

Armstrong, J. B., 76. Tailor.

Army & Navy Store, 101. Henriques and Co., Dry Goods, etc. (See advt.)

Astor House, 138. Egbert DePass, junior, Proprietor. Bar and Dining Rooms.

Bee Hive, 105. W. R. McPherson & Co., Haberdashery.

Berry, Alexander & Son, 109. Auctioneers, Cabinet-Makers, etc. (See advt.)

Boza, Santiago, 74. Cigar and Cigarette Manufacturer.

Brandon, A. and Son., 87. Painters and Marble-Workers. See advt.)

Brandon, Jacob, 92. Haberdashery, Crockery etc. (See advt.)

Budget Office, 146. C. L. Campbell, Editor and Proprietor.

Circuit and Supreme COurt House, 89 1/2. Thomas Hendrick, Esq., Registrar.

City Dispensary, 91. Drs. Ogilvie and Bronstorph.

City of Glasgow Fire Insurance Co., 97. Martin and Spicer, Agents.

Clough, T. B., 140. Agricultural Produce Dealer.

Cody, H. W., 125. Groceries, Wine, Spirit and Provision Merchant. (See advt.)

Colombia House, 117. Charles Millingen. Haberdashery, etc. (See advt.)

Colonial Bank, 126. Oscar Marescaux, Manager. (See advt.)

Colonial House, 124. Parks and Burrowes. Haberdashery etc. (See advt.)

Colonial Standard, 70. George Levy, Proprietor.

Commercial Rooms, 101. Joseph R. DaCosta, Proprietor. Bar and Billiards. (See advt.)

Compton House, 102. Joseph Bewley, Haberdashery.

Constabulary Station, 78.

Cripps, Scott & Co., 107. Tailors and Habit-Makers.

Criterion Hotel, 84. Charles DePass, Proprietor. Bar and Dining Rooms. (See advt.)

D'Azevedo, Elias C., 108. Haberdashery.

DaCosta, S. M., 136. Wholesale and Retail Grocers.

DaCosta, S. M., 137 and 139. Haberdashery, Glassware, etc.

DeLisser, A., 149. Wholesale and Retail. Groceries.

DeSouza, M. R., 161. Coachbuilder.

Dick and Abbott, 110. Haberdashery.

Dick Bros. 132. Hardware Merchants.

Duran, S. V. and Co., 103. Cigar and Cigarette Manufacturer. (See advt.)

Duval, Henry, 172. Grain and Produce Merchant.

Dispensary. 51. Dr. DaCosta.

Eden, William T., 42. Lumber Merchant.

Ellis, E. and Co., 118. Haberdashery.

Electric Light and Power Company, 38. L. Foster Davis, Secretary.

El Fenix, 96. R. Recuero & Co. Gentlemen's Outfitting Establishment. (See advt).

Evans, F. R., 69. Drug and Grocery Store.

Gall's News Letter Office, 76. James Gall, Editor.

Gardner, Aston W. and Co., 127. Printers, Stationers and Booksellers.

General Post Office, 91. E. N. Marshall, Postmaster for Kingston.

Gleaner Office, 148. DeCordova & Co., proprietors.

Grant, Charles, 90. Drugs and Groceries. R. Recuero & Co., Proprietors. (See advt.)

Harvey and Bourke, 89. Solicitors.

Henderson, D. and Co., 123. Hardware Merchaants. (See advt.)

Hendricks, Mark C. 115. Auctioneer, Undertaker and Commission Merchant, etc. (See advt).

Horse Shoe, 130. R. A. Turnbull, Manager. Furnishing Warehouse.

Hylton, Arthur M., 128. Stationer and Bookseller.

Infante, J., 81. Cigar and Cigarette Manufacturer.

Kingston Ice Manufactory, 34. A. W. Paine, Manager and Secretary.

Kingston Mills, extreme west-end. Verley, Robinson & Co., Proprietors.

Lazarus, C. P. and Co., 181. Engineers and Iron Founders. (See advt.)

Lewis, Walter, 36. Engineer and Iron Founder.

Lindo, Solomon D., 72. Advocate.

Lodgings, 40. Mrs. Gray, Proprietress.

London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Co., 97. Martin and Spicer, Agents.

London Guarantee and Accident Company Limited, 89. Harvey & Bourke, Agents.

Lyons, George, junior, 99. Haberdashery, etc.

Machado, B. and J. B., 86. Cigar and Cigarette Manufacturers. (See advt.)

Maduro, Brandon & Co., 114. Haberdashery.

Malabre, William and Co., (S. E. corner and King Street.) Haberdashery.

McDonald, J., 111. Saddlery, Harness, etc.

McCormack, J. L., 169. Blacksmith.

Metropolitan House, 98. Nathan and Co., Proprietors. Haberdashery etc.

Milholland, John, 95. Clock, Watchmaker, Jeweller, etc.

Milke, J. O. and Co., 82, Jewellers, Clock and Watchmakers, (See advt.)

Mordecai, M. and Co., 131. General Warehouse.

Motta, D. I., 106. Haberdashery, etc. (See advt.)

Muir, William, 52. Toys, etc.

Murphy, D. F., 125. Wholesale Boots and Shoes, etc.

Murrell, J., 76. Coachbuilder.

Musgrave House, 113. Ledward, E. A., Dry Goods, etc. (See Advt.)

Norwich Union Fire Insurance Co., 94. Turnbull, Mudon and Co., Agents. (See advt.)

Nunes & Co., 139. Auctioneers, etc.

Pawsey, Alfred and Co. 104. Haberdashery. (See advt.)

People's House, 112. Henry Lindo. Haberdashery etc. (See advt.)

Polson, Arthur L., 77 1/2. Tailoring Establishment.

Priestman, E. J., 77 1/2. Coachbuilder. (See advt.)

Polytechnic, 97. Martin and Spicer. Buggies, Carriages, etc., etc.

Queen's Insurance Co., Fire and Life. William Malabre and Co., Agents.

Registrar Office, Births and Deaths, 72. Miss Williams, Registrar.

Reid and Co., 141. Auctioneers, etc.

Rumer, John M., 177. Retail Liquors.

Scott, Andrew M., 88. Tailor and Outfitter. (See advt.)

Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society, 89. Harvey and Bourke, Agents.

Sinclair, John, 145. Saddle and Harness-maker.

Solorzano, Justo. 93. Barber.

Soutar and Co., 62. Ship-Owners, General Commission Agents, etc.

Sun Fire Office, 89. Harvey and Bourke, Agents.

Tobias, N., 42. Watchmaker and Jeweller. (See advt.)

Treasury, Audit and Stamp Offices, 80. H. W. Livingston, Island Treasurer.

Turnbull, Mudon and Co., 94. Auctioneers, etc. (See advt.)

United Grocery, 134. Solomon, Morrice and Co.

Union Fruit and Trading Co., 143. Rev. T. S. Johnson, Chairman.

Victoria Hotel, 95. Charles Heyden, Proprietor, Bar, Billiard and Dining Rooms.

Victoria House, 116. Alexander Berry and Sons, Proprietors, Isiah Cox, Manager. Haberdashery, etc. (See advt.)

Wray, J. and Nephew, 33, 79, 182 3/4. Retail Liquors. (See advt.)

Waterloo House, (S. W. corner and King Street.) Pinnock, Bailey & Co. Haberdashery, Grocery, etc. (See advt.)

Young, Frederick, 175. Engineer and Blacksmith.

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